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What is range

table of contents
●What is the battery life?
●Can it still be turned on if the cruising distance is marked as zero?
●Which car has a longer cruising range?
●5 PHVs and PHEVs with longer cruising range
●5 EV models with long range
●The longer the cruising distance, the more comfortable driving

What is the battery life?


The cruising range refers to the distance that the car can travel after reaching the limit of fuel. Usually displayed on the display screen of the driver's instrument panel.

The cruising distance is calculated from the remaining fuel amount and the average fuel consumption rate. The fuel consumption rate will vary depending on the usage conditions, so it may be better to think about it separately from the actual driving distance.

In addition, an electric vehicle (EV) converts the remaining driving distance by charging energy. It is calculated in the same way as gasoline and light oil vehicles.

Can it still be turned on when the cruising distance is marked as zero?

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Even if the range displayed on the dashboard of the car is zero, the car can still be driven. Although this also varies depending on the vehicle type, almost all of them are designed to travel a distance of 10km to 20km even if the value indicated on the dashboard is zero. Depending on the road conditions, the drivable distance may slightly increase or decrease.

However, it is still recommended to refuel or charge before the value indicated on the instrument panel goes to zero.

Which car has a longer range?

Representative example 1: gasoline engine car

Gasoline-engined vehicles that contributed to the popularity of cars during the postwar economic growth period were readily available, and many models still use this method.
This time, the representative models of gasoline engine vehicles with good fuel consumption rate or large-capacity fuel tanks were selected to introduce.

● Toyota Pass

Toyota "Passo" is a small car with good handling and cheap car tax. The Passo's 1,000cc inline 3-cylinder NA gasoline engine can achieve a fuel consumption performance of 23.4km/L~27.6km/L (WLTC mode value). The cruising range of the 40L fuel tank is about 1,100km.

● Volkswagen Passat Variant

The Volkswagen "Passat Variant" is a high-end station wagon. The car is a 1,500cc direct-injection turbo gasoline engine with a low fuel consumption rate of 15.0km/L (WLTC mode value), coupled with a 66L fuel tank. It can reach a cruising range of about 990km.

●Subaru Levorg

Subaru "Levorg" is a station wagon that combines high driving performance and ease of use. The Levorg 1,800cc horizontally opposed turbo engine features a fuel consumption performance of 13.6km/L~13.7km/L (WLTC mode value) and a 63L fuel tank. The cruising range is about 860km.

Representative example 2: Diesel engine car

Like gasoline vehicles, diesel-engined vehicles have long supported Japan's auto industry. Because it runs on diesel, it has the advantage of lower fuel cost than gasoline cars.

The following three models are representative of diesel engine vehicles with longer cruising range. As for the existing models that can be purchased in Japan, the Mazda's diesel engine has good fuel consumption and a large fuel tank capacity, which can achieve a long cruising range.

●Mazda6 sedan

"Mazda6 Sedan" is a premium sedan with a long body.

It is equipped with a 2,200cc direct-injection diesel turbo engine with a fuel consumption performance of 17.8km/L~19.6km/L (WLTC mode value) and a 62L (FF vehicle specification) fuel tank. The cruising range is 1,100km~1,200km.

●Mazda CX-8

"CX-8" is the highest-end large model in Mazda's crossover SUV lineup. 2,200cc direct injection diesel turbo with 15.4km/L~15.8km/L fuel consumption performance plus 72L (FF vehicle specification) or 74L (4WD vehicle specification) fuel tank. The cruising range is 1,100km~1,200km.


The "Mazda2" is the small car at the heart of Mazda's lineup.

The 1,500cc direct-injection diesel turbo engine can achieve a fuel consumption performance of 19.2km/L~25.2km/L (WLTC mode value). Utilizing the 44L fuel tank capacity, the cruising range is about 840km to 1,100km.

Representative example 3: Hybrid vehicle

After the Toyota Prius first-generation NHW10 debuted in 1997, gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles were gradually established in Japan. It features a combination of gasoline engine, power motor and rechargeable battery to reduce fuel consumption during acceleration and improve energy efficiency.

There are the following three types of gasoline-electric hybrid models with long cruising range. All are models from Toyota.

●Toyota Camry

"Camry" is a large-size 4-door sedan with an FF (front-engine, front-wheel drive) layout. The 2,400cc four-cylinder NA engine and the power motor are combined with a gasoline-electric hybrid system, and the fuel consumption rate is 23.4km/L~25.4km/L (WLTC mode value).

It is equipped with a 65-liter fuel tank and has a cruising range of about 1,500km to 1,600km.

●Toyota Prius

The "Prius" was a model that introduced hybrid vehicles to the world when the first generation was unveiled in 1997. The fourth-generation current model is equipped with a hybrid gasoline-electric system with a 1,800cc inline 4-cylinder NA engine and a power motor.

With 30.4km/L (JC08 model value) fuel consumption performance and 45L fuel tank, the cruising range is 1,300Km.

●Toyota Yaris

Yaris" is a small car that debuted in 2019 and plays a central role in the cars sold by Toyota. The gasoline-electric hybrid version has a body layout with a 1,500cc inline 3-cylinder NA engine and a power motor.

With a low fuel consumption rate of 35.4km/L~36.0km/L (WLTC mode) and a 36L fuel tank, the cruising range is 1,200Km.

5 PHVs and PHEVs with Long Range


Plug-in hybrid vehicles will be sold as "PHV" and "PHEV".

On the basis of the gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, a charging system that can charge the battery from the outside is added, making it a vehicle that can run on electricity alone.

PHVs and PHEVs sold in Japan are mainly developed and sold by Toyota, Lexus, and Mitsubishi. No matter which one is a car with a long cruising range and good at long-distance travel.

This time, 5 PHV and PHEV models with long cruising range were selected.

● Toyota RAV4 PHV

"RAV4 ​​PHV" is a plug-in hybrid system based on the crossover "RAV4".

It features a 2,500cc inline 4-cylinder NA engine that is optimized for plug-in hybrid models. The high-output motor and the electric 4WD system are combined into a strong driving performance and excellent fuel consumption performance.


Lexus NX450h+

"Lexus NX450h+" is the only plug-in hybrid model in the Lexus crossover "NX" series with a set.

Equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable battery, it can travel about 88Km in EV mode. An SUV that achieves excellent fuel efficiency through "pre-EV/HV mode switching control".


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The "Outlander PHEV" is the third generation of the Mitsubishi SUV "Outlander", and it is only available as a plug-in hybrid model.

It has a body layout with a 2,400cc inline 4-cylinder NA engine, two front and rear drive motors, and a large-capacity battery. It can drive in EV mode alone and has the advantage of being able to travel 80km without using gasoline.


Peugeot 3008 GT HYBRID4

Peugeot "3008 GT HYBRID4" is an SUV plug-in hybrid that combines gasoline or diesel engine specifications.

The total maximum output of the system is 300 horsepower, and the driving distance in single EV mode is more than 60Km. The cruising distance is 730Km, which is a car model suitable for long-distance travel.


Volvo XC40 Recharge

Volvo "XC40 Recharge" is a model that uses a plug-in hybrid system on the small crossover SUV "XC40".

It can travel about 40km on EV alone, and there is also a mode that stops the gasoline engine function, making it easy to drive in an energy-saving manner. It can last about 670Km.


5 EV Vehicles with Long Range


Various major automakers are continuing to develop EVs to promote the popularization of EVs. In order to reduce the number of charging times and waste time, the models sold in recent years are all committed to increasing the cruising range.

This time, we selected five EV models with long cruising range.

Tesla Model S/ Model S Plaid

Tesla "Model S" and "Model S Plaid" are sedan-type electric vehicles that integrate powertrain and battery technology.

Model S is equipped with "Dual Motor AWD", which has 670 horsepower and can last about 650Km when fully charged.

In addition, the Model S Plaid uses a "Tri Motor AWD" that uses 3 independent carbon fiber rotor cylinders. It has a power of more than 1,000 horsepower and a cruising range of 637Km.


Porsche Taycan

The Porsche "Taycan" is a 4-door hardtop electric car challenged by the German supercar manufacturer.

Its charm is that there are various grades to choose from, ranging from comfortable to sporty features, and a diverse lineup that can be matched. The cruising range when fully charged is 450Km, making it a model suitable for long-distance driving.



The BMW "iX3" is an electric SUV with 286 horsepower from a lightweight and compact "eDrive unit".

It can travel about 500Km on a single charge. It can also be charged up to 100Km in 10 minutes and can quickly restore the cruising range.


Audi e-tron Sportback

Audi "e-tron Sportback" can be easily and quickly charged at home or outside. It is an electric car that combines coupe and SUV design.

Full battery life can last 330Km~420Km. Its own charging system has high-speed specifications to choose from, and the charging scheme is also very diverse. It is an electric car that can be easily ridden.


Nissan Ariya

Nissan "Ariya" is an orthodox electric car designed as a crossover SUV.

Its feature is that it can be easily charged at home like a smartphone. There are 3 types of devices, combined with 3 charging modes to achieve high-efficiency charging performance.

The cruising range is 470Km, and the battery performance is very suitable for traveling in nearby counties and cities.


The longer the cruising distance, the more comfortable driving

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Various automakers aim to continuously strengthen EV, PHV, and PHEV models under the wave of popularization of EV models around 2030.

Gradually achieve the endurance performance that is not inferior to gasoline and diesel vehicles. Driving in the city can also give full play to its performance.

Be sure to choose one from this substantial EV, PHV, and PHEV lineup to enjoy driving!

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