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What is the purpose of car wrapping? Ask the store about the advantages and disadvantages

In the past, when changing the color of the car body, the method of repainting was generally used, but since the evaluation amount when the car is sold may decrease, it is difficult to change the color even if you want to. However, in recent years, the practice of "encapsulation" has gradually penetrated. It can maintain the original body paint and change the color. It can be replaced without burden and enjoy the fun.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of car wrap?

table of contents
●What is car wrap?
●How to change the color of the car body at will

What is car wrap?

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Coating is a method of wrapping the body with a special mold and changing the color of the whole or part of the car. With colors, textures and designs that are not available in the original factory, we create "the only one in the world" that suits your preferences.

Advantages of overmolding

If the color is changed by repainting, it can have a very high durability. But as mentioned earlier, there is a chance that the appraisal amount will drop at the time of sale. That is to say, there is a very high possibility that the asset value will fall.
The coating can be changed back to its original color by tearing off the film. "High degree of freedom" is one of the advantages of the coating. It is a good choice for requirements such as "don't like the original color" and "want to make my own color". In addition, "just want to change the color or texture of this part" can also use the envelope to make an embellishment effect.
Coating, when used correctly, also protects the body paint, so it also becomes a way to protect the value of an asset. The integrity of the body paint is maintained through the coating, which can retain the value of the car when it is sold, and can be customized to your liking.

Disadvantages of Envelopes

Generally speaking, the service life of the coating is 2 to 3 years. Of course, there will be some time differences depending on the usage environment, and everyone must understand that this is a "time-limited customization method". If you leave it alone for a long time, it will cause problems of poor peeling or residual glue residue. If it is coated on an old car, it may peel off along with the paint on the body when peeling off.

In addition, sometimes the cost of coating can be more expensive than painting. In particular, it may cost more than 1 million yen to cover the entire car of the sports car. However, the coating can restore its original color, so this can also be taken into account when coating.

Depending on the manufacturer, the amount and durability will also vary, so you need to be careful in choosing a coating manufacturer.

How to change body color at will

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Considering the two aspects of "change to your favorite color" and "maintain value", a wrap may be a good option. But there are also caveats.

"The main purpose of the coating is to enjoy the fun of 'changing the color'. It is not its original function to protect the body paint. Although it can protect from physical dirt, it does not guarantee that it can protect the body from damage caused by flying stones. In addition, long-term storage may cause residues when peeled off.”
Although the coating can protect the body paint to some extent, this is not the purpose of the coating. In addition, the service life is relatively short, and if you park for a long time on the side of the road or drive every day, the deterioration rate will be faster. But you can easily enjoy different colors just by changing the envelope. If you feel that "it's very uncomfortable to have the whole car wrapped all at once", you can try it in a small area such as the door mirrors.

Although there are advantages and disadvantages, when "wanting to change the color of the body", it is not like considering the value of the car and also consider the option of the coating.

Original text: Full wrapping of cars, for what?I asked a specialty store about the advantages and disadvantages
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