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Where is the difference in how many ways the shock absorber is? (below)Introduce with German KW valve technology

3 Way adjustment is becoming mainstream

To cope with the need for intense driving

With 2 Way two-way damping adjustable, then isn't it enough? There is still 3 Way damping adjustable technology? What is this about? That's right, a few top modified shock absorbers on the market, such as the KW V4 shock absorber, are indeed equipped with a 3-way three-way damping adjustable function. In addition to the "rebound damping", the items that can be adjusted are also divided into "compression damping". There are two types of "high speed" and "low speed". Most of the reasons for doing this are to meet the needs of intense driving events.

The so-called 3-way three-way damping adjustable function, in addition to the "rebound damping" that can be adjusted, also divides the "compression damping" into "high speed" and "low speed". The reason for this is mostly to deal with Intense driving competition needs.

The shock absorber will have low-speed compression opportunities, most of which are in the face of road crushing or high-speed cornering. As for the timing of high-speed compression of the shock absorber, it occurs when the tire suddenly presses against the curb on the track or the big pothole on the road. If the high-speed compression damping can be adjusted, the shock absorber can be adjusted. There is a better way to handle these road conditions.

Reflected in the actual driving experience, it can allow the vehicle to have excellent high-speed driving roll support, and can also cope with the shock-absorbing effect of the tires when they pass through the bumps on the road. More excellent stability, this is the purpose of dividing the "compression damping" into high/low speed and can be adjusted separately,

The 3-way three-way damping soft and hard adjustable technology is quite difficult, and the hardware design structure is also very complicated. There are not many shock absorber brands with this function. Only top shock absorber products are equipped with technology. Dropped onto the KW street model shock.

And 4 Way/5Way technology

Customized competitive parts

In addition to the 3 Way adjustable function mentioned above, the KW shock absorber actually has 4 Way/5Way technology, which are all products used in customized competitive racing cars, and are not mass-produced on street exhibits. In addition to being too expensive, the powerful features are rarely used on the street. Among them, the 4-way damping adjustment technology is currently used in products called KW Variant 5 and KW Clubsport 4-way. This technology is developed from GT3 racing cars. The internal use of complex solid piston technology, with high/low speed return The adjustment function of elastic damping and high/low speed compression damping, the reason why a high-speed response adjustment function is added to the rebound damping is to make the shock absorber better control the spring and make the shock absorber act faster. Fast to handle different track types.

In addition to the adjustable 3-way damping function, KW shock absorbers actually have 4-way technology, which is currently used in products called KW Variant 5 and KW Clubsport 4-way. This technology is developed from GT3 racing cars. It has begun to be applied to the shock absorbers of supercars or racing cars.

As for the highest-end 5 Way technology, you may think that the compression and rebound damping can be adjusted into high and low speeds, so what else can be adjusted? Compared with the 4 Way, the extra section of the 5 Way is the strength of the new so-called Blow-Off stage. What is the Blow-Off stage? To put it simply, when the shock absorber encounters a strong impact, the internal damping oil pressure quickly releases the pressure, which usually occurs when the car quickly presses over the curb, causing the tire to bounce up quickly, while squeezing the spring and the shock absorber. At this time, if the oil pressure inside the shock absorber is not quickly relieved, the shock absorber core cannot be compressed, causing the body to be lifted up by the shock absorber. If the pressure can be quickly relieved, the tire can be better shock absorption, However, it should not be excessively decompressed, otherwise the shock absorber will be too soft, and this 5th Way is used to adjust the pressure relief strength, which can be adjusted according to the height of the rocks along the road or the speed of the passing speed. Whether the shock should be vented, or how much pressure is vented.

After reading the above introduction, everyone should have a more complete outline for the damping adjustment design of the shock absorber. The author can only say that a mountain is still a mountain high. The technical level of the competitive shock absorber is really too high. Of course, the function is so complicated. , In addition to showing Germany KW's leading valve technology in the world, it is also the reason why KW has become a constant winner of the Nurburgring North Circuit. I hope that this report can help you better understand the mystery of modified shock absorbers.


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