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Where is the difference in how many ways the shock absorber is? (Top)Introduced with German KW valve technology

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I believe that many readers will often see that the modified shock absorber is divided into several paragraphs of adjustable damping, 2/3Way adjustable damping and other proper terms when reading the content of this publication. What is this talking about? The more paragraphs or the more Way adjustment items, what does it mean? For this reason, the author will introduce these relevant knowledge as a representative of the German KW shock absorber valve technology, which is unique in the world.

What is the soft and hard adjusting?

The level of damping coefficient

At present, the mainstream products in the domestic modified shock absorber market, in addition to having the function of height adjustment, higher-end products also have the function of "adjustable damping soft and hard". The vibration frequency of the spring is suppressed, so the "shock absorber" is configured to control the rebound force generated by the spring after being compressed, and the resistance against the "rebound force" of the spring is called "damping", and the data of the resistance value is the damping Coefficient, a shock absorber with a high coefficient can pull the spring rebound force with a high number of kilograms, that is, the "harder" spring, the more "higher" the damping coefficient of the shock absorber to be used, and the soft and hard adjustment is Adjust the damping coefficient of the shock absorber, the harder the damping coefficient, the higher the damping coefficient, and the softer the damping coefficient is the lower.

It is worth mentioning that the soft and hard adjustment mentioned here may not actually feel like what most people think. If you adjust it to the softest, you can be as soft as a boat, and if you adjust it to the hardest, you can be as hard as a truck. This is because The spring has not been replaced, only the damping of the shock absorber is adjusted. No matter how you adjust it, there will be no such a large range available. This is the understanding that you must have before modifying the shock absorber.

Once the spring on the shock absorber is compressed, it will quickly bounce and elongate due to the elastic force. If the length of the spring is not properly controlled at this time, the car will keep shaking up and down.
The damping cylinder is installed in the inner ring of the spring. There is a cylinder core in the center of the damping cylinder, and there is a piston inside the cylinder core. This cylinder core will move up and down with the spring, and the cylinder core is responsible for controlling the elongation of the spring. It will provide a reverse resistance when the spring is stretched.
The top of the shock absorber with soft and hard adjustable function will most likely have a knob mechanism.

Next, everyone should have heard of some high-end modified shock absorbers. The soft and hard adjustments are divided into 1Way, 2Way, 3Way, and even 4Way. What is this talking about? The author starts with the introduction of the action mode of the shock absorber core. The damping cylinder is installed in the inner ring of the spring. There is a cylinder core in the center of the damping cylinder, and there is a piston inside the cylinder core. This cylinder core will move up and down together with the spring. Open the elongation. If the elongation of the spring is not properly controlled at this time, the car will keep shaking up and down, and the cylinder core is responsible for controlling the elongation of the spring. The cylinder core will provide a reverse direction when the spring is elongated. resistance, and this resistance is "rebound damping".

The larger the "rebound damping" coefficient, the slower the spring will stretch, and the stretch will be smaller, and the vehicle will feel stiff when driving. Moderate adjustment can increase the response speed of the spring and make the vehicle open. It is more obedient, and the function of adjusting the "rebound damping" is the simplest 1Way soft and hard adjustment function. At present, almost all of our domestic shock absorbers with soft and hard adjustment functions within 30,000 yuan only have the adjustment function of 1Way "rebound damping", that is, one-way damping adjustment.

Some more sophisticated brands also design knobs with different shapes in order to respond to the different structures at the top of the shock absorber, and the Rebound on the column above means that this knob is responsible for adjusting the "rebound damping".
The technology of soft and hard adjustable shock absorbers is derived from the technology of racing cars, and has recently become a design that combines comfort and handling.
The so-called 1Way soft and hard adjustment function adjusts the size of the "rebound damping".

With 2 Way soft and hard adjustment

Make the spring compression more supple

Since the core of the shock absorber is a rod that moves up and down with the spring, in addition to providing the damping adjustment function when stretching, can the damping be adjusted when the core is shortened? The answer is yes. This is the so-called "compression damping" adjustment technology, which is commonly known as 2Way or two-way damping adjustment. This technology is also installed in the KW V3 shock absorber.

The reason why the "compression damping" has an adjustable function is that the auxiliary spring is used to support the weight of the body. In addition, when the shock absorber turns at high speed and presses down, there will be an additional resistance. Therefore, compared with no two-way damping adjustment technology The shock absorber of the same specification can provide a better anti-roll effect when using the same spring , the response of the shock absorber will be more sensitive and immediate, making the transfer of the center of gravity of the body more slight, and the control will naturally be more obedient.

The regular research and development process of modified shock absorbers must not be separated from the track test, but each dynamic test will lose accuracy due to temperature, humidity, driving habits or other changes, so Germany KW will spend tens of millions to buy this. The 7 Post damping test platform can perform 100 simulation tests without a 1 km journey.
The so-called 2Way or two-way damping adjustable function means that the damping cylinder core can be adjusted not only when it is stretched, but also when the cylinder core is shortened, because the damping in the upper and lower directions of the cylinder core can be adjusted, so It's called "two-way".

In addition, the KW V3 shock absorber is also equipped with high-speed pressure relief valve technology. The timing of the high-speed compression valve actuation is when the piston suddenly performs a high-speed compression stroke and the low-speed valve cannot pass a large amount of damping oil in an instant, the high-speed valve located around the low-speed valve will It is pushed away by the damping oil, so that more damping oil passes through, so that the shock absorber can be compressed quickly, so that the vehicle will not be pushed up by the shock absorber, and the tires will not be vacated, so as to ensure that the tires can stay on the road. This high-speed pressure relief function mostly occurs when the tire is driving on the highway. When the curb or expansion joint is instantly compressed, it can ensure the contact between the tire and the road, and ensure the safety and comfort of high-speed driving.

The 2 Way damping adjustable technology carried by the KW V3 can be applied to street cars to obtain a more comfortable ride. Many SUV or MPV owners who do not drive vigorously will also replace the KW V3 shock absorbers to obtain high-speed performance. The stable driving response makes the passengers in the car less prone to motion sickness.


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