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Which coffee bag should I bring when I go out today?Online push dating to take this coffee has greatly increased the temperament

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The bags that everyone needs to go out every day, whether it is a backpack that is commonly used for travel or a handbag that is necessary for dating, I believe that many people have many considerations when purchasing, and which bags are the most hotly debated, people are buying Which aspects do you pay the most attention to?

"Social Lab Community Lab" uses the "OpView Community Word-of-Mouth Database" to track the online performance of the "bags" topic in the past three months, and takes you to understand the four popular bag networks among netizens. The volume ranking, and what the four major bags are concerned about.

There are tricks to bag matching, the "backpack" is easy to install and use, and the "side backpack" is not afraid of people bumping into people

Looking at the bag styles that netizens are talking about, it can be found that "backpack" and "side backpack" are often discussed because of their high practicability. Among them, "backpack" is more convenient for people to load documents and laptops because of its large-capacity bag design. , umbrellas and other items have become the first choice of netizens of all ages. For example, student netizens mentioned that "the original book in class is overweight, and the real backpack can hold it." It is practical, otherwise the baby can't hold a bunch of things at all." It can be seen that the convenience of the backpack "on the shoulders and hands free" is generally regarded by netizens as one of the must-have bags that can be used anywhere.

On the other hand, compared with the large-capacity and heavy-loading characteristics of the rear backpack, the "side backpack" is considered by netizens to be a lightweight bag for "going out and shopping", especially because of its side back shape design, it is convenient to take personal items, For example, some people mentioned that "commuting is definitely on the side... The back is super easy to bump into people, and sometimes it's annoying to not get the EasyCard", which has caused many netizens to respond in agreement.

In addition to practicality, many people also regard bags as one of the accessories for going out. For example, some netizens think that "handbags" are a must-have for dating. When wearing a dress, what kind of bag should I carry?", most of them responded "Absolutely handbag! Small enough to hold a wallet, mobile phone, and lipstick", indicating that a dress and a handbag are more gentle and elegant.

The "appearance" design of the bag has a lot of attention, but how to choose "price" and "material"?

Then observe the people's consideration for the purchase of bags, and we can find that most of them have a lot of attention to the "appearance". In addition to some people recommending their first choice, many people also think that "you have to talk about your daily wear style before you can recommend the one that suits you." Therefore, some people shared that "you really need to be very discerning to buy a popular bag that will not be returned." , I took a bag from my mother more than ten years ago that day, and it still looks very fashionable now.” He said that people don’t need to specifically pursue fashion when shopping, and it is the key to match their own style.

In addition, many people are also hotly discussing the "brand" of bags, among which the classic models launched by various boutique bags are even more topical. The brand story of the brand is also very attractive”, “Some bags are more bought from the brand behind, and it feels strange to buy the same bag from other brands.” In addition, due to the increase in raw materials in recent years, the prices of many well-known brand bags have continued to rise. Bullish, so how to choose between "price" and "material" is also a concern of many people. For example, some people ask "the leather wallet you want keeps rising, should you buy cheap and durable, or go straight to the brand you want?" ?", which caused a lot of discussion and attention, and most of the netizens thought that "the wallet can be used for several years, choose the one you like."

Every season every year, the designs of various bags are innovated, and the shapes are becoming more and more colorful. Some people care about the practicality of the bags, some people pay attention to the shape and color matching of the bags, and some people pay attention to both. Are you also thinking of getting a new bag lately? You might as well return to your own use and matching needs, and choose a bag that suits you!


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