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Why are off-road 4WD vehicles equipped with steel bumpers?

Everyone knows that car bumpers are usually made of resin. It is mainly to reduce the impact on pedestrians and passengers when an accident occurs. In addition, the resin bumper is better in shape, light in weight, and easy to paint.

But it's a weakness for off-road 4WD vehicles.

table of contents
●It is too strong but dangerous? The problem of off-road 4WD
●If you have a front bumper, you will be fine if you collide with a wild animal!?
●Hand jacks are required to elevate the vehicle body

Too strong and dangerous? The problem with off-road 4WD

Since the launch of the current Jimny in 2018, off-road 4WD has gradually regained its status on the streets.

An SUV is a slightly different definition than off-road 4WD. The body structure of the off-road 4WD is a trapezoidal beam chassis, and the suspension is a rigid axle suspension. Whether the 4WD system is part-time or full-time, it has an auxiliary gearbox.

Suzuki Jimny(2018年)

These are all designed for driving on bad roads. In order to make the vehicle not easily damaged when it hits a big rock, the engine output is adjusted to a low gear, and the engine torque is increased so that it can drive on off-road roads with greater driving force and tow the vehicle forward.

Modern vehicles attach great importance to safety. Although the structure of off-road 4WD is strong, it has to be said that its collision safety is not as good as that of ordinary single-body cars.

In order to improve this part, car manufacturers are very particular about the materials and shapes used for the bumper and the front and rear of the body. However, if a bumper with better impact absorption is selected, the sturdiness will decrease.

If you have a front bumper, you will be fine if you collide with a wild animal!?

When driving on off-road roads, obstacles such as trees and rocks are more likely to be in contact with the vehicle body. Therefore, the car factory has designed many protective accessories, and steel bumpers and anti-collision bars are one of them.


For example, when the front of the car hits an object, the resin bumper may crack, and the auxiliary machinery behind the bumper may also be damaged. If the water tank is damaged, the vehicle will be unable to drive.

Foreign countries call the front anti-collision bar "Kangaroo Bar" or "Bull Bar". When the vehicle accidentally hits a kangaroo or a cow on the road, it can protect the auxiliary machinery of the vehicle. At the same time, it can also prevent animals that are bounced up by the impact from crashing into the car from the windshield and causing damage to the occupants.

"Caution for Collision with Bison" sign. These signs may be seen in the United States or in Alaska.
©Rolf Langohr/

In fact, in Australia and other places, besides off-road 4WD vehicles, ordinary cars and trucks also have accidents colliding with wild animals, and there are also many fatal accidents. In order to prevent animals from bouncing up, the front bumper is slightly tilted forward.

The United States also installs anti-collision bars in front of police cars, so that when a police car collides with an escaped vehicle, it can cause damage to the other vehicle and the police car can continue to drive.


Elevating the car body requires a hand-cranked jack

The steel bumper of off-road 4WD vehicles also has a function, that is, to deal with the situation that the vehicle is stuck and unable to move.

For 4WD vehicles driving on off-road roads, in order to improve terrain adaptability, most of them will be equipped with a suspension system that can raise the body and large-diameter tires to increase the minimum ground clearance. When the minimum ground clearance is increased, it becomes impossible to use the jack originally attached to the vehicle.

©Evgeny Vershinin/

Vehicles can get stuck, usually because a wheel has come off or an obstacle has become lodged under the vehicle. To fix these problems, a jack is needed. As we all know, the lift of the scissor jack is very small, and the front end of the jack cannot touch a vehicle with a high body. Even if it does, the lift is still limited.

The hand jack is made of steel and moves vertically up and down. The hand jack can be lifted on the steel bumper and the door pedal to raise the body, and it can also be placed on the fulcrum of the vehicle as a substitute for the winch.

The vehicle must be equipped with a steel bumper to use the hand jack, otherwise it will deform the resin bumper.


In Japan, there are few opportunities to drive on off-road roads, so there are not many vehicles equipped with steel anti-collision bars and bumpers, but recently more and more people will install these accessories when modifying their vehicles.

However, most of the products launched by Japanese brands are alloy soft materials that are considered to protect pedestrians. These products are different from steel products, and more attention should be paid to their use.

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