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Why do you need a large space for a hundred-hour station wagon instead of 80 LUXGEN URX, U6 limited time price let you "autumn hi hi"

The time sequence is gradually entering autumn, and it coincides with the school season. How to save money while taking care of the quality of life, LUXGEN specially launched a limited-time discount price (1) for the budget-conscious consumers, which is to let consumers "autumn hi hi" "! In an era when domestically-produced recreational vehicles often cost over one million yuan, LUXGEN’s best-selling URX NEO 7-seater version can easily be purchased at a limited-time discounted price of 928,000 (original price of 998,000). It is definitely a 7-seater within a million dollars. The only choice for a large space, making it easy to find for a million-dollar budget; if you are looking for a 800,000-class cross-border travel, you don’t have to compromise on performance and space. LUXGEN offers a limited-time discount for the National Running Tour U6 NEO Environmental Enhanced Edition The price is 798,000 (the original price is 838,000). With a petty price of less than 800,000, you can easily own an SUV, enjoy 202 horses of abundant power and a comfortable and spacious car room, and let you dream of "autumn hi hi"!

In order to make it easy for everyone to have different life-oriented and more diversified car choices, LUXGEN has continuously launched car models that meet the needs of different consumers, and can buy the best quality car models at the most affordable price; (Fri) Until 9/28 (Thursday), the URX NEO 7-person Lohas Edition, which is loved by families, has launched a limited-time discounted price of 928,000 (original price of 998,000). 5 or 7 people can do whatever they want, and once again enjoy high-quality, high-horsepower, high-tech, ADAS advanced driving assistance with ACC full-speed active distance cruise function (including Stop & Go) as standard, fully satisfying family safety life, Multiple needs such as outdoor leisure, welfare and LOHAS, more code upgrade LINK+The intelligent networking system (valued at 15,000 yuan), at a preferential price that exceeds that of domestic cars of the same level, allows URX, which combines smart technology and flexible large space, to accompany you through every colorful day and become a big car with a variety of styles. Living home! However, the entry-level off-road class of less than 800,000 also has a super-high CP value national running tour-U6 NEO, which not only has the most space and extremely intelligent technology, but also surpasses its rivals in the same class with 202 horsepower performance, satisfying the advocacy of sports at one time. Driving pleasure and joy of life, equipped with a 10.25-inch ultra-intelligent and colorful digital instrument panel, practical AR 360-degree surround view images, and the most complete active and passive safety equipment, etc., easily own a large car at the price of a small crossover ! For a limited time, you can enjoy a limited-time preferential price of 798,000 yuan for the U6 NEO Surround View Enhanced Edition, and a free upgrade to the European-style double color car color (worth 15,000 yuan), allowing you to be the biggest and most shining focus of attention in the crossover.

Welcome prospective car owners who love LUXGEN, seize the best opportunity to own it now, and easily buy the new generation of LUXGEN URX NEO and U6 NEO at the most "autumn hi hi" price. It is not only stylish and practical inside and out, but also to explore the treasure island A good partner with amorous feelings, let the good times add fun and memories, enjoy the fun and chase the maple fun as you like! For relevant discount details or other car purchase information, welcome to LUXGEN official website to make an appointment to visit the store to appreciate the car, or call the customer service hotline 0800-588-088. Accompany you to buy a new car "Qiu Hei Hei"!

  1. The actual content of this promotion plan is formulated and provided by LUXGEN Distribution Company and Xingkuai Technology Co., Ltd. according to each model, and LUXGEN Distribution Company reserves the right to make final modifications and adjustments.
  2. Government agencies and project approvals, bidders, and rental cars are not eligible for this car purchase discount.

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