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Why it is best to buy your used car in Drenthe -

Do you prefer to buy your second-hand car from the dealer around the corner? That's not always smart. has calculated that the prices of used cars can vary enormously per province. has calculated that the average national asking price of second-hand cars in July 2023 amounted to exactly 19,678 euros. That is an increase of 1.6 percent compared to a month earlier. Compared to July 2022, second-hand cars have become an average of 20.8 percent more expensive.

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Price differences up to more than 10,000 euros

Even more remarkable are the large price differences of used cars between the provinces. For example, the asking prices for used cars in Drenthe are clearly lower than in all other provinces. On average, a second-hand car in Drenthe costs 14,137 euros. And especially for residents of the province of Overijssel, it can be worthwhile to go shopping at 'the neighbours' when they need another car. Because Marktplaats has calculated that car dealers, dealers and private individuals in that province ask for an average of 24,256 euros for a second-hand car. That saves more than 10 grand!

Groningen and Friesland in 2nd and 3rd place

If you cannot find a second-hand car that suits you in Drenthe, it is best to move to Groningen. With an average asking price of 16,507 euros, this is the second cheapest province for second-hand buyers, followed by Friesland (18,307 euros). But, you will say, you cannot compare those average prices one to one. After all, it is just a question of what kind of cars are offered per province at that time.


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There are also big differences in price per car

That is partly true, as Marktplaats Automotive Ambassador Paul de Vries admits. But that's not the whole story: “Within Marktplaats we do see price differences between the same cars. Take one for example BMW 3 Series Touring with petrol engine, built between 2016 and 2019. That saves almost 5,000 euros between Drenthe and Zeeland.” In other words: it certainly pays to look beyond the provincial borders when you are looking for a second-hand car.

Average asking prices used cars per province

  1. Drenthe € 14,137
  2. Groningen           € 16.507
  3. Friesland              € 18.307
  4. Gelderland € 20,797
  5. Flevoland € 21,100
  6. Utrecht                  € 21.233
  7. Zeeland                 € 21.855
  8. South Holland € 22,214
  9. North Brabant € 22,791
  10. North Holland € 22,893
  11. Limburg                 € 24.019
  12. Overijssel € 24,256

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