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Why it is better to forget this disastrous year (and why not) -

If you knew in advance what would happen in 2001, you would probably have crawled under a rock. The bright spot is that the announced millennium bug does not materialize. And fortunately, new car models brighten up the traffic scene. The following 4 cars from 2001 deserve not to be forgotten.

The disaster started on January 1 with the café fire in Volendam. And then it actually only gets worse, with the sad 'highlight' being the two planes crashing into the Twin Towers of New York. Viewed this way, the disaster is that Renault brings on himself not so bad. And let's not forget that 2001 is the year of the most beautiful modern Lancia.

1: Lancia Thesis

The Thesis is certainly the most beautiful Lancia of recent years. The elongated LED taillights lie like jewels over the graceful rear. The almost 5 meter long sedan van Lancia is equipped with adaptive dampers that provide the comfort of a magic carpet. A difference with its predecessor Kappa is that the Thesis is only available as a sedan and no longer as a coupe and station wagon.

The interior of the Lancia Thesis is particularly beautiful with a luxurious wood strip across the full width of the dashboard. The car is available as a five-cylinder engine (170 hp) and with the 3.0-liter V6 from Alfa Romeo. The Thesis is sometimes called the last real Lancia. However, it is not a success outside Italy. The Thesis is followed by the Thema, but that is actually a Chrysler 300C in disguise.


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2: Fiat Stilo

The Golf competitor Fiat changes its name sometimes. First there is the Tipo. This will be followed by the Bravo (3-door) and Brava (5-door). In 2001 the Fiat Stilo was given a try. The design is poorly received, because it is 'too German'. Yet the Fiat is on the podium of the European Car of the Year election of 2002. It finishes behind winner Peugeot 307 and runner-up Renault Laguna.

Of Fiat Stilo has three guises: a 3- and a 5-door hatchback (each with its own design) and a station wagon, the Multi Wagon. The nicest version is the Stilo Abarth, with a roaring 2.4-liter 5-cylinder petrol engine with 170 hp. However, the standard Selespeed automatic transmission and the navigation system are as reliable as the local mafia boss. Fortunately, a version with a manual gearbox and without navigation will follow later.

It is unique sky window, an open roof consisting of stacking slats. It's all to no avail; the Stilo is a drama for Fiat commercially. His successor is no longer called Stilo, but… Bravo. And he will be succeeded by the current Tipo. Mamma mia!

3: Renault Avantime

Long before the concept of crossover became commonplace, Renault introduced the Avantime. A car that is a cross between an MPV, a coupe and a station wagon. The hood continues into the windshield, while the rear is almost straight. The two doors are so large that Renault devised a special, complicated suspension so that you can easily get in and out, even in tight parking spaces.

The Avantime is manufactured by Matra, which previously built the Espace. The large glass roof is striking, making the interior feel extra spacious with centrally placed instruments. No matter how special, the Renault Avantime is a flop. After less than two years and 8,540 copies, production stops. Too bad, because with the Avantime Renault showed that it has courage.

4: Mercedes SL (R230)

As soon Mercedes introduces a new SL, all eyes in the world are focused on it. This also applies to the fifth generation. The most radical change compared to its predecessor is the roof. It is no longer made of fabric, but of steel. A trend that was started a few years earlier by the smaller SLK. Until then, the Sport
always equipped with a fabric roof (not including the first generation 300 SL with gull-wing doors).

Despite the steel roof, the new Mercedes SLbarely heavier than its predecessor. Just like in the previous generation, the roll bar appears like a devil from a box when the car rolls over. The entry-level model is the SL 350 with 245 hp, good for a top speed of 250 km/h. The SL 600 with 500 hp V12 is the top version. At least, until the arrival of the 612 hp SL65 AMG.

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