Categories: News Waarom de navigatie van de elektrische Volvo C40 je expres verkeerd stuurt en 6 andere dingen die jij niet wist

Why the navigation of the electric Volvo C40 deliberately sends you wrong and 6 other things you didn't know

1. Why did the design sketches for the electric Volvo C40 spend a long time gathering dust in a drawer?

You may know the concept cars Volvo 40.1 and Volvo 40.2 Concept from 2016. The 40.1 culminated in the Volvo XC40, which was introduced in 2017. The 40.2 became the Polestar 2. But there was a third design, which was really just a joke from the design team. That sketch looked suspiciously like the current C40.

It was never intended that a production car would emerge from this. But because SUVs with a coupe-like roofline are popular (see BMW X4, Renault Arkana), a focus group was formed. The enthusiasm was so great that the Swedish polonaise was just not started spontaneously, so one thing led to another. The sketch in the drawer became a car of flesh and blood!

2. The C40 shares all the technology with the XC40. Then why doesn't it come with petrol engines?

The chassis on which the XC40 and C40 stand is suitable for petrol engines, plug-in hybrids and fully electric models. So initially there would just be a C40 on petrol and also a plug-in hybrid. However, partly due to the fines that the EU imposes on car brands if their fleet emits too much CO2, this was not done. In addition, the statement of the C40 is now more powerful: the future is electric.

3. Why is the front of the C40 slightly different from the XC40?

If you look closely, you will see that the grille of the C40 (including logo) is integrated into the car just a little more smoothly than the XC40 grille, which seems a bit more glued on. That will be rectified soon. With its facelift (planned for 2022), the XC40 will have the same front as the C40.

4. Why does the electric C40 have two extra spoilers at the rear?

For slightly better aerodynamics and 10 kilometers more range (430 instead of 420 kilometres). Volvo admits it frankly: the current models are not aerodynamic masterpieces. That is why the practical consumption of the economical engines is often a bit disappointing. “A Leopard tank is more aerodynamic,” says Volvo, not without self-mockery

The C40 is the last car according to the current design language, which was introduced in 2015 with the XC90, for the future Volvo promises improvement. The successor to the XC90 (2022) is good friends with the wind tunnel. The Concept Coupé and Concept Recharge is a taste of the design language of the new X90 and other future Volvo models.

5. What is different in the interior of the C40, compared to the XC40?

Everything seems the same: the steering wheel, the large multimedia screen, the seats, the gear knob ... but if you look closer, you can still see differences. Volvo no longer supplies leather upholstery on its new models, due to the impact on climate and animal welfare. Furthermore, a trick has been played next to the door handle: the relief applied there is a copy of a part of the Skanderna Mountains in Sweden. Grab the Bosatlas to see which part Volvo chose. Finally, the blue carpet is exclusive to the C40.

6. Why is the tail lift of the Volvo C40 in an awkward position?

The tailgate of the Volvo C40 is located where the fuel cap is on Japanese cars: rear left. It's a great place to refuel. But if you want to charge, a flap in the front is much more convenient, because of the location of the charging station. You don't have to fiddle with the cord.

However, the location of the valve is not a design flaw, but a conscious, for safety reasons. The brand says that the risk of accidents is smallest if you mount the cover on the left rear. So rather safe messing around than unsafe convenience ... it could be a slogan from Sire.

7. Why is the navigation pointing you in the wrong direction on purpose?

This applies not only to the new Volvo C40, but to all Volvos. Although many models come with real-time navigation, the route that Volvo's system devises is often longer than what Google Maps shows you on your smartphone. This is again due to safety. Turning right is safer than turning left. Volvo therefore prefers to send you to the right a few times more often for safety. A jerk to the right, while you may not always want that, it seems like Dutch politics!

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