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Why the strongest Cupra Born is suddenly almost 6,500 euros cheaper -

Cupra has reduced the prices of the 231 hp Cupra Born. The electric hatchback is now 2000 to 4000 euros cheaper (depending on the version). This means that the Adrenaline version is now eligible for SEPP subsidy. This means you will save a total of 6,450 euros cheaper than before.

Due to the price reduction, the Cupra Born Adrenaline with 231 hp and 58 kWh is now available from 43,990 euros. That is 3500 euros less than before. And the 2,950 euro SEPP subsidy will therefore be deducted from that. You can get even cheaper by ordering the regular Born with 204 hp and a starting price of 39,990 euros, but then you also get less luxury. Below you can read how that works.

Cupra Born Adrenaline 6450 euros cheaper

What do you get for 43,990 euros? In addition to more power than normal (231 instead of 204 hp), you also get more stuff. Such a powerful Born skips the first two versions (Impulse and Edition) and is delivered as Adrenaline.

With such an Adrenaline you have a 12-inch touchscreen with reversing camera, adaptive cruise control and seat heating, as well as things like 19-inch alloys, a wireless charger for your phone, heated steering wheel and keyless access.

It can be even more luxurious, with the two most expensive versions, but then despite the discount of 4,000 euros you will exceed the subsidy limit of 45,000 euros. Then you must really want a panoramic glass roof, a head-up display or adaptive shock absorbers.

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Cupra Born met 77 kWh

A Cupra Born with the largest battery (77 kWh) always has 231 hp. But then you are talking about a car worth 50 grand. Cupra lowers prices the Cupra with the most range the least. 2000 to 2500 euros will be deducted from the original price.

All Cupra Born prices at a glance

  • Born Impulse (204 pk, 58 kWh): 39.990 euro
  • Born Edition (204 pk, 58 kWh): 41.990 euro
  • Born Adrenaline (231 pk, 58 kWh): 43.990 euro (-3500 euro)
  • Born Performance (231 pk, 58 kWh): 46.990 euro (-4000 euro)
  • Born Copper Edition (231 pk, 58 kWh): 49.990 euro (-4000 euro)
  • Born Adrenaline (231 pk, 77 kWh): 49.990 euro (-2000 euro)
  • Born Performance (231 pk, 77 kWh): 52.990 euro (-2500 euro)

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