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Why you should not buy a Tesla Model S or X right now -

There are new, cheaper versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X. They are not yet on the Dutch Tesla website, but that is undoubtedly only a matter of time.

Tesla will again offer the Model S and Model X as a Standard Range version. They have a smaller range than the current models, but are also cheaper.

It would also be about time that 'regular' versions of the S and X appeared, because you can now only order very strong versions of both electric models that start at 107,490 euros and 116,490 euros respectively. But not everyone needs to sprint to 100 in less than four seconds.


Mokka Electric

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Smaller range

Not that the Standard Range versions are slow cars… the Model S still clears the standard sprint in less than 4 seconds, but the Tesla Model X takes it easy and clocks in at about 4.5 seconds. Both cars still have two electric motors and four-wheel drive.

In terms of range, the difference is clearly noticeable: the current Model S Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive of 107,490 euros comes 634 kilometers on a full battery and the new Standard Range exactly 500 kilometers - a difference of 134 kilometers. The Model X Standard Range has a range of 421 kilometers.

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$10,000 cheaper

Those numbers can still change a little bit, because we calculate with the American figures. There, the new Standard Range provides a $ 10,000 lower entry price. You cannot convert that number 1-to-1 (9200 euros), because the American prices are exclusive of VAT, which makes it complicated to predict the Dutch prices.

So keep an eye on the Tesla website for more information and hold on just a little longer if you're about to buy a Model S or Model X now.

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