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Why you would rather have this GTI than a classic Volkswagen Golf GTI

In fact, the Peugeot 309 was destined to come into the world as Talbot Arizona. The compact hatchback was to replace the Talbot-Simca Horizon. But because PSA quickly pulled the plug from the brand that was reborn in 1980, the car appeared in 1985 as a Peugeot 309. The somewhat plump 309 was an odd man out between the elegant 205 and 305. Also with regard to its naming.

First 309 GTI with 130 hp

Initially, the Peugeot 309 was only offered as a five-door hatchback. To increase its market share, Peugeot also introduced a three-door variant in 1987. Triggered by the success of the 205 GTI, Peugeot also launched a 309 GTI that year. The fast version had the same 1.9-liter injection engine as the most powerful 205. This eight-valve four-cylinder 1.9 produced 130 hp. Just as much as the Volkswagen Golf GTI 16V had under the hood.

Faster than Golf GTI G60

The mandatory introduction of a catalytic converter made the engine a bit tame, but Peugeot was not easy to catch. It spooned the 160 hp sixteen-valve engine from the new 405 MI16 into the 309. With that, the 309 GTI 16V could compete with the Golf GTI G60 - you know, with that fault-prone G-loader. Only you had the French hot hatch 'already' for 46,600 guilders (21,146 euros), while you had to pay 58,705 guilders (26,639 euros) for the Golf G60. Yet the 309 sprinted more than half a second faster to 100 km / h: 7.8 vs. 8.3 s. Top speed? 220 vs. 216 km / h ...

M3s bully with a Peugeot 309 GTI

In comparative tests, the Peugeot 309 GTI was praised for its fantastic throttle response and incredibly fast intermediate sprints. He just kept a BMW M3 or Ford Sierra RS Cosworth! In addition, the fast Frenchman turned out to be a much more fun playmate than the Golf GTI, but for the experienced driver. The unsuspecting family man who suddenly went off the gas in a corner that started too quickly, was overtaken by the children in the back seat. It was precisely this mean trait that exerted a lot of attraction on experienced amateur drivers.

Unfortunately, the 309 never became the success that Peugeot had in mind. And the 309 GTI remained a rare appearance. Nowadays you never see one again. This is also because many 309's GTI involuntarily ended their life as a tree hugger.

Original Dutch car

Fortunately, this original Dutch 309 GTI 16V in the beautiful color Miami Blue is an exception. He looks wonderfully unscathed. There are less than 107,000 kilometers on the clock, and even that is not visible. We cannot detect a scratch or dent in the photos. The original 15-inch light metal also looks like a ring. The same goes for the blue and black interior with the half-leather sports seats. Judging from the car offer at the selling company, they have something with Peugeots there. According to the license plate report, the car has been with the current owner for almost 10 years. Apparently he has trouble saying goodbye, because the asking price of 24,950 euros is even above the new price of 1992! Still, we have to restrain ourselves not to drive to Witmarsum ...

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