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Wild ParkourVolkswagen T-Roc 330 TSI R-Line Performance

●The suggested price is 1.448 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 14.1km/L

●Original warranty for 4 years and unlimited mileage

●Pleasant point, the shape and texture are improved, and the driving experience is smooth

●The regret of the bead can be a little more personalized elements

Published in August 2017, T-Roc was originally aimed at the positioning of cross-border running brigade with full personality. The slightly revised version was launched after a lapse of 4 years. The recognition of the front of the car does not increase but decreases, but the more refined interior and exterior styling texture and the level of technological equipment that keep up with the trend can still satisfy consumers who want to be different.

Volkswagen T-Roc

Before the official announcement on May 12, Taiwan Volkswagen held a media test drive event for the slightly remodeled T-Roc at the end of April. It not only arranged a long-distance test drive from Yilan to Hualien, but also provided 280 TSI Style Design and 330 TSI R-Line Performance two models, let us have the opportunity to deeply experience the difference and charm between the two models.

Family style that keeps pace with the times

Although the domestic introduction time is only more than a year, but after all, T-Roc has been in the original factory for 4 years, and the overall design style will inevitably have a considerable gap with the current new generation family car models, so there is a small change. The new car will focus on the styling design, among which the L-shaped LED daytime running light guide strip and the positioning light extending inward to the water tank cover (280 TSI is a chrome trim strip) are the most representative. In terms of the front and rear bumper shapes, the standard R-Line sports appearance package of the 330 TSI is largely based on the design elements of the T-Roc R before the facelift, such as the upright LED daylights on both sides of the front of the car and the integrated rear reflector. Heat dissipation hole decoration, etc.

The facelifted T-Roc is upgraded with the IQ.Light smart light group as standard, and the 330 TSI is also equipped with LED Matrix matrix headlights.
The internal styling arrangement of the standard LED blackened taillights will change according to different models, and the 330 TSI also adds dynamic turn indicators.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to meet the needs of consumers' favorite dark sports style recently, the first batch of 280 TSI Style Design introduced comes standard with a two-color roof, while the 330 TSI R-Line Performance can also be added at an additional price of 20,000 yuan. A Black Style blackening style kit is also available, which can also be seen from the test car, including mirror covers, roof racks, door window frames, exhaust trim frames and 19-inch Misano five-spoke double-rib wheels. They are all changed to bright black style, together with the rear dark privacy glass and the carbon fiber style decoration added to the C-pillar, creating a very deep and chilling visual experience.

The 330 TSI model comes standard with 19-inch Y-shaped five-spoke Misano rims, which are painted in gloss black for the optional blackening style package.
The blackened style package also includes gloss black window frames and a carbon fiber style C-pillar design to enhance the personality of the appearance.

The interior layout also focuses on the update of the new generation family style. The most obvious one is that the touch screen originally integrated in the console has been changed to a protruding shape, and it has been upgraded to a 9.2-inch with MIB 3 multimedia system, and the air-conditioning panel below. The flat touch design replaces the physical knob, and the style of the row rod assembly and steering wheel has also been updated. In addition, details such as stitching on the front end of the console and door handles, and ambient lights on the door trim are added to further strengthen the overall cockpit. texture. In terms of ADAS active driving assistance technology that consumers have recently paid attention to, the small facelift T-Roc has fully introduced the Travel Assist intelligent vehicle array shuttle system, which can activate the Level 2 full-speed ACC + active lane maintenance function with one button, allowing high-speed cruise and Long-distance travel is easier and more convenient.

The 280 TSI retains the original design elements of the hexagonal LED daytime running lights on the front bumper, but also uses new-shaped front and rear bumpers, new-style 18-inch rims, chrome trims on the lower edge of the door and on both sides of the rear bumper, and two-tone color. Top-notch techniques enhance the overall texture.
The 280 TSI retains the original design elements of the hexagonal LED daytime running lights on the front bumper, but also uses new-shaped front and rear bumpers, new-style 18-inch rims, chrome trims on the lower edge of the door and on both sides of the rear bumper, and two-tone color. Top-notch techniques enhance the overall texture.

More delicate road texture

The facelifted T-Roc has little change in mechanical structure. The 280 TSI is still equipped with a 1.5L straight-four gasoline turbo engine with ACT active cylinder deactivation management system and a maximum output of 150hp/25.5kgm, while the 330 TSI is equipped with an EA888 2.0L straight engine. The four-turbo unit is also paired with a dry/wet DSG seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Interestingly, although the latter also maintains the maximum output of 190hp/32.6kgm, perhaps the gear ratio of the gearbox has been adjusted, and the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h can be shortened from 7.2 seconds before the facelift to 6.8 seconds, and the top speed is also improved by 2km/h. From h to 218km/h, the average fuel consumption of the Energy Bureau has even increased by 1.2km/L to 14.1km/L. It can be seen that the overall output efficiency is indeed more refined.

The interior follows the flat touch style design of the new generation of family cars, and is laid out with a large area of ​​black piano paint.
The standard sports leather multi-function steering wheel of the 330 TSI is covered with breathable material on both sides, and a touch-sensitive shortcut key design is also added.
The gear assembly style has also been updated, and the front storage slot is equipped with a mobile phone wireless charging device that is standard on the whole car.
In order to strengthen the cabin texture, the facelifted T-Roc adds stitching on the front of the console and door handles, and also adds ambient lighting on the door trim.
The touch screen of the center console has been enlarged to 9.2 inches and replaced with the MIB 3 multimedia system. Various vehicle function settings are also integrated into it.
The 330 TSI comes standard with Nappa Carbon sports leather seats, which are sporty and provide some coverage.
The 280 TSI features Iron Grey trim and two-tone Vienna sports leather seats, creating a brighter and livelier ambience in the recreational vehicle cabin.

In fact, on the road test drive, the slightly modified T-Roc 330 TSI seems to be a little brisker than the old model in the impression at the start and in the middle of the acceleration response, but the overall characteristics of fullness and smoothness are not much different. What is even more surprising is that the new car is in The road texture performance has also become more supple and delicate, especially the standard suspension setting of 280 TSI and 215/50R18 rim tire size can bring quite comfortable and stable body dynamic response, while the 330 TSI is 10mm lower in height. Under the setting of sports suspension and 225/40R19 large-size rim tires, it can also greatly reduce the more obvious lower disc bounce and impact in the past. The comfort performance is even higher.

The 330 TSI's power configuration and chassis settings have not changed significantly, and the full acceleration force and flexible steering feel can bring a bit of hot blood.

Test drive experience ~ Steady and steady, continuous improvement

The overall evolution direction of the minor facelift T-Roc focuses on the update of the new generation family style. From the styling design to the technological equipment, people can fully feel the new ideas. It is hoped that in addition to the cross-border runners who originally pursued a dynamic personality, they will strive for more. Multi-functional buyers agree.


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