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Window of the soul is very important!Top ten eye diseases take you to understand

With the development of technology and the increasing popularity of 3C, coupled with the impact of the epidemic in recent years, both work and study often rely on online video. In the "slippery era", we are staring at the screen all the time, and thus derived a lot of Eye disease troubles.

"Social Lab Community Lab" uses the "OpView Community Word-of-mouth Database" to track the online voice performance of the topic of "eye disease" in the past six months, and let you know which are the top ten eye diseases that netizens are talking about. .

"Myopia" is a problem for most people, "cataract" and "glaucoma" must be paid attention to

Observing the discussions on eye diseases in the past six months, "myopia" is the hottest focus. Some netizens mentioned that their children would frown watching TV, and only when they saw the vision checklist in the contact book did they know that "my son has two eyes". Both are 0.3", which surprised her and said, "Although I knew he had myopia, I didn't expect it to be so serious." In addition, many netizens shared their experiences of "laser surgery for myopia", which aroused a lot of responses from the community. It can be seen that in the 3C era, "myopia" has become one of the civilization diseases of modern people.

The main symptom of "cataract" is vision loss. No matter whether you look near or far, your vision will be blurred, which is easy to cause inconvenience in life, so it has become one of the most discussed eye diseases. Common reasons include old age, diabetes, genetics, trauma, etc. If someone goes online, please ask "My father is 65 years old and wants to have cataract surgery", and ask netizens to recommend an ophthalmologist. And called to pay attention to their usual eye condition.

The third-placed "glaucoma" is known as "vision thief". It is a disease of the optic nerve. The degeneration of the optic nerve can lead to blurred vision or loss of peripheral vision in patients. In severe cases, it may lead to blindness. A "vision test chart" has gone viral on the Internet a few days ago. It uses what numbers people see to test the contrast sensitivity of the eyes to observe whether there are early signs of glaucoma or optic nerve disease. The picture has caused heated discussions among netizens, and they have been posted Come up with your own quiz answers.

In addition, "dry eye syndrome" is also the focus of attention. Some netizens asked for help "because I have been wearing contact lenses for a long time, which caused me to have very serious dry eye syndrome." . Eye diseases such as "needle eye", "presbyopia" and "macular degeneration" also attract the attention of many netizens.

With modern lifestyles, people are more and more inseparable from various 3C products. However, if they are used excessively without protecting their eyes, their vision may become more and more blurred, and life will change from color to black and white. Therefore, in addition to regular health checks, it must be used in moderation. Tech products, take good care of those "windows of the soul"!


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