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Winter only! HOROYOI's slightly drunk "Snow Love Strawberry" is romantically launchedHebe Tian Fuzhen, the slightly drunk goddess, has a relationship with "3"! New Year's Wish "Berry" is a big show

HOROYOI Weizui launched a new limited flavor "Snow Love Strawberry", 3_ alcohol made of pink strawberry and snowflakes intertwined, the tangy strawberry aroma and the sweet and sour bubbles after the entrance deduce the romantic taste of winter love.

Low-alcohol drink brand from Japan「HOROYOIWei Zui (Japanese brand name: ほろよい)"It has won the favor of Taiwanese consumers with its various flavors and colorful and cute bottles, and has been the sales champion of low-alcohol beverages in Taiwan for many years.Cold winter is the dream season of strawberries, this time HOROYOI Weizui launched a new limited flavor"Snow Love Strawberry"developed by the Japanese team, limited to Taiwan, 3% alcohol made of pink strawberries and snowflakes intertwined, tangy strawberry aroma and sweet and sour bubbles after the entrance, the romantic taste of winter love is self-evident!

"Snow Love Strawberry"It will be exclusively sold at 7-ELEVEn in Taiwan from January 14th (Saturday). HOROYOI Wei Zui even invited Hebe Tian Hebe, the goddess of Wei Zui, to attend the press conference and share the inseparable relationship between Hebe Tian Hebe and "3"!At the same time, in order to welcome the 10th anniversary of HOROYOI Weizui, Weizui announced that it will open in Xinyi District from January 6th (Friday) to January 8th (Sunday).HOROYOISlightly Drunk Love Holy Land"pop-up storein addition to the interesting interactive games, there are also various benefits that HOROYOI Weizui can get for free waiting for consumers to experience.

HOROYOI Weizui launched a new limited flavor "Xuelian Strawberry", and invited Hebe Tian Fuzhen, the goddess of Weizui, to share experience experience. On the left is Hebe Tian Hebe, and on the right is Gu Lingde, the general manager of Suntory.

seasonalHOROYOI"Snow Love Strawberry"3%Slightly drunk, romantic swaying in "berry" good memories

In Taiwan, the super popular "HOROYOI Weizui" accompanies many people to spend the evening drinking time, and it is also an excellent drink choice for friends to gather together! The various flavors of "HOROYOI Weizui" give everyone a different taste of happiness. This year, the Japanese team of "HOROYOI Weizui" developed and launched a limited new flavor"Snow Love Strawberry"! The base of the bottle is made of pink tones, and the romantic snow flakes are decorated with strawberry-shaped heart patterns to create a romantic snow scene and immerse people in the feelings of the snow love season. Sipping the mouth is accompanied by a strong strawberry aroma, and the sweet and sour taste blooms in the mouth with a slight wine aroma, making people intoxicated. Hebe also shared that he "fell in love" with the cute packaging when he saw "Snow Strawberry" for the first time. When he first tasted it, he not only felt the refreshing lactic acid taste of the slightly intoxicated classic "White Sour", but also was attracted by the faint strawberry aroma. Hebe can't put it down because of the sweet taste!

Goddess prays for fans!belongHaveHebe Tien's "Tian" Romance, New Year's Benefits"3333"Broadcast

Hebe, the goddess of micro-drunkness, shared the first taste of Weizui's new product "Xuelian Strawberry". The faint strawberry aroma combined with the refreshing and smooth lactic acid taste has a sweet and happy taste.

Hebe Tian Fuzhen has many songs about "love", among which Hebe said that "Snow Love Strawberry" reminds her of"Little Lucky"In this song, "So you are the luck I want to keep most" in the lyrics, recalling the sweet and happy time, like the sweet and sour taste of snow falling in love with strawberries, the sweet and happy past images naturally appear in my mind. Hebe even shared her fate with the number "3" at the press conference for the launch of Xuelian Strawberry's new product. Hebe's birthday is "March 30", and there are two 3s among them. , "SHE" is also a 3-member group, and Wei Zui, who has cooperated with Hebe for 10 years, focuses on "3%" low alcohol concentration! Each 3 has a special meaning to Hebe. Hebe also mentioned that this year is the "3" year of 202, which is also Weizui's 10th anniversary in Taiwan. He believes that this year will be a good year for himself and his favorite Weizui brand!To commemorate the 10th anniversary of HOROYOI Weizui, Weizui will be held from January 6th (Friday) to January 8th (Sunday) at Taipei Breeze Songgao Square"HOROYOI Slightly Drunken Love Holy Land" pop-up shop

, as long as you show your ID card with the number "3" to the staff, a set of "3 cans" of Snow Love strawberries will be presented on the spot, with a daily limit of "33 sets", and the number of gifts is limited, while supplies last. Want to get lucky with the slightly drunk goddesses Hebe and 3? Hurry up to "HOROYOI Slightly Drunk Love Holy Land"!
Snow Love Strawberry reminds Hebe Tian Hebe of the song "Little Lucky", recalling the sweet and happy time, just like the sweet and sour taste of Snow Love Strawberry, which reminds people of the sweet and happy past.

"Snow Love Strawberry" is now on sale! HOROYOISlightly Drunk Love Holy Land" helps you2023love blessing

Weizui's new winter flavor "Snow Strawberry" will be available in limited quantities at 7-ELEVEn in Taiwan from January 14, 2023. "Berry" tastes good and the price is NT$49 per can. The winter love song played by sweet and sour strawberries and 3% low alcohol is like a sweet taste of love, definitely not to be missed!

Weizui's new flavor "Xuelian Strawberry" will be available at 7-ELEVEN in Taiwan starting from January 14th. The price of "Berry" is 49 yuan per can.

Want to taste the sweet and sour taste of "Snow Strawberry"?"HOROYOI Slightly Drunken Love Holy Land"Let's try it first! In addition to being the first to experience new flavors, there are also 6 best-selling flavors for Weizui to try. The pop-up store also launched a variety of good luck activities: the first good fortune, anyone who likes Weizui’s official Instagram can get a "Limited Love Shou L Folder" and draw a love poem; Upload to Weizui's official Facebook designated post message, and you will get a set of two cans of Weizui as a gift; the third good, as long as you have a physical receipt for purchasing 3 cans of limited 6 flavors from January 6th to January 8th , you can exchange it on the spot for "Wei Zui Xue Lian Strawberry Limited Small Canvas Bag".

HOROYOI Weizui will set up "HOROYOI Weizui Love Sanctuary" at Breeze Matsutakamae Plaza from January 6th to January 8th, allowing everyone to try the sweet and sour taste of "Snow Strawberry" first!
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【New Product Information】

Product Name: Snow Love Strawberry
Packaging capacity: 350ml
Alcohol concentration: 3%
Suggested selling price: NT 49 yuan
Product description: The lactic acidity of the white sour base is paired with the sweet and sour taste of fresh strawberries. Take a sip to immerse yourself in the sweet and sour love and slightly intoxicated taste!
Sales channel: From January 14th, all 7-ELEVEn in Taiwan will be exclusively sold in limited quantities

【Flash event information】

Theme: HOROYOI Slightly Drunk Love Holy Land
Activity time: 2023/1/6 (Friday) - 1/7 (Sat) 12:00~20:00
2023/1/8 (Sun) 11:00~20:00
Venue: No. 16, Songgao Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City (Breeze Songgao Square)
Interaction Mechanism 1: Try drinking the new products Xuelian Strawberry and Weizui 6 popular flavors.
Interaction mechanism 2: Anyone who likes HOROYOI Weizui's official Instagram can get a "Limited Love Guardian L Clip" and draw a love poem.
Interaction Mechanism 3: When two people compare their hearts and take pictures and upload them to Weizui's official Facebook post, a set of two cans of Weizui will be given as a gift. 1 person can only redeem once, and the quantity is limited, while stocks last.
Interaction mechanism 4: Show the 7-ELEVEn physical receipt for purchasing 3 cans of Weizui between 1/6 (Friday) and 1/8 (Sunday), and you can redeem the "Weizui Xuelian Strawberry Limited Canvas Bag" on the spot! Flavors are limited to white sour, lactic acid sour, black tea sour, white peach sour, grape sour, and white grape sour.
Interaction mechanism 5: With "3" in the number on the ID card, you can exchange for 3 cans of "Wei Zui Xue Lian Strawberry", limited to 33 sets per day, 1 person can only redeem once, the quantity is limited, while stocks last.

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