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Wisdom lies in you. The heavyweight luxury sedan The ALL New E-Class is officially announced at the end of the year with a price starting from 2.93 million. The station wagon will be unveiled in a single model at the same time!

brand new E-Class Five major product highlights:

  • A new design vocabulary is used to create a luxury car that is both sporty and elegant, and three different appearance options are available at the same time.
  • Equipped with the new third-generation MBUX multimedia system, it uses a powerful central processor, user-friendly software with a new computing architecture, and supports third-party applications, allowing you to walk with wisdom.
  • Introducing personalized service routines (Routines) to make E-Class a considerate smart partner.
  • Supporting digital key technology, the main account can be assigned 15 sets of different access rights, opening up a more convenient digital mobile life.
  • All models come standard with the Burmester® 4D surround sound system, which is equipped with new active surround atmosphere lights, which can dynamically change the rhythm along with the music melody and enhance the gorgeous sound and light effects.
  • The new E-Class will be delivered gradually starting this month and will be stationed in 25 authorized dealership and display centers across Taiwan from now on.
Mr. Jin Enzhong, President of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, today unveiled the new E-Class launch event

Luxurious mid- to large-sized sedans are a classic of Mercedes-Benz, and they are also many people’s first impression of this brand. Since 1946, Mercedes-Benz has produced more than 16 million mid-to-large luxury sedans, making the E-Class and its predecessor one of Mercedes-Benz's best-selling models. It also carries the most advanced technology of each generation. This in turn affects the development of many models.The new E-Class launched in the Taiwan market today is of course no exception. The interior and exterior use modern techniques to reinterpret classic elements. It is equipped with a new third-generation MBUX multimedia system and is designed with many smart and convenient functions based on AI learning, such as: Voice assistants that allow car owners to customize "routines" and recognize more natural language commands will also be able to support the use of third-party applications through software updates in the future.Note 1. The MBUX Superscreen, launched for the first time, integrates the central touch screen with the passenger seat screen, and provides the passenger seat passengers with independent audio-visual entertainment system and control rights. It also adds a video lens above the center console to record. Passengers live or conduct video conferencing in the car. The entertainment functions have been fully upgraded, allowing ambient lighting to accompany Dolby Atmos ® Dolby Atmos dances around so you can see the melody and notes. Through the evolution of core technology, the new E-Class is smart for you.

The new E-Class will be delivered gradually starting this month, and will be stationed in 25 authorized dealership and display centers across Taiwan from now on. Welcome to make an appointment to enjoy the car. For the new E-Class four-door sedan, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan has introduced three models, namely the E 200 LUXURY equipped with the Avantgarde package, with a recommended price starting from 2.93 million yuan; the E 300 has been launched in two versions, including the E 300 sports version. The standard AMG Line package has a suggested price starting from 3.47 million yuan; and the E 300 EXCLUSIVE equipped with the classic three-pointed star EXCLUSIVE package has a suggested price starting from 3.55 million yuan; today, the station wagon E 200 Estate was surprisingly announced, with the same standard Equipped with AMG Line package, the suggested price starts from 3.19 million yuan.

Understand you|Perceive you more in advance

With the release of the new E-Class, the MBUX multimedia system has ushered in a breakthrough development. The 14.4-inch high-resolution touch screen on the center console is equipped with a powerful central processor and user-friendly software with a new computing architecture. Developed a new third-generation MBUX multimedia system to create an immersive digital entertainment system. The new MBUX system interface presents function menus in a manner similar to a smartphone application (APP). The more concise large icon design allows drivers or passengers to make faster and more precise selections. Smart voice assistants are also on standby to assist. You accomplished your mission.

MBUX Superscreen wide screen enhances the overall technological atmosphere of the cabin

Thanks to the newly launched "Routines" function, it is not only possible to display personalized information or activate ENERGIZING COMFORT on the Zero Layer interface; of course, users can also customize the "Routines" function to make E- Class becomes a thoughtful smart partner. For example, when leaving the company at 6 o'clock every Friday, it will automatically navigate to the supermarket store, activate the seat massage function, and simultaneously convert the ambient lighting to a "Malibu sunset" tone. In addition, passengers can name the customized program of "routine" and activate the customized program settings through voice assistant, allowing users to quickly experience MBUX's smart and considerate technology.

The smart learning capabilities of the new third-generation MBUX multimedia system are not only displayed in "Routines", but also the continuously optimized smart voice assistant function. Through the link with Mercedes me, the voice assistant can be updated online, making it more powerful. With its dialogue and learning capabilities, it can recognize more spoken commands and conduct natural conversations; it can also enable the "Just Talk" function under specified conditions, eliminating the need to say "Hello, Mercedes-Benz!" every time to wake up the system. , you can talk directly to the voice assistant.

Immerse | Pamper you more comprehensively

The new E-Class lets you see the melody, all models are equipped with Burmester as standard® The 4D surround sound system drives 17 high-fidelity speakers with a total output of 730 watts and 4 sound wave sensors embedded in the front seats to create an unparalleled and shocking sound field. Using APPLE MUSIC built into the MBUX multimedia system for online music playback Dolby Atmos® With panoramic surround sound music, you can instantly feel like you are in a concert or opera house. With active surround-style interior lighting, the ambient lights will dance along with the music, allowing the melody and rhythm to be seen.This feature works with any entertainment source, including music, movies and third-party applicationsNote 1, by analyzing audio signals, synchronizing lighting visual effects with rhythm. Even when using the anti-motion sickness function of ENERGIZING COMFORT, active surround-view interior lighting will be activated to create an immersive auxiliary function.

All models are equipped with the Burmester 4D surround sound system as standard, paired with new active surround atmosphere lights to enhance the gorgeous sound and light effects.

In order to extend users' digital entertainment life, the new E-Class keeps pace with the times. Based on the new third-generation MBUX multimedia system architecture, a platform architecture is written to support third-party software providers. The first wave will be introduced into web browsers, and other third-generation Third-party applications will be available for download and use in the future, including the streaming video platform "YOUTUBE", or can be used with the mobile conferencing video lens in the Superscreen wide-format screen kit to conduct video conferencing through "Webex" or "Zoom", and Social platforms and games extend usage scenarios to all aspects of life and are expected to be introduced into the Taiwan market as early as the second half of next year. The exact opening time will be announced separately by Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, and it will be available through software updates at that time.

Brilliant|Make everyone envy you even more

The new E-Class adopts the classic sedan shape. Through the proportion of aerodynamic short front overhang and long front end, as well as the line extending rearward from the front axle to the A-pillar, it exudes a calm and powerful style, while the textured lines on the hood , the three-dimensional waistline on the side of the car and the curve from the C-pillar to the rear of the car enhance the sporty atmosphere. The front of the car combines classic and modern elements, perfectly integrating the bright black material panel that looks like the EQ electric car with the new headlight set and water tank guard. The three-dimensional water tank guard can be based on AVANTGARDE and AMG LINE to provide chrome-plated three-pointed star style and EXCLUSIVE elegance The large three-bar grille design can be presented in an avant-garde or classic way. The E 300 is also equipped with an polar luminous water tank cover, and a fiber optic light bar is added to the frame, making the E-Class more recognizable at night. Highlights at the rear of the car include a new contour design and dazzling starry dual-segment LED taillights. Echoing the front design, the bright black trim connects the through-type taillight groups on both sides to highlight the width of the rear.

There is no need to carry your car keys when you go out. The new E-Class has a new digital key function. After binding for the first time, you only need to bring your iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock, lock or start the vehicle. The main account can share up to 15 sets of permissions with family and friends, and set each user's permissions through the Apple Wallet account. New E-Class owners who love outdoor sports no longer have to worry about how to put a physical key under their lightweight sportswear. They only need to wear the Apple Watch that they already wear when exercising, and they can drive out directly with the key. It has also evolved with your usage needs.

The MBUX Superscreen wide-format screen is a highlight of the new E-Class. The large touch-sensitive glass screen extends from the center console to in front of the passenger seat, and is paired with a panoramic interior lighting bar that runs through the air-conditioning outlet shape to enhance the overall technological atmosphere of the cabin. At the same time, a large amount of suspended design vocabulary is used in the car, including the digital instrument panel in front of the driver, the central control screen and door handles, and the seat function control panel. It also provides a variety of trim materials and leather combinations, plus different colors, to create A unique and charming personal space.

空調設置上,相似於EQ 電動車系的冷氣出風口也暗藏玄機,選配THERMOTRONIC 豪華型多區恆溫空調,除了提供前後四區獨立控制的空調溫度外,還導入全新自動風向調整功能(Digital Vent Control),可根據MBUX 多媒體系統中的預設空調的四種設定,自動調整出風口方向,便搭載自動風向調整功能,系統仍同時支援手動調整風向,並自動記憶為下一次啟動車輛時的標準settings.

Strong | Safer to protect you

Safety, E-Class has always insisted on, Intelligent Drive smart driving assistance, often known as code name 23P, made its debut in the E-Class (W213) launched in the Taiwan market in 2016. In addition to fully optimizing the delicacy and accuracy of the driving assistance system, the new E-Class has also upgraded the DISTRONIC intelligent cruise control assist function with "30-second active start-stop delay assist", which can be used in stop-and-go urban driving. In the array, there is no need to constantly tap the accelerator to wake up the DISTRONIC intelligent speed and range assist function, making it easier and more convenient for car owners whose driving environment is mainly in urban areas.

The new design vocabulary offers three different appearance options that are both sporty and elegant.

You can even hear your breathing. With the help of optimized aerodynamic design and sound insulation technology, the new E-Class cabin has reached the ultimate in sound insulation, which will reduce wind noise when driving at high speeds. In terms of power, it uses a 2.0-liter direct-4 turbo engine, paired with a new generation 48V high-efficiency light gas-electric system (ISG), which provides a maximum output of 204 (+23) hp/320 Nm for the E 200 model and 258 (+ 23) The maximum output of hp/400 Nm shows the power performance with ease. Among them, the ISG 48V high-efficiency light oil-electric system ensures functions such as taxiing, boosting and kinetic energy recovery, achieving excellent energy-saving and fuel consumption performance. The engine equipped with this system starts very quickly and comfortably. For the driver, the Start/Stop function is not easy to detect whether the engine is shut down and coasting or the acceleration is started. Even at idle, the ISG 48V high-efficiency light oil-electric system and the engine maintain excellent and smooth operation. Finally, through the 9G-TRONIC nine-speed manual transmission, the power is smoothly and efficiently transmitted to the rear wheels, ensuring that the new E-Class has a smooth power performance in cruising mode, but it can also transfer the power when rapid acceleration is needed. Instant release.

Introducing personalized service routines (Routines) to make E-Class a considerate smart partner

What makes the E-Class capable is not only the excellent power unit settings, but also the optional technology packages, including the AIRMATIC air pressure suspension system and rear axle steering system (maximum 4.5°), which can not only steer the rear axle With the assistance of the system, it has a smaller turning radius and high-speed steering stability. The turning diameter is reduced from 11.6 meters to 10.8 meters, and the number of steering wheel turns will also be reduced, making control easier. The AIRMATIC air pressure suspension system can independently adjust the suspension settings of the four wheels, providing very delicate feedback; even at high speeds, the system will automatically lower 15mm to reduce air resistance and lower the center of gravity, improving driving stability.

The new headlight design, combined with the extremely illuminated water tank cover, makes the E-Class more recognizable at night.

Brothers born |And 200 Summer Synchronous stage

In addition to the elegance of the sedan version, the new E-Class Estate station wagon has a rearward extension through the C-pillar and a fastback-like design, adding a stronger sporty atmosphere and allowing the rear door to have better entry and exit space. Thanks to the 28mm increase in width and 22mm increase in the wheelbase of the new E-Class Estate, the elbow room and knee room of passengers have been optimized, making the overall ride space more comfortable and spacious. The luggage compartment can be equipped with a 4:2:4 seat tilting function to expand the storage space from 615 liters to 1,830 liters. The E-Class Estate combines the comfortable and large space of an SUV with the driving experience of a car with a low center of gravity, opening the door to enjoying life. More possibilities.

Today we surprisingly announced the station wagon E 200 Estate, which comes standard with the AMG Line package.

Paired with the new MBUX multimedia entertainment system, the entire journey will be accompanied by smart and thoughtful technology. The Burmester® 4D surround sound system, which is standard on the car series, can perfectly cooperate with the active surround interior lighting, allowing the already immersive surround sound effect to be created exclusively for the new E 200 through the stacking of visual presentations. The exclusive atmosphere of the Estate. If you choose the MBUX Superscreen wide screen, you will not only have an independently operated dedicated screen directly in front of the co-pilot, making it easier to control music and share it with everyone. If you experience motion sickness while touring mountains and rivers, you can use the new anti-motion sickness function provided by ENERGIZING to alleviate passenger discomfort. When you arrive at your destination, you can enjoy it with ease and peace of mind with the help of the digital key. Just synchronize the digital key to Apple Watch through Apple Wallet to open and close the vehicle. After a pleasant journey, park the car and activate the ENERGIZING advanced comfort package function. Through the system-set relaxing sound effects and visual images, plus dual front seats with massage functions, every trip is complete with the new E 200 Estate. The journey ended perfectly.

The dazzling star-shaped double-segment LED taillights connect the taillight groups on both sides through a bright black decorative panel.

For the new E-Class Estate wagon, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan has launched the E 200 Estate sports version as a single model, equipped with the AMG Line package as standard, with a recommended price starting from 3.19 million yuan. In order to meet more personalized needs, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan has simultaneously launched an exclusive luxury equipment package (PDC) and an exclusive luxury PLUS equipment package (PDD), allowing the new E 200 Estate to have more luxurious and advanced functions, such as a multi-beam smart digital head lights, active surround-view interior lighting, panoramic electric glass sunroof, head-up display, THERMOTRONIC luxury multi-zone constant temperature air conditioning (including automatic wind direction adjustment function) and avant-garde polar luminous water tank cover, etc.

Note 1: The MBUX multimedia system supports the functions of third-party applications, and the detailed software update schedule is expected to be announced in 2024.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan Quick Spec Sheet

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate simplified spec sheet

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