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With these 14 facts about the Mitsubishi Colt you will save every Christmas dinner -

The new Mitsubishi Colt is a Renault Clio with a different logo, but in previous generations it was actually other brands that were allowed to stick their logo on the Colt.

1. In 1962, the first Colt was launched in Japan as the Colt 600, a two-door sedan with the rear engine. This Colt is a great car, with a rear-mounted two-stroke 0.6-liter engine that produced 25 hp.

2. A year later, the Colt 1000 comes onto the market, a four-door sedan designed by Giovanni Michelotti (who also designed a number of Daf models).

3. Two years later, the Colt 800, a Fastback, appears. It is much more modern, with a water-cooled three-cylinder engine mounted at the front.


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4. Don't think that rebadging is a thing of the past; it's been happening since cars started driving around. In the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, the Mitsubishi Colt was launched in the US with Dodge, Plymouth and Eagle logos.

5. The courtship with the Renault Clio is not the first time the Colt name has been polished; The name also disappeared in 1971.

6. In 1978, the Colt name returned to Europe. In Japan it was called Mirage. The small and economical Colt was Mitsubishi's answer to the 1973 oil crisis.

7. This first 'new' Colt had an FF2 gearbox. The driver could switch between Power and Economy modes via a second gear lever, for more powerful performance or low consumption.

8. The second new-style Colt came in 1984 and was also available as a diesel for the first time.

9. Generation three (1989) was only available as a three-door, the five-door version was sold as a Lancer. As was the case in the late 1980s, all Colts had a regulated three-way catalytic converter.

10. The Japanese could order the fourth Colt from 1992 (still called Mirage there) with a 175 hp 1.6-liter V6; the smallest series-produced V6.

11. The car was only sold in Japan for the first time under the name Colt in 2002.

12. The last Colt for the 2023 'relaunch' was introduced in 2004 and together with the Smart Forfour built by Nedcar in Born. There was also a convertible version, the CZC. The Colt shared 40 percent of its parts with the Forfour.

13. The Colt Ralliart is famous, the racing machine with 150 hp was taken care of by the renowned rally department of Mitsubishi.

14. The Colt lasted longer in Limburg than the Smart: the Forfour last rolled off the production line in 2006, the Colt only in December 2012. Its successor was the Mitsubishi Space Starwhich is still available.

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