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With these 6 electric cars, Toyota will conquer a spot on your driveway -

Toyota proves that it does believe in electric cars by enriching the car world with six models before 2026. And we are talking about passenger cars with a battery – these six do not include hydrogen cars or commercial vehicles.

Is Toyota doing enough not to miss the electric boat? The Japanese themselves think so and proudly refer to the six electric cars that will appear in the Toyota showroom in the coming years. We discuss them one by one below.


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1. Toyota bZ4X (2022)

Does the Toyota bZ4X, the brand's first electric passenger car, also among the six EVs? Certainly. In the Netherlands, 800 have now been registered. Toyota itself is particularly pleased with the sales figures in Norway, where the electric SUV is in third place in its segment.

Thanks to the bZ4X, we know for sure that the 6 BEVs on the presentation slide below are not listed by date of introduction, but probably from smallest to largest.

2. Toyota Compact SUV Concept (202?)

Last year the Toyota Compact SUV Concept was unveiled, not to be confused with the Urban SUV Concept below. At its unveiling we wondered whether the Compact SUV would go through life as an electric Toyota C-HR, but that is not how it turned out. We wisely keep our mouths shut for now and wait until Toyota comes up with more news.

3. Toyota Urban SUV Concept (2024)

The Toyota Urban SUV Concept is now a study model of a new electric SUV that the Volvo EX30 to make life miserable. The production model will be presented in 2024 and we already know that the Urban SUV will be the smallest model in Toyota's range of battery-electric cars. And probably also the cheapest.

4. Toyota Sport Crossover Concept (2025)

The production version of the Toyota Sport Crossover Concept is planned for 2025. Design plays an important role, although Toyota also promises plenty of legroom and a large trunk. The Toyota seller will try to tempt SUV drivers to opt for this stylish alternative.

5. Toyota FT3e (2026)

Keep a close eye on this model. The Toyota FT3e is the starting signal for a completely new generation of battery-electric cars. Logically this becomes the Toyota's first EV with solid-state battery, the brand's long-awaited dream battery. This will help the electric SUV have an enormous range and lightning-fast charging times. And for your imagination: the FT3e is 17 cm longer and 14.5 cm wider than the Toyota bZ4X. We pencil the Toyota FT3e on the calendar for 2026.

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6. Another electric SUV (202?)

As you can see in the blue presentation slide, Toyota is not naming two electric SUVs. If one is the aforementioned FT3e, that leaves the Land Cruise Se. The 5.15 meter long, 1.99 meter wide and 1.70 meter high Land Cruiser Se is a precursor to a battery-electric Toyota Land Cruiser.

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