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With this trick (devised by BYD) your electric car charges twice as fast

The simplest solution is often the best. Take BYD for example. This Chinese car brand has come up with something that makes it possible to charge an electric car twice as fast. How?

The solution couldn't be simpler: you equip your electric car with two charging ports. That way you can be at two charging stations at the same time. It may sound like a joke, but the Chinese car brand BYD just does it with the BYD Denza 9, a fully electric luxury passenger bus.

The Denza 9 is equipped with an AC and DC charging connection at the rear right and a second DC charging port at the rear left (see the photo above this message, source: This would allow you to recharge 230 kilometers of range in just fifteen minutes, you can read

According to research, 71 percent of all fast chargers in China have a charging speed of less than 150 kW. The most common is 120 kW. But the BYD Denza 9 can easily handle a load capacity of 166 kW. Nice, but that is of little use if you can only charge with 120 kW.

Loading at maximum speed

Because of that lower payload, you stand still longer than you first thought. That didn't sit well with BYD either, so the Denza 9 is equipped with an extra charging port. It can be that simple! Because the two ports are connected in parallel, the power of both chargers is added together and the BYD charges at maximum speed.

Crazy about electric car tricks?

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The trick that BYD applies to its luxury passenger bus does not come out of the blue. The brand has already installed a double charging connection on its large passenger buses. But it is the first time that the dual-charge core technology finds its way to a passenger car. Well, kind of a passenger car then ...

China is lagging behind

Will we see the dual charging port on more electric cars? Probably not. It may sound crazy for a country that fires one electric car brand after another at us, but in terms of charging speeds, China is a little behind Europe. This is partly due to the old-fashioned Chademo plug that is still often used there. Europe fully supports the modern CCS port. But China is not standing still: there are plans for fast chargers that can handle a fast power of 480 kW.


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