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Witness the launch of TNCAP "First Crash"Taiwan New Car Safety Rating Crash Test

●The 13th NCAP evaluation organization in the world

●First crash model Toyota Corolla Cross

●Complete the crash rating of 8 models by the end of 2023

●Each model needs to purchase 4 vehicles for a total of 17 tests

In order to improve vehicle safety and reduce traffic accident casualties, the TNCAP (Taiwan New Car Assessment Program) Taiwan New Car Safety Rating Program, promoted by the Ministry of Transportation, after years of planning and preparation and spending more than 400 million yuan to build a consortium legal person vehicle safety inspection center After that, the first domestic vehicle crash test was finally performed at ARTC (Consortium Corporation Vehicle Research and Test Center) on October 27, and major media were invited to witness this important milestone in the domestic automotive industry. The vehicle tested for the first crash was the Toyota Corolla Cross, which was the top-selling vehicle in China last year. The rating results will be announced in the first quarter of next year.

After years of planning and preparation, the TNCAP Taiwan New Car Safety Rating Program, promoted by the Ministry of Transportation, finally performed the first domestic vehicle crash test at ARTC, and invited the media to witness this important milestone in the car industry.

In addition, according to the plan of the Ministry of Transportation, starting from the fourth quarter of this year, the impact test of two models will be carried out every quarter, and it is expected to complete the star rating of a total of 8 models by the end of next year, so as to provide consumers with a reference when purchasing a car. . The next list of vehicles to be tested is Toyota RAV4 (Q1 2023), Toyota Altis/Honda CR-V (Q2 2023), Ford Kuga/Focus (Q3 2023) and Nissan Kicks in order of sales volume. / Sentra (2023 Q4) and other models.

The vehicle tested for the first crash was the Toyota Corolla Cross, which sold the most in China last year. After that, RAV4, Altis, CR-V, Kuga, Focus, Kicks and Sentra will be on the field in sequence.

The 13th NCAP evaluation organization in the world

The so-called NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) is a new car safety assessment mechanism, just like the Euro NCAP that everyone is familiar with. At present, 12 NCAP assessment organizations have been established in the world, and Taiwan's TNCAP is the 13th. The main purpose of the setting is of course to provide consumers with safety information about new cars, and to use the test rating to urge car manufacturers to develop safer vehicles to protect the safety of occupants and pedestrians outside the car. At present, the organizational structure of Taiwan's TNCAP is entrusted by the Ministry of Transportation of the People's Republic of China (VSCC) as the executive agency, responsible for the overall operation and star rating, while the testing agency is handed over to the ARTC Vehicle Research and Testing Center. .

As for the selection principle of models tested by TNCAP, due to the limitation of test energy, the current planning principle is to select the top 8 models of the previous year from the domestic and imported sales rankings every year as the test samples of the year. This first collision was the main reason for the Toyota Corolla Cross to play. Other screening criteria also include new models that must be newly launched or remodeled on the market, and models that have been on the market for more than 2 years but have no plans to stop production in the near future. In addition, it is not limited to domestic or imported models, but only to passenger cars.

The Corolla Cross, which crashed for the first time this time, was tested with a frontal 40% area offset impact test at a speed of 64km/h, but it is expected that a complete report and score will be released in the first quarter of next year.
Judging from the damage to the body of the Corolla Cross at the scene, the A-pillars after the offset impact were not deformed and the cockpit was still intact. At the same time, the airbags in the car were also operating normally, so the research and judgment results should not be bad.

In addition, a very important point is that, in order to emphasize fairness and credibility, TNCAP's tested vehicles are not directly provided by car manufacturers (in order to prevent car manufacturers from creating special models for testing), but the government budgets to randomize the whole Taiwan. The selected dealers purchase, and the purchased model is the lowest-level "basic" model, and at the same time, four vehicles are purchased at a time to complete all the test items. Not only that, after the vehicle is purchased, it will be inspected by Taiwan's German company Luyin to check whether the vehicle conforms to the data provided by the car manufacturer. After the final confirmation, it will be sealed and sent to TNCAP for various tests.

Four categories, 17 inspection and test items

At present, the inspection system and rules of TNCAP are the same as those of NCAP in other regions. They are divided into four categories: "adult protection", "child protection", "pedestrian protection", and "safety assistance", and cover a total of 17 items of inspection. In the test, in addition to the impressive real-car crash test (front full-width impact/front offset impact/side impact/side pillar impact), it also includes emergency braking assist function, lane assist system and vehicle speed assist ADAS functions such as the system are all included, which means that if the tested car model is lacking in the ADAS area or the project is incomplete, it is difficult to get good results.

In terms of impact test, the tested vehicle will undergo four major impact test items including front full-width impact, front offset impact, side impact and side pillar impact.

Finally, after the vehicle has completed various tests and inspections, the obtained score report will also be announced on the exclusive TNCAP official website, including the information of the vehicle model tested (vehicle specifications/equipment), crash test video, model rating information, and overall star rating. Information such as rating results (star rating and scoring rate in the four major areas) and test result descriptions (crash test results presented by dolls of different colors in each part) allow the public to inquire online and use it as a safety reference when purchasing a car in accordance with.

The Vehicle Safety Center will also design a TNCAP star rating logo, including the rating year and star rating information, for the manufacturers or agents of the rated models to apply.
TNCAP pilot project


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