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Witnessed Honda's new "Fit RS" development car again! Summer and autumn launch hopes are great

table of contents
● Witnessed the Fit RS development car again
●Characteristics recognizable from the development car
●Will the listing wait until around summer to autumn?

Another sighting of the Fit RS development car

Image Courtesy: @nekotecR様/Twitter

On June 17, 2022, a test run on a road suspected to be the new Fit "RS" development car was photographed.

The car is different from the model seen in March this year, the body color is not black but white. But the part covering the camouflage mold is the same.

In the photo, camouflage models can be seen on the front bumper, side skirts, some side body panels, and around the windows. Although there is no exact information yet, it can be seen as adding changes to the current Fit design.

Features Recognized from Development Vehicles

Current Fit Modulo X

The rearview mirror of the development car looks black, and it is speculated that it should be the same as the Modulo X, regardless of the body color, the rearview mirror is designed to be black. The roof and body colors in the current photos are the same, but there may also be two-color options like the Crossstar.

Current Fit e:HEV Crosstar

In addition, as mentioned earlier, the opening below the front bumper of the current model is a trapezoid with a longer bottom edge, which shows that the front bumper of the development car is a new design.

Will it be on the market until around summer to autumn?

It is speculated that the Fit RS will not debut until the summer and fall of 2022.

Based on current information, it is uncertain whether manual platoon specifications will be set. If the car is designed with emphasis on handling performance, I very much hope that it can be shot in row specifications. As soon as there is new information in the future, I will let you know.

In July this year, the company will launch the "Civic hatchback e:HEV", the "Civic Type R" around the fall, and the next-generation SUV "ZR-V (HR-V in North America)" in winter.

Many models went out of production last year, which is why their future reversal offensive is all the more remarkable.

Original source:Honda scoops the development vehicle of the new "Fit RS" again!Expectations are rising for summer and autumn releases
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