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WSD Wine Awards and Living MarketHundreds of People Blind Drinking Professional Gate Online Shopping Guide

The spirit of the double gold award is to obtain the greatest common divisor between professionals and consumers. If both the consumer group and the professional group win gold medals, it must be a wine that is "rewarded by both refined and popular"!

The "WSD Wine Awards" organized by "WSD Wine News Magazine" has entered its 7th year this year. This year, more than 100 consumers and professionals were invited to drink blindly, and they selected the double gold, gold, silver and bronze awards. , selected the 2022 "Wine News Magazine Evaluation. Top Ten Wines of the Year", hoping to screen out the wines worthy of priority tasting for Taiwan consumers through strict control and evaluation!

For many wine lovers, wine may be the "most wanted but most difficult to understand" alcoholic beverage. And lowering the wine selection threshold for wine lovers is exactly the purpose of the "WSD Wine Awards". Under the severe epidemic environment, this time, together with the new e-commerce platform "Life Market", we set up the WSD Wine Awards section to collect many award-winning wines that are not easy to buy this year, and solve the problems of consumers' wine selection and purchase at one time.

In 2022, there are nearly 200 types of wines registered for the "WSD Wine Awards".

Professional check YesReal gold is not afraid of fire!

Since the first edition of the "WSD Wine Awards", the ultimate goal has been set, which is to continuously discover wines that experts and consumers can agree on. Therefore, "WSD Wine News Magazine" took the lead in introducing consumers' blind drinking reviews. In view of the "WSD Wine Awards" Wine Awards" competition system. This world-first selection method is a combination of respecting professionalism and listening to the market.

In 2022, there are nearly 200 types of wines registered for the "WSD Wine Awards", among which static red and white wines are the largest, followed by sparkling wines and dessert wines. The highest award, "Top Ten Wines of the Year", is selected from the double gold, gold, silver and bronze medals of the "WSD Wine Awards", and there are only 10 places in a year. However, the "Golden Content" of the "WSD Wine Awards" Double Gold Award has not been reduced because of the different focus of the two, and the purpose is to provide reference values ​​for different aspects.

In addition to senior sommeliers from five-star hotels, sommeliers who returned to Taiwan from well-known high-end restaurants in France will join the judges of this year's "WSD Wine Awards" professional group. In order to make the members of the professional group more diverse, This time, well-known wine lecturers and store managers were also invited to participate, and they used their expertise and taste buds to check the selection.

Former sommelier of the Silver Tower restaurant in Paris, France - Lin Fengzhou.
Mandarin Oriental Sommelier - Yao Ziyou.
More than 100 consumers strictly check and evaluate.

Online Zone A buying guide for wine lovers

The opportunity for the joint cooperation between WSD Wine Awards and Life Market is that the founders of both parties have the same philosophy. It is to use an innovative model and follow the policy of not selling alcohol to minors to find a complete and specific solution.

In the two-week theme area on the Life Market e-commerce platform, we collected nearly 40 "WSD Wine Awards" winning wines, and the following discounts are 20% off for promotion, and the Life Market also offered 3% of the life currency back. Offers, hoping to serve a wider range of consumers.

There are many TOP10 wines on the shelves this time. One of them is a non-Burgundy Pinot Noir, a fine wine from the Bremer Estate Grand Cru Pinot from the Pfalz region of Germany. Place name village. Sommelier Yao Ziyou of Mandarin Oriental commented: "A very high-quality Pinot Noir red wine, elegant berry aroma, with faint floral and delicate minerality, just the right acidity and tannin, balanced with fruity aroma And delicious taste.”

The French Bordeaux wine that costs less than 1,000 yuan, the French wine of the middle-class winery of Meir, has both the sandy gravel soil of the Haute Meiyi area and the terroir characteristics of the deep gravel soil of the Margaux area. Lin Fengzhou, the former sommelier of the Silver Tower restaurant in Paris, shared: "The third layer of aroma is dominant, and the complex aroma of clove, asparagus, leather, vanilla, bread, mint, etc. emerges when smelling. Medium-bodied, sweet and fruity. Slightly woody and spicy, with fine tannins and delicious acidity.”

Details of WSD Wine Awards:

Life Market WSD Wine Awards:


"Double Gold Award" selection method

The spirit of the "WSD Wine Awards" Double Gold Award is to obtain the greatest common denominator between professionals and consumers. Ordinary wine beginners usually reject the "acidity" and "tannin" in wine. However, in the good wine recognized by experts, these two play an indispensable role, which also forms the relationship between consumers and consumers. Gap between professionals. However, if there is a wine that can be highly recognized by both, and wins gold medals in both the consumer group and the professional group, it must be a wine that is "appreciated by both refined and popular"!

The selection method of "Top Ten Wines of the Year"

As for the "Top Ten Wines of the Year" released in each final evaluation, in addition to obtaining the collective endorsement of the taste buds of experts and consumers, four purchasing decision indicators must be considered: "recommended price", "accessibility (channel)" Breadth)", "Brand Recognition" and "Importer Goodwill", get enough weighted points to stand out! This is an advanced evaluation that incorporates procurement practice elements, that is to say: the selected wines should not only taste good, but also be easily available in the market!

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