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Xu Anhua has been waiting for 36 years to realize his dream "The First Incense" for the first time in cooperation with international soundtrack master Ryuichi Sakamoto Ailes' classic adaptation of "The First Incense", which was praised by Ryuichi Sakamoto "I like this story very much"!

Eddie Peng also recognizes the role of Qiao Qiqiao as a philanderer

Eddie Peng analyzes the characteristics of scumbags Looking for resonance

Adapted from Eileen Chang's famous work, directed by Xu Anhua, the first Chinese female director of the Golden Lion Award in film history, and co-starring Ma Sichun, Eddie Peng, Zhang Junning, Fan Wei, Liang Luoshi, Zhang Jianing, Yin Fang, Qin Pei, and Bai Bing, the Golden Horse Movie Queen, a love epic that cost hundreds of millions to create The masterpiece "First Incense" will be released in Taiwan on January 14! The production team of the movie "The First Incense" has assembled the top fantasy lineup in the film industry, including music producer Ryuichi Sakamoto, costume and styling designer Emi Wada, director of photography Du Kefeng, recording Du Duzhi, artist Zhao Hai, and editor Kuang Zhiliang. The official trailer is exposed. It has attracted many fans to look forward to it. It is worth mentioning that this cooperation with world-class music master Ryuichi Sakamoto has fulfilled director Xu Anhua's long-standing desire to "chasing stars". After watching the movie, Ryuichi Sakamoto immediately agreed to cooperate and said, "I like this story very much." Inspired by an endless stream of creative inspiration, the unique soundtrack makes the movie atmosphere more charming. It is also based on the love for the movie "The First Incense" and the recognition of director Xu Anhua's creative concept that make this incredible gold The team gathered together to promote a rare century-long cooperation in film history.

Peng Yuyan is romantic after being famous

Director Xu Anhua talked about his creative motivation. First of all, he hoped to depict the degenerate relationship network of the upper class, and nakedly expose the group portraits of desires in the tropical past. Everyone's interests and emotional relationships are implicated, and everyone is actually this network. The protagonists in it, from the art scene, the weather, and the environment, all created the atmosphere of that world at that time, as if they had traveled to Hong Kong in the last century through two hours. Peng Yuyan, who plays the role of "The Scumbag of the Century" Qiao Qiqiao, is also the key to the erotic network in the film. When asked about the connotation of this role, Peng Yuyan thought that Qiao Qiqiao grew up in a rich environment, He is a half-blooded child, with the image of a big and young girl, and girls like him very much. Everyone knows that the relationship between Qiao Qiqiao and Ge Weilong is a lie, and even frankly, how to achieve a resonance with Qiao Qiqiao outside the play is a difficult task. Leave a note on the work: "This actor plays this role, and this role is in this game, and he is more involved than anyone else." It attracted many "Mrs. Peng" heartfelt praise, and directly praised that this role must be his.

"First Incense" Official Trailer:

The director of the movie "The First Incense" Xu Anhua personally invited master Ryuichi Sakamoto to participate in the new work
It took 36 years for director Xu Anhua of the movie "The First Incense" to collaborate with Ryuichi Sakamoto for the first time

Xu Anhua personally invited world-class music master Ryuichi Sakamoto! "The First Incense" soundtrack hides love and hatred

Ryuichi Sakamoto, Japan's most internationally influential soundtrack master, has won numerous awards in his creative career. He has won the Best Original Music Award at the 60th Academy Awards, the BAFTA Award for Best Soundtrack, and the Best Film Category at the two Golden Globe Awards. Film Score Award, Lifetime Achievement Award of World Film Original Sound Society, Asian Film Award for Best Original Music and other heavyweight awards, and was awarded the Order of Officer of the French Order of Arts and Letters. Ryuichi Sakamoto is deeply loved by Taiwanese movie fans. In addition to his musical works, his performances in the classic movies "The Last Emperor" and "Captive" have won numerous awards and box office success. Hong Kong director Xu Anhua admitted frankly that he has always had the desire to cooperate with "idol" Ryuichi Sakamoto. As early as 1983, after meeting Ryuichi Sakamoto in Cannes, he wanted to find him as an actor in his own film, but Ryuichi Sakamoto euphemistically expressed the past The works are only cameo in nature, I just want to be a musician, and I didn't get in touch again until "The First Incense". 36 years later, Xu Anhua, who is already a hall-level director, in order to facilitate this cooperation, she personally went to Tokyo to meet with Ryuichi Sakamoto, and was recognized by Ryuichi Sakamoto for his pair of films. In the end, it went beyond Xu Anhua's original imagination and completed the group delicately. The soundtrack uses piano and string music to play a melancholy melody, and there is a progressive meaning in the cycle. The music with a strong narrative sense and the changing and turning of the characters' fate cooperate with each other, successfully creating a luxurious life that is intoxicated with money, and at the same time it is desolate and lonely. The tunes of the show are in contrast, showing the empty and lonely inner world of each character, and the expectation index of Taiwanese audiences continues to rise. The movie "First Incense" will be released in Taiwan on January 14.

Yu Feihong and Qin Pei have a complex relationship with mutual interests and collusion
Eddie Peng dances with his father's concubine

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