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You can afford this crazy electric Honda -

Honda is lagging behind with electric cars, but this crazy electric scooter is way ahead of its time. Meet the Motocompacto.

Japanese brands and electric cars: the combination has been anything but happy so far. Honda in particular bakes them brown. It came in 2020 with the Honda e, which won everyone over with its appearance. But the range of the Honda e was sad. If you drive constantly at 130 km/h, you will only get 111 kilometers. And the price was so high that no one wanted it. With the Honda e:Ny1 Honda makes another attempt, but at 48,750 euros it is so expensive that it does not even qualify for a SEPP subsidy.

Motocompacto: a special electric Honda

What the Japanese are very good at is technical engineering. This crazy (and progressive) electric scooter also comes from Honda. It's the Motocompacto. If you look through your eyelashes, it looks like a router with a handlebar and a saddle.

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Maybe the name Motocompacto rings a bell if you like silly Honda toys. In the eighties, Honda also had a scooter in its range, the Motocompo. That was a small folding motorcycle. You could easily stuff it into the back of the luggage compartment of your brand new Honda Shuttle or Honda Jazz. The Motocompo was not electric, but had a two-stroke engine.

We call the Honda Jazz not without reason (in America the first generation was called City), because the luggage compartment of this competitor of the Peugeot 205 was designed to accommodate the Motocompo. And not the other way around. Sounds strange, but the idea behind the motorcycle was actually very progressive: you rode your Honda Jazz to the edge of the city and could continue the last few kilometers on your motorcycle in busy city traffic. Last mile solution, it's called an ugly marketing term. But it is exactly what cities are doing these days to keep cars out of crowded city centers. Honda was forty years ahead of its time with the Motocompo!

Honda Motocompact (2023) specs

There was one problem, the Motocompo weighed no less than 45 kilos. Lift it from the luggage compartment of your car with an elegant wave and without back pain. The 2023 Motocompact does this much better. Thanks to an aluminum frame, it weighs just over 20 kilos and has a 0.5 kW motor and a XXS battery of 6.8 Ah. The dimensions are also mini: it is almost 75 centimeters long, almost 55 centimeters high and (when folded) not even 10 centimeters wide. And it also has a handy handle at the top.

Range Honda Motocompacto

Honda specifies a top speed of 24 km/h and a range of 19 kilometers for the electric Motocompact. Charging at a regular socket takes 3.5 hours. You control the lighting via an app, which is connected to the scooter via Bluetooth. The big question is: will he come to the Netherlands and Belgium? Unfortunately not for the time being. In the United States, the Honda Motocompacto will be for sale from November 2023 for the equivalent of around 1,000 euros.

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