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"Youth 唔" cheated by Yan Dao's statement refuted the investor's slap in the face: "If you dare to delete it, you will blow it up"

Figure ▲ ▼/Provided by Xu Youpeng and Lin Chaozong

Since the release of the movie "Youth", the box office in Taiwan has exceeded3000Wan, the director of the film, Yan Zhengguo, was sued by investor Xu Youpeng and others for breach of trust and fraud due to the account turmoil. (25) issued a statement on his Facebook fan page today, emphasizing that the allegations are "false" and have caused damage to his reputation and that of the company. As soon as the statement came out, Lin Chaozong, one of the investors, immediately slapped his face on the Facebook statement, emphasizing that the accounts were unclear and could not be explained, and that there were two contracts (contracts) in one play, which were represented by the company and individuals, respectively, with different investments. signer?

Xu Youpeng and Lin Chaozong themselves told reporters that the investment amount would be changed from NTD5000million to2500Wan, it was originally Yan Zhengguo's promise to have well-known actors such as Gao Jie, Wang Shixian and Tai Bao to join. Later, because the relevant actors could not participate in the film performance, the shareholders would decide that because the actors' expenses were reduced, the relevant investment costs should be reduced. After Yan Zhengguo's verbal discussion is correct, the investment amount will finally be reduced to2500Ten thousand. Lin Chaozong pointed out that there are many other expenses (including some publicity) during the filming process, all of which are privately held by the investors, so he highly doubts that there is no need to spend too much money, and the shareholders have the right to review the accounts. Public accounts for shareholders to understand, is this clearly a ghost?

According to the information provided by Xu Youpeng and Lin Chaozong, the original contract investment amount is indeed NTD500010,000, the actual adjustment is2500Ten thousand. In addition, the petition letter from Kaohsiung investor Mr. A also mentioned that the investment amount for one play and two contracts (A

The contract amount of Mr. is converted into NTD7000Wan, and signed the contract in the name of Yan Zhengguo) and feel puzzled by the inconsistency with the contracted object? I also received a response from Yan Zhengguo about whether the account could be audited. The film has not been released yet, so I am puzzled that the account cannot be explained? Therefore, I learned that Xu Youpeng, Lin Chaozong and others were also investors, and they were also unable to obtain the account statement, so I joined the joint filing, hoping to obtain the relevant account information statement as soon as possible, and hope that the police investigation can be revealed as soon as possible, and give everyone a justice. Xu Youpeng and Lin Chaozong re-emphasized that the review of accounting expenses is the right of shareholders according to the contract. No matter whether the film makes money or not, investment is inherently risky. This is acceptable, but the fact that the accounts cannot be checked, In desperation, it was forced to execute judicially, hoping to give investors the correct result.Lin ChaozongI also hope that if other investors have the same troubles, please send him a private messageFacebookconnect.

The film Juvenile Yan takes the rehabilitated people as the starting point, and examines the society's attitude towards the rehabilitated people. Should it also evolve with the evolution of the times? In addition to whether the box office is good or not, it may be worth paying attention to. Yan Zhengguo directed and acted as a rehabilitated person, which should have brought more positive role models to the society. Now the film is still being released, and disputes with investors broke out and hit hard The original intention of the film was fulfilled, and it also made the audience look at the flowers in a fog, blurring the focus on the issue of regeneration.


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