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yoxi delivered outstanding results on its first anniversary, and completed all six capitals in Taiwan at the end of the year!

Yoxi will enter Tainan before the end of the year and will officially station in Liudu throughout Taiwan

In 2020, in response to the global transportation development "Mobility as a Service" (MaaS) trend, Hotai Motors launched the "yoxi Ride Dispatch Service", which has served 700,000 users and 5 million trips in the year since its establishment. With more than 3,000 drivers, it will enter Tainan before the end of the year and will officially station in Liudu, Taiwan. Yoxi not only provides the most complete care for drivers, but also creates the most reliable mobile partner in the city for passengers.

In order to meet the needs of taxi drivers, yoxi not only provides TOYOTA original after-sales service discounts, but also offers gas, telecommunications and other discounts, as well as free legal services. In April 2021, each fleet announced that it will fully absorb the bank credit card fees originally paid by the drivers. In addition, in order to reduce the impact of the epidemic on drivers, assist drivers in insuring anti-epidemic insurance, providing free anti-epidemic materials, interest-free loans, reduction or exemption of monthly rental fees, and anti-epidemic reserve incentives, etc., to tide over the difficulties together with drivers.

In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic on drivers, yoxi provides a number of discounts and services to overcome difficulties with drivers

yoxi has always been committed to providing passengers with the most comfortable, secure, and professional ride services. In addition to providing limited ride-hailing fees, trips to draw millions of cars and other activities, yoxi also allows more consumers to experience yoxi's high-quality services through cross-industry cooperation; for example, yoxi This year was invited to be the designated feeder team for the 110th New Taipei National Games, serving as the feeder team for the heads of counties and cities, and the competition committee members. At the same time, it provides players with exclusive ride-hailing fees. Through professional team services, they become their best support. .

From 11/19 to 12/30, take the yoxi trip to get iPhone 13, free rides and more than one million gifts worth more than one million

In addition, in order to promote the transformation of digital services, the Hetai Group launched the Hetai co-branded card in October this year. In order to reward yoxi passengers, the Hetai Pay is bound to the Hetai co-branded card to pay for yoxi fares. The maximum return is 6% Hetai Points, allowing passengers to pay It’s easy to get tired every time!

Celebrating the wonderful first anniversary of the journey, yoxi generously offered strong awards to give back to passengers. Take the yoxi trip from 11/19 to 12/30 to get more than one million gifts worth more than one million such as iPhone 13, ride-hailing money, etc., accumulate referral friends to register yoxi, give Apple Watch S7 again, please grasp it for a limited time!

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