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Zhou Liangchen's strength returned, leading the team to complete the Grand Slam 

"Zhou Liangchen (middle) led the team members Liang Jiahao (right) and Shen Yuru (left) to jointly win the championship trophies in the three groups of the championship"[Photo source: KS POWER Chiteng International]

[China Racing Club News]Since the 2017 TAGC Taiwan Car Golden Cana Championship was launched, Zhou Liangchen, the youngest national coach, not only won three trials in 2017, but also successfully brought back the trophy of the AAGC Asian Car Golden Cana Championship. Taiwan, won the AAGC individual championship trophy in front of Taiwanese folks in 2018, and won the TAGC annual championship in 2018 and 2019. After missing the three consecutive championships by a small margin in 2020, the entire 2021 fell into a low ebb, with all four races in the year. Instead of reaching the semi-finals, Liang Jiahao, a rookie who has grown up in the team, began to show his general style and made a breakthrough in Group B. Since Zhou Liangchen won the championship on July 19, 2020, it has gone through more than 500 days. , Zhou Liangchen finally stood on the championship throne of Group A again in the second stop on June 19 this year. At the same time, Liang Jiahao and Shen Yuru in his team also won the championship trophies of Group B and Group L respectively. Zhang Yaoting won the third place in the group. Trophies, the achievement of the team's Grand Slam.

Although Zhou Liangchen's performance in the past two years was not satisfactory, he still did not give up every opportunity to practice. He often took his teammates to find a way to practice driving. From the progress of his teammates, it can be seen that the entire team has an interest in improving technology. There is a high degree of consensus. During this period, the size of the team has continued to grow, leading newcomers to participate together. Now Liang Jiahao, Zhang Yaoting and Shen Yuru are already drivers in their competition groups that should not be underestimated. Perhaps they have completed building a good foundation for their teammates. In the stage task, Zhou Liangchen's performance in this station was quite stable, and he entered the PK final with the second place in the group.

In the first round, Zhou Liangchen easily defeated Lian Weisheng with his best score of 42.042 seconds to advance to the next round. In the second round, he faced a strong opponent Liao Junhao. The results of the two were very close. In the end, Zhou Liangchen took the lead with a slight gap of 0.351 seconds. Entering the championship, Lin Junda, who was ranked first in the championship, was the first to score 43.072 seconds in the championship. Lin Junda, who had the best time of 44.144 seconds in the first two rounds, was under pressure. Yes, but in the middle of the run, there was a situation where the route memory was confused. It can be seen that Zhou Liangchen's performance this time put a lot of pressure on the opponent. In the end, due to Lin Junda's mistake, Zhou Liangchen won the long-awaited championship trophy. , while Lin Junda and Zeng Kunyao won second and third respectively.

"Zhou Liangchen showed stable and smooth control and won the championship of Group A"

"Zhou Liangchen showed stable and smooth control and won the championship of Group A"

For the group B of the championship, Liang Jiahao, who is now almost the king of group B, has no accident and entered the PK finals with the first place in the group. He enjoys the advantage of the first round bye. You can familiarize yourself with the route first, and then face the record holder of this year's challenge in the second round. Xu Yuyao, it can be said that it was a very difficult battle. Liang Jiahao took the lead in making a score of 45.945 seconds. Xu Yuyao immediately responded with a score of 45.435 seconds. Unfortunately, he knocked down three cones and let Liang Jiahao pass the threshold. In the final championship game, he met Xu Yuyao. It was also Wang Qiwei who participated in the championship for the first time. Liang Jiahao ran the best 44.505 seconds in Group B and won the final championship. Wang Qiwei and Zhang Yaoting won the second and third place.

In Group L of the trophy, Shen Yuru also entered the PK finals with the first place in the group, enjoying the advantage of going straight to the semi-finals in the first round bye. In the semi-finals, they encountered Huang Yurong, who switched from staff to drivers for the first time this year, although he was punished for accidentally hitting the cone. Seconds, but Huang Yurong's route was wrong and the victory was directly surrendered. In the championship game, they met the champion Chen Yiqian of the previous stop. The results of the two were quite close. Shen Yuru finally won the championship with a gap of 0.941 seconds.

For the doubles championship, the number of teams registered this time is quite large, and there are also many combinations that are matched for the first time. In the end, Wang Yusheng and Lin Junda won the doubles championship. For the team championship, Wang Yusheng, who has been reduced to participating in racing activities due to his master's degree this year, especially took time to participate in activities with his good friends. In addition to winning the doubles championship, he also teamed up with teammates Wei Mingqing and Liao Guocheng to win the team. The champion of the trophy is the double champion of this field.

Huang Yurong (front car) and Wu Yiru (rear car), the two mother drivers, drove directly to the nanny car that usually picks up their children and left the race.

This site was originally scheduled to be held at the end of May, but it was postponed due to the epidemic. Although there were not many people who signed up, the competition on the site was still fierce and the atmosphere was still lively. There are many challenge racers taking the initiative to sign up for the challenge doubles competition, and they will experience different fun in the end. At the event, there is also a simulator machine for e-sports Jinkana for the drivers and their relatives and friends to experience. At the same time, you can also Participate in the audition through the simulator machine, and strive for the qualifications for the audition final in July. If the friends left in the audition final, can participate in the selection of the MSG Racing World Games Jinkana representation, the same championship drivers will also be The annual points accumulated to the third stop in July will be used to determine who is eligible to participate in the trials and compete for the place of representation. The third stop is expected to be held on July 24, and the excitement is highly anticipated.

"Championship test time and ranking without grouping champion Lin Junda, runner-up Zhou Liangchen, third runner-up Cai Dianyang"
"Individual Championship L Group Champion Shen Yuru, runner-up Chen Yiqian, third runner-up Huang Yurong"


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