Test: First review Jaguar XE P300 AWD - 2019

The Jaguar XE has undergone a major update. That could use the car well. But has Jaguar also invested enough to get the car at the level of the new BMW 3 series and renewed Audi A4? We went on a path with the top Model: the P300 AWD SE in R-Dynamic outfit.

What is striking about the renewed Jaguar XE?

You have to look good to see what has changed to the appearance of the Jaguar XE. A front bumper with larger air holes, headlights with a different stake and Taillight with a custom LED strip are subtle landmarks of the renewed XE. Especially the interior of the Jaguar XE has gone a lot ahead; Exactly where the upgrade was most necessary. The quality has progressed, the materials are more beautiful and the whole is screwed together with more love for detail. The renewed Jaguar XE benefits from modern technology that we now know from Range Rover Evoque and Velar. For instance, all sorts of functions are now controlled via the dual touch screen in the center console, and climate control in combination with the seat heating and ventilation (if applicable) via the multifunction rotary knobs positioned between them . Of course, the Toolbox is now fully digital and multifunctional.

What's good about the Jaguar X E?

In the first place, the renewed Jaguar XE is a very nice car. In a good color and with the right wheels (our test car stood on dark grey 20-inch ten spoke wheels) everyone will be able to appreciate your good taste. The interior is also very nice, although the build quality does not reach the level of e.g. the Audi A4. In the test car the dashboard hung somewhat crooked. About the 300 hp strong two litre TwinTurbo Vierciinder Ingenium engine Nothing but praise, in performance area. Despite the high specific power of over 150 horsepower per litre of cylinder capacity, the engine picks up extremely smoothly and takes you to the hundred in no time. That mum amounts to be exactly 5.7 seconds. The eight-stage automat divides all forces over all four wheels, even if the front wheels are only involved in emergencies. Thanks to the adaptive shock absorbers, the XE's road position is a successful mix between comfort and sportsmanship, even though there is a lot of movement in the car in bumpy curves. The Jaguar XE P300 AWD manages to closely involve its driver with itself (Jaguar-typical) light but fine-grained control.

What could be better about the Jaguar XE?

One major flaw has not been able to polish Jaguar with the XE facelift, which is the lack of interior space. It's dashboard is of the glutous kind, which makes the entry tight. When a lot of legroom is claimed by the driver and the co-driver, seat is in the back seat as a Houdini-act: There are certainly larger midgraders than the Jaguar XE. Another pain point, or very personal, is the seating comfort. With certain physical length ratios, you feel a thickening in the backrest right under your shoulder blades. His presence becomes annoying in the long run. Despite all the adjustments in sitting posture, seat position and lumbar support positions, we came up with a nagging muscle pain in the back behind the wheel. Ergo: This does not necessarily apply to everyone! Maybe you are very nice in the chair, because he has a filling of a pleasant filling and the side cheeks are precise to adjust your physique.

When does the Jaguar X E and what goes-ie cost?

The renewed Jaguar XE is now with the dealers. It comes in two gasoline versions-with 250 and 300 hp-and in one diesel version with 180 hp. The price list starts at 64.015,88 American dollar, with which the XE competes with the more powerful versions of the BMW 3 series, Audi A4 and Volvo S60. The P300 with four-wheel drive is for sale from 74.380,25 American dollar, but implemented as SE Dynamic-R and equipped with a whole load of nice options, our test car costs 101.059,86 American dollar.

What do I think of the renewed Jaguar XE?

All the improvements Jaguar has made to the XE have lifted the car to a higher altitude. The upgrade was welcome in every way. Even though the XE has been around since 2014, you certainly don't feel like sitting in a somewhat older model. The Jaguar XE appeals to me in many respects. But unfortunately I have experienced the car as a nice sweater that is too small for me. Because of the specific shape of the chair and the physical discomfort associated with it (again: this is very personal!) The car is not on my body despite his many talents.

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