Toyota Supra 3.0T Premium - Review and Test Drive - Video

Although the new generation BMW Z4 was launched in Taiwan as early as May this year, we have been slow to have a chance to test drive, but rather in the Taichung Libao circuit to experience the blood-related twin car Toyota Supra. Supra, which comes from the same production line, has its own style opened up? Toyota Supra 3.0T Premium.

In the years when suvs age, in addition to the traditional sedan four-door RV sales have been directly affected, even the emphasis on driving fun two-seater sports cars, the degree of scenery is no more than in the 1990s. Toyota Supra, which was well received by players at the time and is known as the "King of the Bull", is no match for the wave of travel, and the fourth-generation model has not been followed by a model since it was discontinued in 2002.

Can only say that the car factory is not a charity after all, to build a new car is bound to pick a profitable car, but if in order to play the image card and have to promote the new car, reduce costs is absolutely the first priority. The same problem as Supra is the BMW Z4 as far away as Europe. So about seven years ago, Toyota and BMW began working together to find a way to survive their signature sports cars, and the result was the next generation of Supra that we saw in front of us.

  • Suggested selling price: $2.48 million
  • Average fuel consumption: 13.7km/L
  • Time to Market: 2019/09
  • Original warranty - 4 years 120,000 km
  • Delights - The cheapest of the same class The regret of the beads , the fine texture and the space for progress

The car's small momentum does not diminish

Perhaps in your mind, the old Supra doesn't look that mini. Indeed, the new Supra is 13 cm short in length and 8 cm short in wheelbase, only 4380x1865x1290mm in length and width, and 2470mm, positioned as a standard two-seater hard-top sports car. Although everyone understands that it and the Z4 use the same chassis and powertrain, the Appearance Of the Supra is completely completely preserved in the East End flavor. Double row three-eye LED headlight style, continue the old Supra's multi-head lamp shape, and exaggerated exasperation of the former air protection kit, it is difficult to make people and blood relationship with the Z4 has some association, but Supra front protection on both sides, the lower edge of the door and other seemingly should be the air flow hole groove part of the closed, and no actual air guidance effect effect is a more regrettable place. Coming to the rear, we think the Supra looks more scented from the back, with a towering duck-tailed rear cover that, in addition to increasing the downforce of the car, also creates a unique silhouette of the car. Perhaps based on past experience, such maverick lines often do not stand the test of time, but the momentum of the first to win people, in Supra is obvious to all.

The dual-arc roof retains plenty of head space and takes into account wind resistance, just like the classic sports car 2000 GT.

Standard with a two-row three-eye LED headlights, the upper row for the low beam group, the other direction lamp integrated into the LED daylight, after starting the light strip will turn orange.

Whether 2.0 or 3.0 liters, the Premium modelcomes come standard with the Brembo four-piston front caliper and 19-inch forged aluminum ring.

The rear of the car uses a faux F1-style undercurrent lighting design, combined with the rear fog light and reversing light in which.

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Mixed-race interior features (Toyota Supra 3.0T Premium)

Open the door, familiar with BMW readers should immediately find that there are many familiar "scenes" in the car, including the knob button slot steam on the saddle, air conditioning and sound panels, and even the fast-dial button on the steering wheel, are also from BMW. After all, however, Toyota is also a big factory, even by the limitations of many hardware sharing, designers can still wave, to join the cabin atmosphere belonging to Toyota. The 8.8-inch screen used in the driving instrument, the spindle is the tachometer, the speed display is located in the left half, to emphasize the competitive orientation of the car, in addition to the TSS advanced driving assistance system (including full-speed area ACC, automatic brake, lane offset assistance, blind spot detection, automatic far light and road sign identification), It can also be displayed on this screen. As for the central 8.8-inch touch screen, although the same control knobs used as the BMW iDrive, the display interface is still self-developed by Toyota and is fairly easy to use. At present, the domestic Supra composition of three - 2.0T, 2.0T Premium and 3.0T Premium, of which the most entry 2.0T pick-up single import, the main selling models for the latter two. There is little difference between the two, the same 19-inch aluminum ring, front Brembo caliper and JBL sound into the standard, but the 2.0T rear view mirror is bright black shell, 3.0T is fog black, thus distinguishing the difference between the two cars. In addition, the Premium model can also choose the interior color, with all black and black red two-color matching, with a large area of saddle carbon fiber trim, competitive feeling is not under the words.

The control table is paved with horizontal lines on the air outlet to do the spindle, to create a sense of visual openness, the actual seat is not at all in the air.

Both seats are equipped with an electric adjustment mechanism, and the waist and side width can also be adjusted, the cladding is excellent.

The 8.8-inch digital meter is easy to interpret and comes standard with a head-up display for better use when turning on ADAS or navigation.

The central screen is 8.8 inches and also supports touch operation.

The bend is my home. (Toyota Supra 3.0T Premium)

The Supra we tested at the Lippo circuit, with a full 3.0-litre top-up version, a BMW B58 straight six-petrol turbo engine with a 340hp maximum horsepower and 51kgm output, 4.3 seconds of accelerated performance, giving a very full re-acceleration at each bend.

The driving mode of this car has two options, Normal and Sport, can be adjusted for throttle reaction, exhaust sound waves, transmission logic, steering wheel auxiliary power track, suspension damping and rear axle electronic LSD, and drivers can also make personalized settings in Sport mode, convenient for ready-to-use. In just three laps of track experience, frankly we haven't touched Supra's temper, except because the time is really too short, and its 50:50 front and back counterweight design, as well as low center of gravity, short wheelbase and wide wheelbase features, have extremely low and precise steering characteristics in the bend, which means you can bend faster than expected. , but the body remains stable. More attention should be paid to the throttle control when the bend, if the steering wheel has not returned to the excessive oil, but will trigger the track ingress system and let the power is limited, affecting the smoothness of re-acceleration. In addition, you don't have to worry too much about supra driving fast, but I believe that the most suitable venue for this car, should be similar to the five-fingered mountain or Yangjin Highway with slope and continuous bending points of the road section, so that the characteristics of this car show up.

The BMW 3.0-litre straight six-engine, codenamed B58, is well-known.

Saddle design is very BMW, please note that the Sport button area is very large, blind control is not a problem.

The rear luggage compartment has 290 litres, more than enough to fit in a set of golf balls.

The super-featured rear design, GR is abbreviated to Gazoo Racing and is in the Toyota Racing division.

Test drive heart - Promise Wenwu's small sports car

Although we abandoned Supra's driving mode only two leg adjustable, but in fact for the small sports car, you only comfortable driving and fully armed combat two possibilities, 1 second to complete the dress is more practical. This short 10 minutes of track experience is not too addictive, look forward to the future actually come back to a good test drive!

Toyota Supra 3.0T Premium Grid Table

Suggested sale price of $2.48 million
Engine type straight 6 gasoline turbo
Exhaust volume 2998c.c.
Maximum horsepower 340hp/5000 to 6500rpm
Maximum torque 51kgm/1600 to 4500rpm
Suspension system Former McFlower, rear multi-link
Tire specifications Front 255/35/19
Rear 275/35/19
Drive FR
Variable speed system, eight-speed hand self-row
H/W/H 4379/1854/1292mm
Wheelbase 2470mm
Weight 1545kg
0 to 100km/h 4.3 sec
Extreme speed 250km/h
Active safety ACC active distance maintenance, PCS early warning protection, LDA lane offset alert, AHB smart high beam auto-switching, RSA road sign recognition, BSM blind spot detection, RCTA rear side warning Passive safety Dual front seat airbags, double front seat side airbags, side curtain airbags, driver's seat knee airbags.

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