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Mazda "Mazda2" minor facelift! Added 198 appearance combinations of "BD" and "SPORT" specifications

table of contents●Mazda "Mazda2" implements a small facelift●Body, interior trim, roof, door mirrors, water tank shield…a total of 198 color… Read More

1 month ago
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Suzuki Solio & Solio Bandit has added a hybrid model that can drive in EV mode! An advertisement of Kanna Hashimoto dancing to the music is also released

table of contents●Solio/Solio Bandit added "HYBRID" model●Strong Hybrid that can run in EV mode●Color matching brings out a sense of… Read More

3 months ago
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Newly added Vignale Italian boutique model2023 Ford Kuga upgrades all models

●Newly launched the top Vignale model ●Exclusive Windsor breathable leather seats (Vignale) All car series are upgraded as standard with… Read More

4 months ago
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Toyota Harrier added a "PHEV" model and implemented minor changes... Actually stopped taking orders before it went on sale?

table of contents●Toyota Harrier implements minor facelift●The main content of the Harrier facelift●Newly set PHEV specification "Z"●Cannot be purchased even… Read More

5 months ago
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Toyota C-HR has added a black-based special car "Mode-NeroⅢ", and implemented a small facelift at the same time

table of contents●C-HR newly added special car "Mode-NeroⅢ"●The main features of the special car●Differences from "Mode-NeroⅡ"● Simultaneous implementation of minor… Read More

7 months ago
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Newly added 62kWh long-range Jinhua version2023 Nissan Leaf open for orders

●Provide two models of light travel version with 40kWh and long-range Jinhua version with 62kWh ●Adopt Nissan's new illuminated front… Read More

8 months ago

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