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Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil-producing country, sells electric vehicles!? Amazing performance and price

table of contents●Saudi Arabia exports electric vehicles! Its name is "Lucid Air"●What is "Lucid Air"?●Developed by a US electric vehicle… Read More

2 days ago
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"Drink Amazing, a bottle of supercar for you"TOYOTA joins hands with Taiwan Oceanic Alkaline Ionized Water to create a topic of cross-border cooperation!

Life is not a lack of beauty, but a lack of discovery! Last year, a netizen accidentally discovered that there… Read More

2 months ago
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Honda's new generation of CR-V PHEV fuel consumption is an amazing value of "1.6L per 100km"!?

table of contents●The sixth generation CR-V in North America is unveiled! Japan stops production... What about China?●1.6L per 100km? Amazing… Read More

5 months ago

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