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Toyota <new generation Prius> detailed analysis! "The next generation model is sports car"

table of contents●Prius is about to usher in a quarter century since its launch● Witnessed the new generation Prius test… Read More

7 months ago
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The return of German Lightning is imminentA thorough analysis of Opel's introduction of car models

Since Master Win Group announced in mid-June this year that it has obtained the agency rights of Opel cars in… Read More

9 months ago
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[Analysis of the auto market]The situation is changeable, and the winner's momentum ranking is below the glasses.

Comparison of the number of vehicles listed in the total domestic market from 2021 to 2022 (unit: vehicle) ※The data… Read More

10 months ago
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[Analysis of the auto market]The aftermath of the epidemic has implicated sales internal injuriesThe brand returns and restarts the auto market layout changes

Although car models other than Model 3 have not yet started pre-orders, Tesla can actively enter the field of smart… Read More

11 months ago
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[Analysis of the auto market]Impermanence changes dailyThe rise of the epidemic affects the auto market

BMW iX has won the championship of electric vehicle listing with 57 units since its launch in April. At the… Read More

12 months ago

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