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Sole Commemorative DebutPorsche Celebrates 50th Anniversary in Taiwan

Taiwan can be said to be one of the earliest Asian markets to introduce Porsche. As early as 1972, Yongye… Read More

1 week ago
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911 Carrera GTS Porsche's 50th anniversary commemorative model in Taiwan pays tribute to a half-century-old dream with a public auction

Porsche Taiwan Celebrates Porsche's 50th Anniversary in Taiwan with the Title "Salute to the Dream 50 Years Ago" Taipei. In… Read More

2 weeks ago
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Toyota GR86 is expected to be launched as a 10th anniversary car! 2-month limited sale

table of contents●GR86 launches 10th anniversary commemorative car●The precious orange body is revived!●The interior is also sporty black × orange●Two-month… Read More

3 weeks ago
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The 10th anniversary of the only documentary "PINA", the only documentary of the modern dance queen, PINA BaoxuWen Wenders' first 3D documentary 'PINA' has a difficult birth

The dancers led by Bina Bausch are tall, short, fat, thin, men and women of all ages. The 10th anniversary… Read More

1 month ago

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