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bZ will add coupe? Toyota applies for "BZ1C", "BZ2C", "BZ3C" and "BZ4C" trademarks

table of contents●Toyota applied for "BZ1C", "BZ2C", "BZ3C" and "BZ4C" trademarks●Are they the names of additional models in the bZ… Read More

1 month ago
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Applying aviation technology to cars? Honda applies for a new "variable rear wing" patent, looking forward to using it in new cars

table of contentsHonda is developing a new variable rear wing●Apply the Know-how of the airplane to the car?●Moving indication Honda… Read More

6 months ago
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[New information]RZ adds entry-level specifications? Lexus applies for "RZ300e" trademark

table of contents●Apply for a trademark suspected to be Lexus RZ●The new trademark is an entry-level car?●There may be a… Read More

7 months ago
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Nissan applies for 4 BEV concept car patents in one go! Slightly different from the specifications at the time of publication

table of contents● Nissan applies for 4 BEV concept car patents●Slightly different from the time of publication●By 2026, Japan will… Read More

9 months ago
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Is the "GR GT3 Concept" a commercial car? Toyota applies for a patent for a different vehicle design

table of contents●Apply for a patent for a suspected GR GT3 Concept●No huge rear wing = commercial model?● Joint development… Read More

10 months ago

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