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[Test Drive]Plug-in New PlayerMG HS PHEV Electric Version

After test-driving the pure gasoline-powered MG HS 1.5T car in August, the quality of the product, high cost performance and… Read More

2 weeks ago
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Honda's new generation of CR-V PHEV fuel consumption is an amazing value of "1.6L per 100km"!?

table of contents●The sixth generation CR-V in North America is unveiled! Japan stops production... What about China?●1.6L per 100km? Amazing… Read More

1 month ago
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Toyota Harrier added a "PHEV" model and implemented minor changes... Actually stopped taking orders before it went on sale?

table of contents●Toyota Harrier implements minor facelift●The main content of the Harrier facelift●Newly set PHEV specification "Z"●Cannot be purchased even… Read More

1 month ago
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MG HS 1.5T flagship version 899,000 and HS PHEV 1,189,000 hit the market

Mr. Chen Zongyu, General Manager of MG Taiwan, said: "The introduction of new brands into the Taiwan market is indispensable… Read More

3 months ago
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British Centennial MG ReappearsMG HS, HS PHEV Makes Domestic First Appearance

●First introduction of 1.5T HS gasoline and PHEV dual-power models ●Standard 12.3-inch digital instrument + 10.1-inch floating touch screen ●Introduced… Read More

4 months ago
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Lexus' new RX unveiled for the first time in the world! New design "Spindle Body" and PHEV

table of contentsThe world's first public release of the new Lexus RX●Newly adopted "Spindle Body"●Diversified power system●Adopt DIRECT4 and newly… Read More

6 months ago

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