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Witnessed Suzuki's new-generation Swift development car! Will it undergo a major facelift as soon as this year?

table of contents● Witnessed the next-generation Swift development car●Recognizable features on the development vehicle●A major facelift is about to be… Read More

4 weeks ago
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Toyota Camry is expected to undergo some facelifts in August! It will change the interior and exterior colors and change functions

table of contents●Camry is expected to implement a partial facelift●New equipment and function changes●New colors are used for interior and… Read More

2 months ago
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Toyota Corolla Sport is expected to undergo a major change in appearance and use a 2.0L engine! There are also updated advanced equipment

table of contents●The Corolla Sport is expected to undergo a major facelift●The appearance has been greatly changed●Extreme blood! Adopt 2L… Read More

3 months ago
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Subaru XV is about to undergo a major facelift!? New XV test car spotted in Japan

table of contents● Witnessed suspected next-generation Subaru XV test car●The new XV test vehicle has been sighted overseas●Will there be… Read More

4 months ago

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