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Daihatsu Malaysian market A-Segment small car "Axia" undergoes major facelift after nine years

table of contentsDaihatsu's Malaysian national car "Axia" has a major facelift●A-Segment DNGA chassis platform is adopted for the first time●Small… Read More

3 months ago
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Toyota Yaris undergoes minor facelift and goes on sale on 8/8! Newly equipped with interior rearview mirrors with driving recorder function

table of contents● Yaris undergoes a minor facelift and is listed on 8/8●Added equipment such as interior rearview mirror with… Read More

10 months ago
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Toyota RAV4 undergoes minor facelift in Europe! Japan is also expected to make the same change, and the content of the facelift is confirmed first

table of contents●Europe released RAV4 2023 model year●Be the first to confirm the interior after the minor facelift●Toyota Safety Senser… Read More

11 months ago

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