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【Test drive】Audi e-tron Sportback 55 quattro S line Black Edition

●Suggested price is 3.57 million yuan

●The cruising range is 446km (WLTP)

●Original factory warranty for 5 years with unlimited mileage (power battery 8 years and 160,000 kilometers)

The pleasing feature is that the running grid is equipped with value-added upgrades

●The cruising range of the regret of the lost pearl is mediocre

Seeing the black sports style favored by domestic consumers, Taiwan Audi launched a variety of S line Black Edition models last year and received enthusiastic responses. It is recommended to upgrade the equipment with a maximum value of 440,000 yuan under the premise of the same price, which shows the degree of value.

However, in the blink of an eye, it has been the second year since Audi's first pure electric SUV masterpiece, the e-tron, was introduced into China. The brand-new pure electric mobility experience and the excellent texture that the Sihuan brand has always praised make it It has successfully attracted many buyers, and the Black Edition model is launched together with the 2023 new model at the beginning of this year. It is based on the top-spec 55 quattro S line model and comes with a number of free upgrades. The price of the SUV version is 3.44 million yuan, and the Sportback for this test drive is 3.57 million yuan.

Compared with the previous test drive model, the first impression of the Black Edition is much more dynamic and capable, because after adding the black exterior package plus, it includes the water tank guard, rearview mirror, window frame, head and tail factory emblem, etc. They are all changed to bright black treatment, coupled with dark rear window/rear windshield and exclusive Audi Sport black 21-inch multi-spoke wheels, presenting the popular blackened sports style; it is worth mentioning that for With a sharply blackened exterior shape, the Black Edition is limited to three colors: Glacier White, Miracle Black, and Cronus Gray used in the test drive car. If you originally prefer other car colors, you may have to reluctantly give up.

The Black Edition model continues the previously well-received blackened sports style, adding personality charm in addition to taste and texture.
The exclusive one-piece water tank cover for pure electric models, including the four-ring factory logo, are all treated in bright black, and only the S line nameplate retains its original color.
In addition to blackening the rearview mirror and window frame on the side of the car, the dark rear window and rear windshield are also upgraded simultaneously.
It is equipped with exclusive Audi Sport black 21-inch multi-spoke wheels, and the tire size remains unchanged at 265/45R21.

Entering the cabin, the Black Edition model adopts the exclusive design of black interior with orange stitching, and the exclusive carbon fiber trim across the center of the console is designed with exposed woven patterns, which are quite special in terms of visual and tactile sensations, and more importantly, they are combined with The upgraded three-spoke steering wheel and sports seats in the S line style not only construct a complete S line interior appearance, but also help the stability during driving. In addition, this car also upgrades the interior leather kit, comfortable front seat center armrest, and high-gloss black touch buttons and aluminum buttons on the center console. As for the full digital virtual rearview mirror, it is an additional optional item for the test drive car.

The cabin adopts the exclusive design of black interior with orange stitching, and the steering wheel is also replaced with the S line three-spoke style.
The standard exclusive carbon fiber trim is designed with exposed woven texture, which is quite special in terms of visual and tactile sensations.
Not only the exclusive sports seats are embellished with orange stitching, but even the seat belts are also in eye-catching bright orange color.

The Black Edition model has no changes in terms of power and chassis. Even if it is replaced with Audi Sport black 21-inch multi-spoke wheels, the tire size remains unchanged at 265/45R21. At the same time, the standard sports air suspension system of the Sportback model In addition to providing sufficient support, more emphasis is placed on the fine and dense initial shock absorption performance, so the overall road performance is still biased toward stability and comfort; as for power, the asynchronous dual electric motors equipped with the 55 quattro have a strong output level of 408hp/66.7kgm In normal driving conditions, you can feel that the factory has deliberately adjusted the front-end acceleration response to be very smooth and linear. Some electric vehicles will not give people a sense of impatience that is too sensitive and difficult to control. The steady and abundant mid-section power emerges just like the calm and fullness of previous large-displacement engines, making it easy to control in various situations.

The Black Edition model has not changed in terms of power and chassis, and still maintains a pleasant, smooth, delicate and comfortable driving performance.

Test drive experience ~ value-for-money personality charm

As the pure electric pioneer of the Audi brand, the e-tron car series has always given people the impression that it is mostly technology and luxury. This time, the Black Edition does bring a different style with the blessing of the blackened sports style. At the same time, it can also Free upgrades to equipment with a maximum value of 440,000 yuan, how can consumers who are interested in buying the owner miss it?

Audi e-tron Sportback Black Edition specification table

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