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【Test Drive】Bengepai Flagship Nissan Altima Ultimate Exclusive Edition

●The suggested price is 1.399 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 13.3km/L

●Original factory warranty for 3 years and 100,000 kilometers

●Delicate and decent flagship atmosphere

●The shape of the tail lights is still flat

As a rare medium-to-large flagship RV of an affordable brand on the market today, the facelifted Altima not only faithfully retains the dynamic and stylish appearance of the large vehicle, but also is equipped with a variable compression ratio engine, one of Nissan's black technologies, showing the fast-changing electric vehicles Under the tide, we still adhere to the original belief of the brand spirit.

Affected by the rapid rise of million-level medium-sized SUVs, the upsurge of mid-to-large flagship RVs contending with hundreds of schools of thought has long since subsided. Most of them are either moving further towards quasi-luxury positioning, or silently withdrawing from the domestic market after the end of the original product cycle. In the past, Yulon Nissan Motor, which has accumulated many loyal supporters with Cefiro, Teana and other models, chose to continue to introduce the small facelift Altima in early July this year to meet consumer needs, and adopted a single model plan of the Ultimate Prestige Edition of 1.399 million yuan .

The small facelift of the current sixth-generation Altima began with the U.S.-spec model in mid-2022, and then the land-spec Altima Altima, which was greatly modified by Dongfeng Nissan according to local consumer preferences, also debuted in August, while the domestically imported models are based on the U.S. Based on the standard top-level SL model, the most obvious change in appearance is that the front of the car adopts a large-area blackened grille water tank shield design, and the original distinctive V-Motion chrome-plated trim retreats to the bottom of the headlights and extends downwards. The blackened-style large-opening front air dam shape and the dynamic new 19-inch multi-front wheels make the overall appearance more neat and dynamic. In addition, the headlights of the same type as the land standard are specially replaced, through the boomerang style The daytime running lights and the horizontally arranged rectangular projection lights bring a technologically sophisticated visual experience. It is a pity that the taillights have not been replaced with land-standard LED light strips at the same time, and they still continue the relatively ordinary halogen configuration before the facelift.

The facelifted new car is equipped with a new LED headlight set, which adopts a double rectangular arrangement design with a sense of technology.
The water tank shield has also been changed to a blackened grille design, and the V-Motion chrome-plated trim on both sides has been weakened.
The new 19-inch multi-blade wheels are more dynamic in shape, and the tire size remains unchanged at 235/40R19.
The shape of the rear of the car has not been modified, and even the original halogen taillights that look too bland have been retained.

The layout of the interior basically maintains the original horizontal and open atmosphere. The main change is to replace it with a 12.3-inch multimedia touch screen. In addition to the enlarged display area, it also integrates practical functions such as original satellite navigation and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and is equipped with ANC active noise suppression. The system's Bose Premium stereo surround sound system and the newly added wireless charging stand are believed to better meet the usage habits and needs of the new generation of consumers; in addition, the minor facelift Altima also strengthens the texture of details, such as the central saddle and door trim Piano paint trims are added to the panels and other places, but the black mirror material not only improves the refinement, but also needs to be cleaned frequently by the car owner to keep it as bright as new.

The interior layout emphasizing the horizontal and open atmosphere is still the same, and the technological equipment and detail texture are improved.
It is equipped with a new 12.3-inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connection capability.
A wireless charging seat is added to the center console, and a piano paint trim is added to the central saddle together with the door trim.

The facelifted Altima continues the original configuration in terms of power system and chassis settings. It is equipped with a 2.0L inline four-turbo engine with a maximum output of 239hp/36.9kgm and a variable compression ratio through VC-Turbo, which is unique in the global car industry. technology and X-CVT stepless transmission, taking into account the smooth acceleration response during passionate driving and the comfortable and energy-saving performance during daily transportation. In addition to the unavoidable slight slippery feeling when starting and rapid acceleration, the overall power output is indeed It can give people a sense of ease in retracting and retracting. With the soft-tuned but flexible suspension damping and the neutral and smooth steering feel, it can also bring driving pleasure above the standard on curved mountain roads.

Equipped with a 2.0L straight-four VC-Turbo variable compression ratio turbo engine with a maximum output of 239hp/36.9kgm.
The slightly facelifted Altima continues the original brisk and comfortable road performance, but also has a certain driving pleasure.

Test drive experience ~ irreplaceable flagship RV style

The small facelift Altima maintains the existing flagship RV positioning in essence, and only makes some improvements to keep pace with the times in terms of appearance and technological equipment. For consumers who are only fond of medium and large RVs, it is already one of the few Benevolent choice.

Nissan Altima Extreme Exclusive Edition Specification Sheet

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