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【Test Drive】Boldly strengthened BMW M2 Coupe

●Suggested price is 3.69 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 10.0km/L

●Original factory warranty for 3 years with unlimited mileage

●Pleasant point is more flexible performance control

●The Regret of the Leftover Pearl lacks a little dexterity and lively personality

Whether it is the 2002 Turbo unveiled in 1973 or the 1 Series M Coupe born in 2011, the wonderful combination of short axle, two-door and rear drive has always been a classic guarantee for many car fans to collect, and it came out in 2015 The first-generation M2 of BMW even topped the throne of the best-selling M car in history in one fell swoop. The new second-generation M2 launched in Durang coincides with the 50th anniversary of the BMW M brand, and bears the tremendous pressure of having to break through...

As early as last year when I tested the G42 M240i xDrive Coupe, the new second-generation 2 Series Coupe, which adopted the CLAR rear-drive chassis platform, really gave people a sense of leap forward in terms of road texture and handling response. At that time, I was already looking forward to the new generation of M2 Coupe To what extent will it evolve. After nearly a year and a half of waiting, the second-generation M2 Coupe, code-named G87, was finally officially introduced into China in mid-June this year. Under the premise of a significant increase in power output and equipment level, the price is even lower than that of the previous-generation Competition model. The reduction of 160,000 yuan to 3.69 million yuan is partly due to the fact that the industry wants to control it within the luxury tax range, but more importantly, of course, it is due to the fact that new cars use a large number of M3/M4 components to achieve the cost control target of the original factory.

A Bold Look With Likes and Dislikes

In order to highlight the high-performance momentum of the M Car, the new car adds many rectangular elements to the exterior compared to the general 2 Series Coupe, including the exclusive borderless kidney-shaped water tank guard, the large-opening front bumper, and the integrated double-sided four-outlet exhaust tail. The square rear bumper in the shape of the tube and diffuser, etc., together with the front and rear flared wheel arches that create the curved waist of a Coke bottle, really give people a visual experience of being ready to go and full of muscle. In addition, the imported models are equipped with M-spoke 930M wheels as standard, and you can also choose silver and black two-color according to your personal preference. In addition to the bright red metallic color of Toronto Red we tested this time, the original factory also developed for the new car. The exclusive Zandvoort Blue light blue solid color paint makes the overall appearance more high-profile and eye-catching.

The new-generation M2 Coupe is significantly longer than the previous generation in terms of vehicle length and wheelbase, while the obviously expanded front and rear wheel arch designs are retained.
The front part of the car uses a large number of rectangular elements to create a strong appearance, among which the air intakes on both sides are the most conspicuous.
The borderless kidney-shaped water tank guard follows the family style of the new generation of M cars, and there is an M2 nameplate on the upper right corner.
The rearview mirror also adopts the exclusive aerodynamic design of the M model, and the obviously convex rear wheel arch lines can also be seen from this angle.
The shape of the taillight is the same as that of the general model, but it is blackened, and the M2 nameplate and the M spoiler are exclusive configurations.
The rear bumper line also incorporates rectangular elements, and the shape of the bright black diffuser plate and the double-sided four-outlet exhaust tailpipes highlight the performance positioning.

In fact, since the release of the original factory, the styling design of the new generation M2 Coupe has caused quite a bit of controversy just like many new generation family cars recently. For example, the author thinks that the matching of many elements is a bit too deliberate, and the overall matching is not as good as the previous model. As neat and dynamic, but at the same time, I will also hear opinions from some peer media and friends who think it is quite aggressive. After all, whether you like the appearance is a personal subjective decision, and there is no right or wrong. It can only be said that the overall design of the new car is still continuing. The original factory team hopes for a highly recognizable strategy that is unforgettable at a glance.

Digital cockpit with exclusive style

In addition to continuing the interior layout of the 2 Series Coupe, the new generation of M2 Coupe is also replaced with a number of M Car exclusive configurations as usual, such as the three-spoke sports car steering wheel with red M1/M2 shortcut keys, and the sequential style of gears. Arrangement, a variety of vehicle dynamic setting controls and the gear assembly of the red engine start button, the two sides are decorated with the M signature three colors (the test drive car did not have this configuration because the brown interior was used), the double front Vernasca leather sports car seats and M-stitched seat belts and more.

The cockpit adopts a new-generation integrated curved floating screen with M exclusive style, creating a passionate atmosphere without losing the luxurious texture.
The M multifunctional leather steering wheel is embellished with exclusive three-color stitching, and there are M1/M2 shortcut keys on the top of the wheel.
It adopts the exclusive gear design for M cars, and integrates shortcut keys such as gear shift speed adjustment and vehicle setting menu.
The standard M double front seat Vernasca leather sports car seats take into account the needs of comfort and driving, and there are also exclusive luminous words on the headrest.

For passionate players who want to pursue a competitive style, the industry also provides the M Race Track Package option at a price of 820,000 yuan, which can upgrade track-level tires (Pilot Sport Cup 2/P Zero Corsa or equivalent tires) and Merino leather at one time. Interior, M carbon fiber trim (including carbon fiber shift paddles and steering wheel trim cover), M carbon fiber racing bucket seats (with dual front seat heating), M carbon fiber roof, and M driving with a speed limit of 285km/h Kit etc.

In response to the development of the digital cockpit, the new generation of M Cars including the new generation of M2 Coupe have begun to replace the digital instrumentation, iDrive operation interface and head-up display with exclusive interface designs. Create a unique atmosphere that is completely different from ordinary BMW models, plus it can automatically switch the display style according to the three modes of Road/Sport/Track (the central touch screen will be automatically turned off in Track mode) and M Mode driving of the driving assistance system The mode switching function, as well as the M Setup vehicle dynamic settings that can be adjusted individually for the engine, chassis, steering system, brakes, etc., allow the driver to make quite subtle personal settings according to preferences and needs, and even come standard on M3/M4 The M professional track driving and tail drift analysis system, which needs to be selected separately, provides the M traction control setting function of 1~10 segments. The tracking control system is completely turned off and must be activated in a safe environment such as a track.

Powerful six-cylinder turbo

In terms of power configuration, the new generation of M2 Coupe is equipped with the same S58 3.0L straight-six turbo engine as the M3/M4. Although limited by the positioning of the car series, the maximum horsepower is "only" set at 460hp, but compared with the previous generation of Competition models 410hp, and even the 450hp of the limited edition CS model are a bit higher. As for the peak torque, it remains unchanged from the previous generation Competition model at 56.1kgm. Driven by the M Steptronic sporty eight-speed automatic manual transmission, only The 0-100km/h acceleration result of 4.1 seconds is also just between the previous generation Competition (4.2 seconds) and the CS (4.0 seconds) with a large number of lightweight configurations. Considering that the new car has an extra 150kg of weight due to the enlarged size, The overall level of performance is remarkable.

The new-generation M2 Coupe not only surpasses the previous-generation Competition model in terms of power output, but also significantly improves its driving affinity.
Equipped with the same S58 3.0L straight-six turbo engine as the M3/M4, it has a maximum output of 460hp/56.1kgm.

Just like the zero-hundred-thousand acceleration performance between the two, the dynamic response of the new car’s actual road test drive is as strong as the previous-generation Competition model in the impression, and the full thrust of the full throttle sprint to the end also makes the corners of the mouth rise. Enjoyable, the only thing to be picky is that the overall output response tends to be stable and flat after 3000rpm, and the passionate performance of high-speed extension is missing. I hope that if the new Competition model is added in the future, it will be improved; in fact, the new car is in the power part. The biggest improvement is that the smoothness of daily driving has been significantly improved. The previous generation of seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission had occasional setbacks and hesitation at low speeds. It is no different from the general 2 Series Coupe.

Adhere to the control standard of the rear drive

The previous test drive of the M240i xDrive Coupe has mentioned that the new generation 2 Series Coupe adopts the same CLAR chassis platform as the 3/4 Series, while the new generation M2 Coupe not only has a 54mm longer wheelbase than the previous generation, but also adopts the same chassis platform as the M3/M4 With the same wide wheelbase front and rear, as well as tire size settings of 275/35R19 at the front and 285/30R20 at the rear, you can fully feel the road performance is more stable and stable as soon as you get on the road, which is quite different from the compact and lively tonality of the previous model. In addition, the M sports car-like electronic suspension system equipped on the new car has an excellent initial shock-absorbing texture. The three-stage hardness settings of Comfort, Sport, and Sport Plus mainly only have differences in support in the middle and rear stages. There is not much difference in fineness, and it also presents a more comprehensive and practical driving experience that is more suitable for daily transportation, just like the power performance.

The standard M double-spoke wheels are equipped with tire sizes of 275/35R19 at the front and 285/30R20 at the rear.
The new generation of M2 Coupe adopts a large number of settings from M3/M4 from the suspension system to the front and rear track, and both control limit and high-speed stability are improved.

Of course, as a member of the high-performance M Car, handling performance is definitely the main focus of the new generation of M2 Coupe. The M sports differential, which electronically controls the distribution of rear wheel torque, can maintain flexible and controlled rear dynamics in different scenarios such as rapid acceleration at the start, dynamic driving and cornering, or changes in road conditions, such as this time During the test drive, when passing through the winding mountain roads across Hualien Coastal Mountains, even if the inclination angle of the curve is relatively large, as long as the accelerator is avoided when accelerating out of the curve, the rear end of the car will not easily slip due to the difference in wheel speed on both sides. Although it lacks the extra fun embellishment brought by the active rear dynamics of the previous models, it is also easier to precisely control the driving route and enjoy the pleasure of speed with greater confidence.

The fastest station wagon in New North - BMW M3 Competition Touring officially debuts

During the test drive trip of the new-generation M2 Coupe, the industry also specially arranged for the surprise appearance of the long-awaited M3 Competition Touring by many car fans, and officially quoted a suggested price of 6.15 million yuan and an optional price of 300,000 yuan. Racing Package (including M professional track driving and drift analysis system, M carbon fiber racing bucket seat, M carbon fiber trim). The brand-new and first-ever M3 Competition Touring, under the support of 510hp/66.3kgm strong power and exclusive chassis settings, set a fastest record of 7:35.06 station wagons on the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife as soon as it was released, while retaining a spacious tail compartment The practicality of space and long-distance comfortable driving demonstrates the brand spirit of M GmbH that perfectly integrates performance and daily life.

Test drive experience ~ there is no doubt about the performance, but the style is not as expected

Leaving aside the subjective design, is there any improvement in the performance of the new generation of M2 Coupe? The answer is of course yes, but the author personally prefers the lively and active style of the first-generation M2, but the evolution direction of the new car is closer to the entry-level version of the M3/M4, that is, the pursuit of higher limits and more comprehensive stability Driving experience, so is the new car worth buying? It depends on consumers' preferences for the style of performance coupes.

BMW M2 Coupe Spec Sheet

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