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【Test Drive】Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV600 Performance

Although the car style and style are completely different from Ioniq 5 and Ioniq 6, it exudes a stronger product charm, especially the dynamic and streamlined four-door sports car, which not only has the temperament of a retro sports car, but also incorporates a strong future digital The sense of technology, and then sculpting a very strong styling style and running style soul, I believe this is one of the main reasons why many buyers buy this car. It's a pity that after adding 200 units this year, there is only a quota of 500 units, and they are almost sold out....

The price of the new car is 2.199 million yuan

Battery warranty for 8 years or 160,000 kilometers

Cruising range 618km (NEDC)

Maximum power 321hp/61.9kgm

0~100km/h acceleration in 5.1 seconds

After ushering in the first electric car Ioniq 5 under the Ioniq brand series in March last year, Nanyang Industrial released the second electric car Ioniq 6 in China in March this year, and it has attracted a lot of attention. Even though the sales are far more popular than the Ioniq 5, it only took 30 minutes on the day of the press conference to book out the quota of 300 units for this year. Although 200 units have been added in the follow-up, they are almost sold out so far. , so if you want to own this Ioniq 6 with strong appearance style and performance running style, you have to seize the opportunity to place an order quickly, and the car can be delivered within a waiting period of one month at the earliest. The current domestic Ioniq 6 offers a total of three models to choose from: EV400, EV600 and the EV600 Performance tested this time. The official prices are 1.699 million, 1.999 million and 2.199 million yuan respectively.

Dynamic and beautiful arc shape

Ioniq 6 is a Fastback Sedan hatchback electric coupe in terms of car style setting, and under the influence of the "Prophecy EV" concept car's arc shape and minimalist line ratio design, the shape of the whole car Outlined by surreal simple lines and pure aerodynamics, it is presented with an extremely dynamic streamlined body shape and arc-arched posture, especially when sliding directly from the rear edge of the waistline and from the roof The unique shape of the small tail fin at the rear of the car is the most eye-catching and beautiful, in line with the innovative contours of the new era of electric vehicles, and thus created an ultra-low drag coefficient of only 0.21Cd, including the low-profile front, front bumper active The air intake adjustment system, hidden door handles, boat-shaped body lines, spoiler diffusers on both sides of the rear bumper, rear wing-style spoiler and 20-inch cutting low-drag wheels are all precision designs to reduce wind resistance , especially for the cruising range of electric vehicles, it has the most substantial beneficial effect.

The body length/width/height dimensions and wheelbase of Ioniq 6 are 4855/1880/1495mm and 2950mm respectively, which belong to the class distance of medium and large RVs. Looking from the rear of the car, the layered hip line is the most sexy and beautiful angle of Ioniq 6.
The 20-inch two-color Aero Wheels low-drag aluminum rim paired with Pirelli P Zero Elect tires (245/40R20) is an exclusive configuration for the EV600 Performance model.

In addition, the "Parametric Pixels" design feature of Hyundai's signature that first appeared on Ioniq 5 is also widely used in Ioniq 6 to emphasize its future technology experience, especially up to 700 Pixels Light digital pixel LED lights, At the same time, it is used in the front LED daytime running lights, through-type LED taillights at the rear, LED reversing lights, rear fog lights and brake lights, etc., which can be said to bring a very individual and technological visual charm. Therefore, with such a strong and eye-catching styling feature, the Ioniq 6 can still attract the favor of many consumer groups who love four-door sports cars even now that the SUV is in power.

The projection-type LED headlights combined with Pixel Light digital pixel LED daytime running lights are equipped with IFS intelligent dynamic headlight lighting system, which can automatically detect surrounding vehicles and quickly change the light type to adjust the lighting range.
The front bumper air intake dam is equipped with an active air intake adjustment system, which can be actively opened or closed according to the driving conditions of the vehicle to reduce wind resistance and heat dissipation.
The through-type LED taillights at the rear, reversing lights/rear fog lights, and the third brake light on the rear wing all use high-tech Pixel Light digital pixel LED light sources, which are full of futuristic sense of technology.

Technology, retro and high-quality cockpit

Compared with the retro running style with strong emotions, the interior design of Ioniq 6 is not so amazing, perhaps because I have been in contact with Inoiq 5 many times before, because although the instrument panel, door trim and center panel of Ioniq 6 The design of the saddle is different, but the designs including the double-width flat-bottom steering wheel, the steering column-type gear shift design, the dual 12.3-inch digital instruments and screens, and the air-conditioning control interface are all common items, and even have lights that can be adjusted according to the speed of the vehicle. The changing 64-color ring cabin atmosphere lights, and the e-ASD electronic active sound wave simulation system that can simulate the sound effects of digital sports cars, etc., it is not difficult to see the strong blood relationship between the two workshops, and of course it can be clearly seen that the design is still based on the sense of technology. The cabin is laid out.

The interior layout design has a charm similar to that of Ioniq 5, with a 12-inch digital instrument panel, a 12-inch central control touch screen and a two-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel as the main visual axis of the cabin.
The double-width steering wheel is the same as the Ioniq 5, with 4 pixelated dot-matrix LED light sources inlaid in the center of the wheel, which will display different colors in different driving modes and be used as an indicator light when charging.
The 12-inch digital instrument panel does not provide a Chinese interface, but it will change the color and pattern according to the driving mode; the lower left corner is the display of the remaining power, i-Pedal and kinetic energy recharging steps.
The 12.3-inch central control touch screen still maintains the English interface, integrates audio-visual multimedia and multiple vehicle function settings, and can support Apple Craplay & Android Auto mobile phone connection functions.

But on the other hand, retro design elements can be seen in the cabin of Ioniq 6. The designer deliberately designed the electric window and central locking switch button on the central saddle. This design method has appeared on many old cars. , but it draws out a little retro feeling. At the same time, because the switch buttons are all moved to the central saddle, the designer can add ink to the shape of the door panel, and create a very beautiful and textured Button-less gradual door panel. And a large metal horn mask can be set on the armrest to create a high-end and luxurious atmosphere for the cabin.

Through the 8-inch touch panel on the central armrest, it can be used to set and adjust equipment including air conditioning, electric seat angle adjustment, ventilation/heating function, ambient light, cup holder and electric sunroof sunshade.
The absence of buttons on the armrest in the door allows the designer to create a more beautiful and textured Button-less gradient door panel, and even set a large area of ​​metal horn mask on the armrest.

In terms of equipment, starting from the entry-level EV400 model, it comes standard with LED headlights, Pixels Light digital pixel LED daytime running lights/rear fog lights/brake lights/reversing lights, sports car rear spoiler, and dual 12.3-inch TFT-LCD digital cockpit Instrumentation (Apple CarPlay & Android Auto), dual-zone climate control, Qi wireless charging stand, electric adjustment of dual front seats, inductive electric tailgate, multiple driving modes, reversing video system and i-PEDAL single-pedal driving mode and 18-inch aluminum rim wait. The mid-level EV600 model adds pressure-relief leather seats, dual front seat heating/ventilation functions, steering wheel heating device, dual front seat fully tilting electric seats, 64-color ring cabin atmosphere lights, intelligent remote control parking assistance and V2L in-vehicle power supply system etc., and the price can be increased by 20,000 yuan to choose an off-white interior.

The front of the central saddle is equipped with a Qi mobile phone wireless charging stand and a Type-A charging hole, and even the wireless charging indicator is displayed with a Pixel digital orange light.
There is also a V2L external power supply socket under the rear seat, which can support 110V/16A charging specifications, and can meet various power needs anytime and anywhere.

As for the top-spec EV600 Performance model for test drive, 20-inch bead settings, Bose high-end surround sound + 8 speakers, e-ASD digital sports car audio system and metal pedals are added, and the price can be increased by 70,000 yuan. Equipped with a Premium Package consisting of a HUD head-up display and an electric glass sunroof. Therefore, judging from its assortment of rich equipment, coupled with the price of 2.199 million yuan, it can be called an electric sports car with a very high CP value, not to mention that the entire Ioniq 6 series also comes standard with a complete set of complete Hyundai SmartSense active safety assistance system, including ACC/LFA/LKA/LDW/FCA/FCW/FCA-JX/FCW-JX/BCA/BCW/RCCA/RCCW/DAW/HBA/LVDA/SEW.

Extra spacious rear seat knee room

Benefiting from the length of 4855mm, the width of 1880mm and the wheelbase of 2950mm, the Ioniq 6 has quite ample interior space. Let’s start with the front seat. The dual front seats with a comfortable orientation all have 10-way electric adjustment, ventilation and heating functions. One-button dumping and one-button returning allow the front seat occupants to lie down comfortably while waiting for the vehicle to be charged. As for the space in the rear seat, it is really very large. It is not a problem for an adult as big as 175cm to comfortably raise his feet, and both the longitudinal space of the knees and the horizontal space of the shoulders are quite good. There is a slight sense of oppression caused by the downward cutting of the top line, which can only be eliminated and relieved by a more inclined sitting posture.

In addition to having 10-way electric adjustment, ventilation and heating functions, the double front seats also have an honor-level electric full tilt design, which allows people to lie down and rest easily.
The knee space in the rear seat is super large, and comfortable feet are not a problem; but the head room is slightly oppressed by the undercut of the roof line.
The central saddle with a double-layer design has a large storage space below it, and a 12V charging socket is also provided at the front.

In addition, the volume of the rear luggage compartment is 401 liters under standard conditions, and the rear seat back has a 4/6 split dumping design, which can further expand the storage capacity. In addition, due to the design of the electric vehicle, the front of the car also has a small storage tank with a capacity of 14.5 liters. Even the EV400 and EV600 models with rear drive settings have a storage capacity of up to 45 liters.

The rear luggage compartment has a volume of 401 liters, and it has a 6/4 separation and dumping function of the rear seat back and a standard induction electric tailgate.
There is also a small storage space in the front of the car. The rear-drive EV400 and EV600 have a capacity of 45 liters, while the four-wheel drive EV600 Performace has only 14.5 liters due to the configuration of the front axle motor.

The embodiment of the soul of running style

There are 3 output specifications in terms of power. The entry-level EV400 model adopts a 53kWh battery capacity configuration, and is equipped with a rear-wheel drive single permanent magnet motor setting, which can provide 149hp, 35.6kgm maximum horsepower and torque output, and accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 8.8 seconds . The EV600 model is equipped with a 77.4kWh battery capacity, the maximum horsepower output is increased to 225hp, and the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h is 7.4 seconds. As for the test drive EV600 Performance model, the AWD four-wheel drive system with a permanent magnet synchronous motor on each front and rear axle can provide 321hp, 61.9kgm maximum horsepower and torque output, and can accelerate to hundreds of miles in 5.1 seconds. In addition, J1772 slow charging and CCS1 fast charging are used in the charging specification part, and it has a maximum 800V DC fast charging system, and can support a maximum charging power of 350kW, and can complete 10% to 80% of the power replenishment in 18 minutes. As for various models According to the performance of cruising range, under the NEDC standard, the maximum cruising range of EV400/EV600/EV600 Performance models can reach 546/730/618 kilometers respectively. In addition, Ioniq 6 is also equipped with a multi-stage adjustable kinetic energy recharging system, which can be switched between Auto, LV0, LV1, LV2, LV3 and i-Pedal through the steering wheel paddles.

The charging specification adopts J1772 slow charging and CCS1 fast charging, and can support 400V/800V input voltage. Under 350kW DC fast charging, the power can be charged from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes.
Through the central screen, you can clearly interpret all relevant EV information of the vehicle, including the remaining battery percentage, and the current maximum mileage with the air-conditioning system on or off.
The gear system designed by wire transmission is integrated into the steering column, and the gear can be changed by turning forward or backward, and the P gear is a button set at the end of the rotary lever.

In fact, the acceleration performance after the road, the maximum horsepower of 321hp certainly does not disappoint, especially coupled with the unique full-torque direct output of electric vehicles, the feeling of sticking to the back under the full switch emerges immediately, and at the same time, the acceleration is sharp and aggressive. , indeed has the level of acceleration of 5.1 seconds to break a hundred. Even if the car weighs more than 2 tons, it is as easy as a piece of cake whether it is walking leisurely in the urban area, running at high speed on the express road, or sprinting uphill on the mountain road. It is completely in line with Ioniq 6 EV600 Performance emphasizes the soul of performance.

Under the endorsement of 321hp, 61.9kgm maximum horsepower and torque output, coupled with the rapid and direct output characteristics of the electric motor, the violent back feeling under the full power switch is accompanied by a powerful acceleration feeling, which completely lives up to the emphasized running. grid soul.

However, during the whole process of stepping on the switch, you can clearly feel the adjustment characteristics of its power output. Although the power output is quite powerful, it does not deliberately show off the performance. The front part adopts a relatively smooth and linear adjustment setting. Especially in the driving modes of Eco and Normal, the entire power output is quite silky, smooth and textured. But once you switch to the Sport mode and turn on the switch with all your strength, you can instantly feel the powerful acceleration released by the dual electric motors. It needs the speed of the vehicle, even through the VESS virtual engine sound system, to create a passionate driving atmosphere.

The driving dynamics of running room personality

Before talking about the performance of dynamic handling, I would like to praise the cabin sound insulation performance of Ioniq 6. The quietness of the entire cabin during driving has reached the excellent level of medium and large luxury saloon cars, even exceeding our expectations for it. The Ioniq 6 and Ioniq 5 are also built on the new E-GMP pure electric modular platform, and both use the front Macpherson and rear multi-link suspension configurations. However, the adjustment settings of the suspension shock absorbers There are different tonality when it is set.

When driving at low speed in the urban area, the rather tough suspension response makes people clearly feel the identity of the running house it wants to show, and can faithfully pass various road surface feedback to the driver, but this hard-tuned characteristic is not When entering the mountain road and cornering, it becomes more flexible in an instant, causing the vehicle to produce a more obvious roll phenomenon. However, after the vehicle speed increases and accelerates, the original low-speed roll phenomenon is immediately restrained by the sufficient support force of the shock absorber. It means that the cornering support of the suspension at high speeds is better than that at low speeds, and the vibration feedback when driving on uneven roads becomes softer than at low speeds before, coupled with the solid body and chassis rigidity, As well as the good stability and tracking performance brought by the accurate head direction and four-wheel drive system, people can move forward to the next curve with more confidence, and even want to continue to increase the speed to enter and exit the curve. Therefore, if the entire dynamic performance of Ioniq 5 is very balanced and coordinated, then Ioniq 6 will truly have the personality of a running room.

In addition to the sound insulation in the cabin and the comfortable road feel, you can clearly feel that the dynamic performance of this car is very balanced and coordinated when driving at high speed, which can give the driver a high degree of driving confidence to conquer corners.

Test drive testimonials ~ high CP value and fatal attraction

The Ioniq 6 EV600 Performance, which takes the soul of performance as the starting point, indeed exudes the same charm as the Ionqi 5, especially the appearance with retro sports car temperament and a sense of technology, which can be said to be an extremely attractive feature of this car. Features, but it is not just good looks, this car also has luxurious and rich equipment, spacious and practical space functions, high-standard safety technology, and even excellent power performance and dynamic handling performance, as well as good road comfort With the excellent cabin sound insulation engineering, it can be said that once again people are quite impressed with the Ioniq car series. The final price of 2.199 million yuan has made the Ioniq 6 EV600 Performance's super high CP value and fatal attraction.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 EV600 Performance spec sheet

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