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[First-hand news]Dynamic technology integrated into BMW X5 xDrive40i M Sport

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  • ●Suggested selling price: 3.92 million yuan
  • ●Average fuel consumption 10.4km/L
  • ●Original factory warranty for 3 years with no mileage limit
  • ●Lovely features: trendy and dynamic appearance and digital technology upgrades
  • ●The number of unique crystal elements in Lost Beads has decreased
The new headlights have a more slender outline, and the interior also adopts an arrow-shaped daytime running light design integrating Heartbeat direction lights.

In the blink of an eye, the fourth-generation X5, codenamed G05, has been around for more than five years. Although the overall product strength and consumer popularity are still at the forefront of its class, the original manufacturer does not dare to relax at all and is still focusing on the facelift model. A lot of effort has been invested in everything from new-generation design elements to various cutting-edge digital technologies, so that people can fully feel the evolution of the new car from the first contact.

The standard M aerodynamic package adds a dynamic look to the front of the car, and a large number of black elements are embellished in line with current trends.
The 20-inch M star-spoke wheels and blue brake calipers are quite eye-catching, and the tires are 275/45R20 at the front and 305/40R20 at the rear.

In view of the high popularity of the X5 & Among them, the entry-level representative of the facelifted X5 has been changed to the xDrive30d xLine equipped with a 3.0L straight-six diesel engine. The xDrive40i equipped with a 3.0L straight-six gasoline configuration has also been changed to the M Sport single model configuration, priced at 3.45 and 3.92 million yuan; the facelifted X6 retains the xDrive40i M Sport model, and offers two high-performance models, M60i xDrive and M Competition, priced at 3.99, 5.65, and 7.6 million yuan respectively.

The 3D three-dimensional taillight group is replaced with a new separate X-style design, and is also embellished with luminous brand words on the side.
The quad exhaust tailpipes on both sides are integrated into the trapezoidal decorative frame, and a diversion channel shape element is also added to the center of the bottom of the rear bumper.

The inside of the smart upper body technology

The X5 xDrive40i M Sport model tested this time first gives people a more modern and neat visual experience than the old model in appearance. On the one hand, it is because the new LED head and tail lights use eye-catching arrow-shaped daytime running lights and separate X-style three-dimensional lights. Design, in addition to the M aerodynamic kit that comes standard on this car, in addition to the dynamic elements such as the large-opening front air dam and the shape of the rear air guide, it also has vertical air guides under the radiator guard and on both sides of the front bumper. The grooves and other areas are treated with the popular bright black paint, and finally matched with the same color wheel arches and 20-inch M star-spoke wheels, it indeed brings a full urban running style.

The interior layout of the facelifted X5 seems to have not changed much, but in fact, everything from the instrument assembly to the console interface has been replaced with a new design.
In addition to a variety of display styles, the new digital instrument also adds an AR augmented reality function combined with the front lens.

At first glance, the interior layout is not much different from the old model, but in fact, in addition to the new-generation family-style floating curved screen, the console interface has also been replaced with a new design similar to the facelifted X7, including retaining the wind direction. Manually adjusted central air outlets, physical audio shortcut keys and car model decorations integrating changeable ambient lights, etc. At the same time, the column-type gearshift has also been replaced by a small lever; in line with the original factory update progress, the facelifted X5 is the first to upgrade the new BMW Operating System 8.5 user interface, the home page is changed to use the navigation map as the main basis, with the shortcut menu below and the sliding information box on the left to quickly enter different function menus, which to a certain extent reduces the complexity of needing to switch between menus of different sizes in the past, but the function The problem that the menu is only arranged with many small icons and it is difficult to quickly find the required functions still exists.

The main screen of the new version of BMW OS 8.5 has a simple style with a navigation map as the base and a sliding information box on the left.

In terms of technological equipment, the facelifted X5 has been upgraded with AR augmented reality navigation function, mobile phone digital key 2.0, and the only lane change assist in its class that can gently and smoothly change lanes. It also comes standard with mobile phone remote control parking. Function, not only can you stand outside the car and use your mobile phone to control the vehicle's straight forward and backward, roadside parking/reversing into the garage, but it can also be combined with the memory path parking function. After arriving at the memory location, you can get off the car with your belongings and let the vehicle drive into the facility on its own. The parking position is determined to avoid inconvenience and accidental collisions that may be caused by the narrow distance between the two sides. In addition to the initial wait for the connection between the mobile phone and the vehicle, the response speed of the actual operation is quite instant. , it should become a practical function after getting familiar with it.

The new gear assembly is more concise and open, but the compact gear lever also compromises the visual effect of the crystal kit.

Six-cylinder power and brisk pace

Although the model remains the same as xDrive40i, the S58 3.0L straight-six turbo engine installed in this facelifted new car is the latest upgraded version. The maximum output is 381hp/53.0kgm, 48hp/7.1kgm higher than the old model, with a range of 0~100km. /h acceleration can be shortened by 0.3 seconds to 5.4 seconds, and the matching 48V light oil-electric system has also been upgraded from the BSG belt drive to the new ISG integrated drive motor located at the front of the gearbox, which can provide up to 12hp of additional horsepower assistance, and more importantly What's more, the jitter when the engine automatically starts and stops is reduced. The combination of the two gives the facelifted new car a very linear and full power response. In Sport mode, it can push a body of more than 2.1 tons to overcome uphill mountain roads with ease and power. Full of truth.

The passenger side console is equipped with a model-type ambient light similar to that of the facelifted X7, creating an overall luxurious atmosphere that is above the standard.
It comes standard with dual front sports car seats with electric-adjustable lumbar support on both sides. The texture of the seat surface and stitching still retain its luxurious style.

Included in the standard M Sport package, the facelifted X5 xDrive40i has been upgraded from the original electronic suspension system to an M sports car electronic suspension system. In addition to slightly improving the basic damping settings, it also adds Comfort/Sport With two stages of soft and hard setting changes, once you get on the road, you can clearly find that the driving performance is no longer the light and soft tune in the past, but has become much more solid and lively. The fast and direct body dynamics and road feel feedback are even a little lively like a small steel cannon. It is interesting. On the winding mountain road, it can give people full confidence that the body size is smaller than expected and the dynamic response is easy to control. At the same time, it can retain the exquisite shock-absorbing texture above the standard and will not bounce excessively on bumps. It is not easy to let it go as a daily transportation vehicle. Passengers complained.

The B58 3.0L straight-six turbo engine is tuned and optimized to have a maximum output of 381hp/53.0kgm, and is equipped with an ISG 48V light oil-electric system.
The two-stage adjustable M sports car-style electronic suspension brings the car's control flexibility to a higher level, and its comfort level and road texture can also meet daily transportation needs.

Test drive experience ~ still versatile and more personalized

The facelifted X5 not only continues the original balanced and all-round capabilities of the car series, but also has made improvements in design style, technological equipment, and even driving pleasure. It is still not an option for consumers who want to buy a mid-sized LSUV. One of the top choices to miss.

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