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[First-hand test drive]Advance rapidly ~ Opel Grandland Business Elegance Modern+ first release special edition

●Recommended selling price: 1.439 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 16.4km/L

●Original factory warranty of 3 years and 100,000 kilometers

●Everything you like is modern styling and complete active safety assistance.

●It is a pity that there is no Chinese interface and few power options.

With the changes in consumer preferences, SUVs have become the mainstream of the car industry in the past ten years. Among them, the most balanced and practical mid-size SUV class is a must-have for military strategists. Among them, Toyota RAV4, Volkswagen Tiguan, and Mazda are also imported. Surrounded by rivals such as the CX-5, Kia Sportage, Subaru Forester, and the closely related Peugeot 3008, it is not easy for the newcomer Opel Grandland to successfully grab a place...

In response to the overall trend of the car industry moving closer to the SUV class, Opel, which originally focused on the seven-seater Zafira sedan in the family leisure market, also launched a new mid-size SUV representative Grandland X in mid-2017 to take over its market positioning, and then in 2021 When the facelifted model was launched, the X subname was dropped and it was only called the Grandland car series. In order to expand the domestic market, the new general agent Ouji Automobile introduced the second model after the small crossover SUV Mokka on April 18. The facelifted Grandland released on Japan is mainly divided into two models: GS Line (1.299 million yuan) and Business Elegance Modern (1.379 million yuan). During the launch period, the Business Elegance Modern+ first-run special edition model and limited edition model with 1.439 million yuan will also be provided. Early bird discount plan.

Lightning goggles family identification

As long as you have a slight impression of the previously introduced Mokka, it should not be difficult to identify Grandland’s Opel family identity. Especially the front part of the car adopts a highly recognizable lightning goggle design, paired with a thick and simple front bumper shape, showing its due weight. It not only feels stylish but also has a dynamic atmosphere; the body outline also inherits the new generation family design style of Bold & Pure, with powerful and deep fold lines that cut neatly across the full and compact body arc, further enhancing the lively and dynamic visual experience.

The front of the newly introduced Grandland adopts a new generation family style lightning goggle shape, and the overall outline is mainly simple and compact.
High-end models come standard with IntelliLux LED Pixel Light matrix headlights, which can automatically adjust 7 different lighting modes.
The upright decorative strips on both sides of the front bumper enhance the dynamic atmosphere but have no actual air diversion design. The bottom is also decorated with a single line of matte silver paint.

In terms of detailed settings, the imported models all adopt Two-Tone two-tone configuration, including the bright black treatment on the rearview mirror, rear wing and roof. At the same time, the front and rear bumpers are decorated with silver lower fender styling elements. The 18-inch The tornado-style five-spoke double-ribbed wheels are also in a high-gloss silver and black color combination, which is in sharp contrast to the pure white color of the test car. In addition, there are also GS Line models equipped with an exclusive sports black style package, including the lightning factory emblem, car The rear nameplate, 18-inch GS Line exclusive aluminum wheels, front and rear bumpers, side lower guards, roof, rearview mirrors and rear wings are all blackened to satisfy consumers who pursue a personalized look.

High-end models use a Two-Tone two-tone roof configuration, while the GS Line model is equipped with an exclusive package with a higher degree of blackening.
The LED taillights and car rear lines are simple yet layered, and the model nameplate also adopts the popular central letter arrangement design.
The bottom of the rear bumper outlines the shape of a bilateral trapezoidal frame through the matte silver lower guard, adding a bit of imagination to a sporty car.

Driving-oriented simple cockpit

Entering the car cabin, the simple and clear interior layout is the concept of Opel's minimalist and intuitive decompression cabin called Detox. It consists of a Pure Panel integrated digital instrument composed of a 12-inch digital instrument and a 10-inch multimedia touch screen (GS Line model It is 7 inches + 7 inches) and has a somewhat driving-oriented design, but has not followed the trend to replace the central control shortcut keys, air-conditioning panel and gear peripheral buttons and other physical buttons with a full touch interface, although it may feel insufficient. It has a sense of technology, but the convenience of being able to operate easily and quickly while traveling is still worthy of recognition. Since today's medium-sized SUVs generally have a wheelbase of 2.7 meters, the Grandland, which is only 2675mm, inevitably appears to be weaker in terms of cabin space. The rear seat space is 175 centimeters for the head and knees of the occupants. There is only about one punch left, which can only be said to be just enough.

The interior layout adopts a driver-oriented design and is clear at a glance. High-end models are equipped with a 12-inch digital instrument and a 10-inch multimedia touch screen as standard.
The 12-inch digital instrument provides a variety of different functional style options, and the overall interface design style is mainly simple and easy to identify.
The central saddle adopts a physical air-conditioning control panel with an electronic transmission-by-wire gear design. Once you are familiar with the button positions, you can easily get started.

The newly introduced Grandland is quite complete in terms of equipment settings, including Keyless keyless system, steering wheel shift paddles, mobile phone wireless charging (not available on Business Elegance Modern models), ambient lighting, dual-zone climate control, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Front and rear parking radars, 6 airbags, and a full set of intelligent safety driving assistance systems that comply with Level 2 standards are all standard features on all models. Business Elegance Modern and above models also add IntelliLux LED Pixel Light matrix with automatic adjustment function for 7 different lighting modes. The headlights of the first special edition have been upgraded to use Alcantara suede and leather mixed with two-color AGR German Back Health Association certified dual front seats. What is more special is that the rear seat center armrest is also an exclusive feature of the first special edition.

All vehicles are equipped with the Opel Driver Assistance Systems smart safety driving assistance system, and the ACC control button is integrated into the left shortcut key.
There is storage space and a movable cup holder behind the gear seat, and a wireless mobile phone charging device is integrated under the center armrest.
The rear seat center armrest is exclusive to the first special edition model, and the rear cover can be opened to form a connecting space with the tail compartment.
The first special edition model has been upgraded with dual front seats certified by the AGR German Back Health Association, which have excellent support for both the seat back and the seat cushion.
All seats in the car are made of a two-tone mix of Alcantara suede and leather. The support of the back seat is also good, but the space is only average.
The 514L luggage compartment volume can be expanded to 1652L through the 6/4 split rear seat back, but unfortunately it lacks practical functions such as height adjustment of the floor.

Three-cylinder turbo is light and smooth

In terms of power configuration, the domestically imported Grandland currently only provides the same 1.2L three-cylinder gasoline turbine setting as the Mokka. It is not like the closely related Peugeot 3008, which also has different power options such as 1.6L gasoline turbine and 1.5L diesel. Choice; although the book data such as the maximum output of only 130hp/23.5kgm and the 0~100km/h acceleration time of 10.3 seconds are not eye-catching, the actual road test drive of this car does not give people a feeling of being too tame and bulky. In the Normal driving mode, the power output will even be slightly controlled at the start to maintain the smooth linear response of German cars. After switching to the Sport mode, it will be more direct and energetic, from starting to 70~80km/h commonly used in normal driving environments. It can maintain quite brisk and comfortable power performance in any range.

The introduced models are all equipped with a 1.2L three-cylinder turbo engine with a maximum output of 130hp/23.5kgm, which has the advantages of energy saving and low tax burden.

Compared with the excellent engine performance with broad and smooth torque output, the shift logic of the eight-speed manual transmission that this car is equipped with seems too conservative and mediocre. The first is the deliberately extended shift spacing in normal mode for smoothness. It is too large, and you will feel a more obvious power window period. In the sports mode, although the maintained speed range can be slightly increased from 1500~2500rpm to 2000~3000rpm, the gear shifting enthusiasm is not increased simultaneously and it will not respond accordingly. The driver's accelerator and brake pedal speed is used to perform actions such as downshifting early before turning. Often, after applying the full accelerator to exit the corner, the driver suddenly downshifts and pulls, which affects the smoothness of driving. Even the forward and reverse speeds of the shift paddles are affected. It's not satisfactory, and the speed protection range is not low either. If you want to fully utilize the power of this car smoothly, you need to be familiar with the characteristics of the gearbox.

The acceleration at the start and in the early stages is brisk and smooth and progressive, while the extensibility in the middle and rear stages is limited by the small displacement and seems relatively flat.

German-style adjustment is neutral and solid

Under the premise of using the group's resources, Grandland is built using the same EMP2 modular chassis platform as Peugeot 3008. The suspension form is front MacPherson and rear torsion beam. For imported models, the tire size will be unified to 225/55R18. As expected during the previous test drive of Mokka, the suspension damping setting of this car is more solid and tough in the traditional German style. It is easier to feel changes in road undulations and body dynamics when driving on ordinary roads. The 55 aspect ratio The tire size can also fully and effectively absorb the initial bounce impact, and the overall comfort and road texture are both above the standard.

The tornado-style five-spoke double-ribbed wheels are in high-gloss silver and black to add a sense of hierarchy, and the tire size is 225/55R18, which is the first system in the entire vehicle.

Coming to the winding mountain road, the body roll caused by the Grandland's long suspension stroke also increases with the gradually accelerating driving pace. The originally quite stable body dynamics is now a bit closer to the flexibility of the French brothers. style, coupled with a more neutral and progressive steering response, it can give people a calm and linear style of a large car when driving generally, but when shuttling between continuous curves or facing the large-angle hairpin turns that are common on domestic mountain roads, , it is easy to cause the feeling of insufficient directivity of the front of the car, or even an obvious tendency to push the head. Although it will not affect the overall driving confidence, it is somewhat insufficient in creating control fun.

The overall road response has a solid and bright traditional German tone, and the neutral steering feel also gives people a calm atmosphere like a large car.

Test drive experience~Need more attraction

The newly introduced Grandland emphasizes the pure German flavor from design to driving style. I believe it can indeed attract some consumers who prefer this and want to be different. However, if you want to gain a foothold in the fiercely competitive mid-size SUV class, , more consideration needs to be given to the model composition and equipment levels.

Opel Grandland Business Elegance Modern+ First Edition Specification Sheet

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