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[First-hand test drive]BMW i7 xDrive60 Excellence, the new benchmark in luxury mobility

●Recommended selling price: 6.98 million yuan

●Cruising range 625km (WLTP)

●Original factory warranty of 3 years with unlimited mileage (8 years and 160,000 kilometers for power battery)

●Quiet and comfortable flying mobile experience in a pleasant place

●It’s a pity that vehicle function settings are more complicated

I still remember when we first test drove the new generation 740i Excellence at the end of last year, we were surprised by the significantly improved technological luxury atmosphere and soft and comfortable driving experience. The same feeling emerged again after driving the i7 xDrive60 Excellence, and I exclaimed that this is the true capability of the new generation 7 Series!

In order to meet the preferences of buyers at different levels, the new seventh-generation 7 Series launched in Taiwan at the end of last year with a variety of power model configurations. The entry-level 735i Luxury starts from NT$4.88 million, and the 740i Luxury and Excellence models cost NT$5.95 and NT$6.38 million respectively. Starting from NT$6.55 million and NT$6.98 million, the pure electric version i7 xDrive60 is also available in Luxury and Excellence models.

Exclusive elements point until now

Based on the gasoline-electric dual strategy that the brand is currently actively promoting, the i7 xDrive60 tested this time is only one of the power options for the new generation 7 Series. Naturally, there should be no difference in appearance. However, the manufacturer still targets all car manufacturers. The emblem, front and rear bumpers, and body side skirts are slightly embellished with i exclusive blue identification. There is also an option to cancel the i blue trim (front and rear bumpers and body side skirts). As for the M Sport style package, The styling is unified, and there will be no distinction in styling or color matching based on gasoline/pure electric power.

The integrated double kidney water tank guard is added with i exclusive emblem, and the identity of the pure electric family can be recognized at a glance.
The outer ring of the front factory emblem and the front bumper trim are also decorated with i-exclusive blue.
The crystal-inlaid headlight is the same as the gasoline version, and also has a smart light pattern changing function.
The rear of the car is also replaced with an i7 exclusive nameplate and a blue background factory emblem, making it unmistakable.
The standard tire shape and size are similar to the gasoline version, and some i-exclusive decorations can also be seen.
The decorative strips on both sides of the rear bumper are also identified in blue, which is a difference that only an expert can quickly distinguish.

Continuing the appearance setting, the i7 also inherits the new generation 7 Series' luxurious technology interior that is simple yet sophisticated. The floating curved screen standing on the console and the surround light curtain with dynamic light effects are still the main visual focus. The identity has been added to the battery-related information display, charging control interface and vehicle start button with aqua blue backlight. It is a pity that the shift paddles have not been changed to kinetic energy recovery adjustment but directly canceled. It is only equipped with the M Sport interior package. The three-spoke steering wheel is only available. As a high-end Excellence model, in addition to the Sky Lounge panoramic glass roof with ambient light color-changing effect, comfortable soundproof glass throughout the car, and heat-insulated glass for the front and side windows, the i7 xDrive60 also comes standard with a luxurious executive seat in the back. The chair and 31.3-inch floating screen allow you to easily enjoy the audio-visual feast of the streaming platform with a clear and detailed 8K large screen while moving.

The i7 inherits the new generation 7 Series' luxurious technology interior that is simple yet sophisticated, especially the surround light curtain with dynamic light effects that is absolutely eye-catching.
The 12.3-inch digital instrument maintains the new-generation diamond interface style, and the tachometer on the right is changed to power output and kinetic energy recovery indicators.
The simple two-spoke steering wheel has been replaced with a blue background factory emblem and the shift paddles have been eliminated. Therefore, the kinetic energy recovery force can only be adjusted through the touch screen.
The last small change to the interior is that the backlight of the start button is changed from white to aqua blue, adding a bit of uniqueness and technology.
The standard dual front comfortable electric seats are above the standard in terms of fit and coverage, and are also equipped with ventilation and heating functions.
The luxurious president's seat in the rear and the 31.3-inch floating screen are also standard features on the Excellence model, bringing an unimaginable luxury mobility experience.
The basic space planning of the tail compartment is the same as that of the gasoline version, but the space under the floor is reduced due to the influence of the rear axle motor.

Luxurious pure electric and exquisite sublimation

In terms of power configuration, the i7 xDrive60 uses a synchronous electric motor configuration on the front and rear axles, with a strong output of 544hp/76.0kgm. It can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 4.7 seconds, and the 105.7kWh lithium battery pack can provide a WLTP cruising range of 625 kilometers. It shows that through the BMW i high-speed charging station with a maximum power of 195kW, it only takes 6 minutes to replenish the cruising range of 100 kilometers, and it only takes 34 minutes to charge the battery from 10% to 80%.

The huge engine room space under the front of the car was changed to house the front axle motor and other components, and it was completely covered by a huge decorative panel.
The powerful power of 544hp/76.0kgm brought by the front and rear dual motors is presented in a very dense way, making it appear relaxed and comfortable in various road conditions.

With a weight difference of 550 kilograms, the i7 xDrive60's linear and tight starting and acceleration response are very similar to those of the 740i gasoline model and are more brisk. In normal mode, you only need to slowly retract and release the power switch to achieve effortless elegance. The posture is wandering on urban roads. Even if you deliberately press the switch to accelerate halfway or switch to sports mode, it will still quickly push the body forward while maintaining the gradual process. It will not give people the feeling that the power release is too rapid and difficult to control. Sense of fear.

A vehicle weighing more than 2.6 tons will inevitably bring about large inertia changes at the beginning of cornering, but the overall dynamic response is still smooth and controlled.

Thanks to the electronic suspension, automatic horizontal air pressure suspension system of the front and rear axles, and the integrated rear axle steering system, which are standard chassis technologies for all models, the i7 xDrive60's soft and comfortable road texture is no less impressive than the 740i gasoline model. , and the quiet electric driving force and the quiet cabin space that even the tire rolling noise is suppressed, sitting in the car and moving around seems to have the illusion of being in a different time and space from the outside world, and the comfortable atmosphere even makes people feel comfortable. Thinking of Rolls-Royce, its own ultra-luxury brand known for its "flying feeling", the level of sophistication has indeed reached a higher level.

The effortless acceleration response and quiet and comfortable cabin atmosphere push the exquisiteness of driving texture to a new benchmark.

Test drive experience ~ Unimaginable pure electric luxury charm

For a luxury flagship sedan that originally emphasizes intensive power, tranquility and comfort, the addition of pure electric power has indeed made a fundamental breakthrough in the overall driving experience. Combined with the technologically luxurious cockpit atmosphere and audio-visual enjoyment of the new generation 7 Series, it fully demonstrates the new The unique charm of a generation pure electric luxury flagship.

BMW i7 xDrive60 Excellence spec sheet

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