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[First-hand test drive]Challenge the luxury Mazda CX-60 25S AWD Exclusive

When Mazda built the CX-60, it set the goal to further enhance its brand power and expand higher-end consumer groups to grab food in the luxury segment. This is why it boldly positioned the CX-60 vertically. The rear-wheel drive platform is used to create the new CX-60. This is coupled with meticulous interior layout and materials, as well as rich high-tech equipment and other product design elements, and even special models with upgraded interiors. It makes people feel The CX-60 has the ambition to challenge luxury.

●Recommended selling price: 1.399 million yuan (Prestige)

●Average fuel consumption 12.6km/L

●Likeability: Excellent road texture and flexible and stable control

●It’s a pity that the 12.3-inch central control screen does not have touch function

In Mazda's new car product plan, it will gradually launch new leisure products including CX-50, CX-60, CX-70, CX-80 and CX-90 starting in 2022, gradually transforming towards the goal of becoming a luxury brand. , and the release of the CX-60 is a major change and evolution, because this car is not only equipped with the first-ever e-Skyactiv PHEV plug-in hybrid system, but also equipped with a newly developed longitudinal rear-drive platform and future The wheel-oriented i-Activ AWD setting, coupled with the comprehensive upgrade of interior equipment and material quality, can be said to be completely in line with the specifications of luxury travel.

The new CX-60 has been officially launched in China in mid-October this year. The models are divided into four grades: 25S Elite, 25S Elite Plus, 25S AWD Exclusive and 33T AWD Exclusive. It also includes 33T AWD Premium Sport and 33T AWD Premium. Modern has two models with special interiors. The new car prices range from 1.189 million yuan to 1.719 million yuan, which fits the price range of the fiercely competitive imported medium-sized SUVs and the top-end domestic medium-sized SUVs. The 25S AWD Exclusive tested this time is the main sales model in the series. It is not only the only SUV in the same class and price range to adopt a longitudinal rear-wheel drive platform architecture design, but also one of the few SUVs equipped with an AWD four-wheel drive system. The car, coupled with the exquisite Japanese luxury interior and rich high-tech equipment, can be said to have many unique advantages in one. Next, let us actually test this CX-60, which was born to promote the concept of luxury class. What capabilities and abilities does it have?

Dynamic and elegant soul-moving shape aesthetics

In terms of exterior styling design, the CX-60 still uses Mazda's unique Kodo-Soul aesthetic design concept, and then introduces the new-generation "Noble Toughness" concept into it, so it not only has a beautiful and dynamic body sculpture and body The lines also show a strong performance and sports style, especially the LED headlight set that extends the daytime running lights into the chrome frame trim of the water tank cover, which is the soul design of the front of the car. This LED headlight set also comes standard with the 33T The same ALH advanced smart headlight as the model has the functions of multi-mode automatic switching and high beam shielding. Compared with the shape of the air intake dam under the front of the car and the air intakes on both sides, the 33T model is simpler and more restrained, but it still has an impressive momentum. On the side of the car, the long front design that has become a distinctive styling feature also makes the CX-60 unique among its front-wheel drive rivals. The 20-inch starburst split aluminum rims that it rides on make the entire exterior look unique. The shape makes it even more dazzling. As for the thick and full rear end, it is also combined with the bright blackened LED taillights and the four exhaust tailpipes on the rear bumper to create a beautiful and intimidating soul of the CX-60. Moving visual impression.

The projector-type LED headlight set comes standard with ALH advanced smart headlights, which have multi-mode automatic switching and high-beam shielding functions.
The chrome-framed water tank guard called "Soul Wings" has an inner grille with an upright grille design, which is different from the honeycomb style of the 33T car series.
The dazzling blackened LED taillights are designed to extend horizontally inward, creating a broad and steady visual experience.
The left and right dual exhaust tailpipes in the same color as the rear bumper are very integrated and bring a hint of performance.
Both the 25S Elite Plus and AWD Exclusive models are equipped with this very dynamic set of 20-inch starburst split aluminum wheels.

Exquisite texture and rich equipment

The substantial improvement in the texture of interior materials and the ultimate in luxury are also one of the highlights of this CX-60. The material presentation of both leather and decorative panels is more refined and delicate, reaching Mazda's highest craftsmanship standards. Although the test drive model There are no materials and craftsmanship such as warm sand brown suede, white maple solid wood trim, and Japanese suspended stitching technology (Kakenui) on the 3.3T interior special model, but through the large amount of leather and soft plastics in the cabin, And aluminum trim panels and other decorations, supplemented by orange stitching for contrast, create a very perfectly coordinated cabin atmosphere and Mazda's usual Japanese delicate texture, especially when you are in it, you can really feel the entire cockpit. The interior texture is greatly improved compared to the CX-5, which is also a major selling point of the CX-60.

The interior design that emphasizes a harmonious atmosphere indeed brings a pleasing feeling to the eyes. Coupled with the rich texture of materials, it adds to Mazda's unique and elegant interior.

In the equipment section, we can also notice the standard setting of CX-60 on the road to luxury. In addition to the standard 12.3-inch fully digital multi-function instrument and 12.3-inch central information display screen in all car series, the 25S tested The AWD Exclusive model is even more luxurious, such as a leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel, paddle shifters, 10-way driver's seat/8-way power adjustment for the front passenger seat, 12.3-inch central information display, Apple CarPlay (wireless) & Android Auto ( Wired) connection, HUD projection full-color head-up display, dual-zone climate control system, Smart Keyless/Push Start, BOSE surround sound + 12 speakers, wireless charging device, 360-degree surround assist system, induction electric tailgate and new The latest generation Mazda Connect control interface and other features are all standard features on this model. Even the 33T model is equipped with Nappa high-grade leather seats. From now on, it is not difficult to see its ambition to be promoted to a luxury brand.

The 12.3-inch full-digital instrument that is standard on all vehicles has a high-definition full-color display. In addition to the simple three-ring meter design, there will be a dedicated display interface after the driving assistance system is turned on.
The 12.3-inch central information display can support wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto connection functions, but it does not have touch functionality and can only be operated and set from the knob on the saddle.
There is a multi-function control knob at the rear end of the center saddle, which is the main core control hub of the Mazda Connect human-machine intelligent information integration system.
In addition to two sets of Type C charging holes in the center armrest and under the rear seat air outlet, all models from the 25S Elite Plus and above are equipped with a mobile phone wireless charging device as standard.
BOSE surround sound + 12 speakers are also standard equipment on models 25S AWD Exclusive and above.

In addition, in terms of active safety equipment, the 25S AWD Exclusive is also handled similarly to the 33T car series. It has a complete set of Level 2 driving assistance systems, including MRCC full-speed active distance control cruise, CTS cruise mode lane keeping assist, and SBS smart front steering. Driving brake assist, SBS-R smart reverse brake assist, SBS-RC smart rear blind spot brake assist, BSM blind spot detection, FCTA front cross traffic warning function, RCTA rear cross traffic warning function, HBC high and low beam automatic adjustment, LDWS lane Departure warning, LAS lane departure prevention and road departure prevention systems are all standard. It is even equipped with a See Through View ultra-wide-angle image assist system, which can provide high-standard safety protection for the occupants.

In addition to the 360-degree surround view assist system, the high-end See Through View ultra-wide-angle image assist system is also standard.

Ride space level and comfort

The product positioning and body size of the CX-60 are both above the CX-50. Its length/width/height and wheelbase are 4740/1890/1680mm and 2870mm respectively. The body size is larger than the CX-50 designed on the front-wheel drive platform. Some. The cabin still maintains a double-row five-seater configuration and does not have a three-row seat setting. However, thanks to the length and wheelbase of the car, the rear seat seating space is quite good. For an adult with a height of 175cm, the knees are far away from the front seat. There is about 1 fist space on the back of the chair, and there is about 1 fist plus 2 finger spaces between the head and the canopy. In addition, the seat cushion foam is moderately soft and hard and has good support. The chair back also has 2 levels of angle adjustment. Therefore, the overall ride comfort is quite excellent. As for the rear trunk volume, it is 570 liters under standard conditions, and by folding the rear seats with a 4/2/4 split design, the volume can be expanded to 1,726 liters. This makes the passenger space volume the best among competitors in the same class. The performance is quite good, but it is a pity that the huge luggage compartment does not have any hooks or floor plan to hide the storage compartments.

The CX-60's body length/width/height and wheelbase are 4745/1890/1680mm and 2870mm. The car frame and product positioning are higher than the CX-50, and it has a thick, full and muscular body shape and dynamic atmosphere. .
The front seats are above the standard in terms of coverage and support, and the driver's seat and passenger seat have 10-way and 8-way electric adjustment functions respectively.
The rear seat space is spacious enough and very comfortable. It also has thoughtful rear seat air outlets and practical and convenient dual USB-C charging holes.

Brisk and smooth acceleration power

The CX-60 imported this time is equipped with two power specifications. One is a 2.5-liter Skyactiv-G straight-four gasoline engine with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 192hp, 26.6kgm; the other specification is a 3.3-liter e-Skyactiv- The G longitudinal straight-six turbo engine is paired with a 48V light oil-electric system, which can release a maximum power of 284hp and 45.9kgm. However, the first thing to experience this time is the 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, and the more powerful 3.3-liter Turbo engine will be available to you later.

The 25S AWD Exclusive model is equipped with a 2.5-liter Skyactiv-G straight-four naturally aspirated gasoline engine with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 192hp, 26.6kgm, and an average fuel consumption of 12.6km/L.

The power system on the 25S AWD Exclusive model this time is not a brand-new unit, but is re-adjusted based on the current 2.5-liter straight-four NA engine, including optimization and upgrades to the fuel supply system and some components. In addition, the matching Skyactive-Drive 8-speed manual transmission is also newly developed, and uses a multi-plate clutch to replace the torque converter of the traditional automatic transmission to reduce kinetic energy loss and make shifting efficiency more direct. fast. In addition, the i-ACTIV AWD four-wheel drive model tested also comes standard with Mi-Drive smart driving mode selection, which provides three driving modes: Sport, Normal and Off-road, of which the Off-Road mode can Tracking assistance in a higher speed range allows drivers to have better coping conditions when facing non-paved roads, and at the same time improves the vehicle's tracking control and handling stability.

Equipped with the Skyactive-Dive 8-speed manual transmission system, its gear switching is very smooth, which really adds a lot to the release of the entire acceleration power and linear performance.
In addition to the Normal and Sport driving modes, there is also an Off-road mode for light off-roading and non-paved roads.

Perhaps because of the naturally aspirated engine setting, I expected a gentler and smoother power performance, but this changed immediately after I stepped on the accelerator. Whether it was starting acceleration or the acceleration performance in the mid-to-low speed range, it was better than expected. It is much lighter, and even the nearly 1.8-ton vehicle weight does not pose a burden to it. It is definitely sufficient for urban transportation and daily commuting. However, after entering the highway, accelerating and overtaking is not as easy and neat as before. Only by pressing the accelerator hard and downshifting to increase the speed can you further obtain full and powerful acceleration. After all, there is no explosive force brought by forced supercharging. The re-acceleration force at high speed is naturally smoother and gentler. Even in Sport mode, it still needs to be maintained at all times. The strike zone is in the high-speed range of torque output in exchange for abundant acceleration force. This is also the output characteristic of naturally aspirated engines that is different from turbine engines. Fortunately, the gearbox's logic settings and gear-shift connection response are very good, making the entire acceleration process and power output very smooth and linear, which is a major contributor to the power system.

It accelerates briskly from the start, accelerates smoothly and vigorously in medium and high speed ranges, and even has excellent ductility at high speeds. Especially when facing mountain climbs and overtaking, it doesn't feel weak at all, making it very enjoyable to drive.

The fun of driving people and horses as the car turns around

The control display of "human and horse in one" has always been the driving philosophy pursued by Mazda. The longitudinal rear-drive platform architecture design adopted by the new CX-60 is to create an SUV that can best display the driving pleasure. . Indeed, the 25S AWD Exclusive model we tested not only has a painstakingly built longitudinal rear-wheel drive platform, but also has a front double A-arm, rear multi-link suspension structure, and torque distribution for the rear drive system. The heavy-duty i-ACTIV AWD four-wheel drive system and KPC body balance control technology give this car excellent chassis control capabilities.

After actually driving on the road, the first thing that can be felt most is the Q-bounce and flexible suspension damping setting. It not only has good vibration elimination ability when facing uneven roads and potholes, but also can tightly handle the up and down shaking of undulating roads. The car body is grasped to avoid secondary shaking, coupled with the excellent sound insulation and quietness of the cabin, the overall road texture is indeed at the level of a European luxury brand. Then turning to the winding mountain road and speeding, in addition to feeling the solid and solid chassis rigidity, the excellent support and grip provided by the flexible suspension, plus the flexibility and clear feedback of the steering wheel's road feel and the balanced front and rear The counterweight can be said to bring quite good handling performance. Especially the test car is equipped with the i-ACTIV AWD four-wheel drive system, which gives the car good rear wheel tracking. As long as the vehicle speed increases or the driving is intense, When driving, the tracking rear wheels bring a more stable driving experience and can also reduce the load on the front wheels. Not only can you enjoy driving smoothly on mountain road curves, but it also adds to the safety of driving. Assure.

The longitudinal rear-wheel-drive platform architecture adopted by the CX-60 can provide a more balanced front-to-rear weight ratio. Coupled with Q-tough suspension damping, precise steering response and AWD four-wheel drive system, it creates a very flexible, neat and stable vehicle. excellent controllability.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this car is equipped with the same KPC body balance control technology as the MX-5, which can effectively suppress roll in corners and bring stable body dynamics. That is to say, when the lateral G value of the turning exceeds 0.3 When G is reached, the system will apply slight braking to the rear wheel on the inside of the bend. It uses the mechanical design of the rear suspension structure to create an anti-lift effect that can suppress vehicle roll to stabilize the body, thereby enhancing stability and riding comfort when cornering. This indeed makes the car's dynamic coordination of the entire body very good when entering and exiting corners at high speeds. It is not only comfortable but also makes it easy for the driver to control and further enjoy the driving pleasure. I really admire and appreciate the original manufacturer's efforts in CX - 60’s effort and care in chassis control.

Test Drive Remarks~Perseverance in Controlling Passion and Fun

In a generation where electric energy or small-displacement turbine power is the main trend, the power architecture configured in the CX-60 feels quite "contrary", and such a contrarian operation is also very curious. After all, taxes or Fuel consumption is still a flaw! However, this is Mazda's insistence on creating a product that can give driving pleasure, or in other words, this is a car that can allow drivers to relive their passion for driving in the era of electrification. , so the CX-60 appears with a longitudinally mounted engine and a rear-wheel drive system that best demonstrates driving pleasure. It also allows the brand to improve its power and take a step closer to luxury. However, the most important thing is that the result of all this It is quite successful and recognized.

Mazda CX-60 25S AWD Exclusive spec sheet

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