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[First-hand test drive]Challenging the limits of Audi RS 7 Sportback performance

●Suggested selling price: 7.8 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 8.4km/L

●Original factory warranty of 5 years with no mileage limit

●Pleasant features: strong power performance and comprehensive driving experience

●The regret of missing pearls is the lack of exclusive styling embellishments

For consumers like you and me, the Audi RS car series is already a dream car that performs perfectly in all aspects. However, in the eyes of Audi Sport GmbH, which is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary, there is still room for improvement that can continue to make breakthroughs. space, and RS 7 Sportback performance is a new high-performance masterpiece born out of this perseverance.

About three years after the launch of the current RS 7 Sportback, Audi officially released the enhanced performance RS 7 Sportback performance at the end of November last year as usual. Taiwan, one of the important markets for the RS high-performance car series, announced in mid-May this year It was quickly introduced and quoted a suggested selling price of 7.8 million yuan, which was 200,000 yuan more than the original standard model.

Extraordinary and elegant

Different from the extroverted character of most performance cars, the Audi RS family has always used a relatively low-key and restrained approach to create an exclusive atmosphere. Even the advanced version of RS 7 Sportback performance is no exception. In terms of appearance, in addition to the RS car series In addition to the standard externally expanded wheel arches, honeycomb grid radiator guard and 22-inch five-spoke double-ribbed aluminum wheels, only the exterior rearview mirrors, window frames and rear bumper trims are painted in matte titanium gray. Exclusive identification, if paired with the newly added matte starry night blue car color, it must have outstanding texture. Unfortunately, the test car was painted in metallic starry night blue and selected a black style exterior package/exterior mirrors. Even the wheels are also all black. The overall appearance is more dynamic but lacks some layering and unique elements.

HD Matrix high-end matrix LED aurora headlights are standard, and the blue embellishment below represents the Audi smart laser high beam.
The murderous black honeycomb grid water tank guard is standard, while the black RS 7 emblem and four-ring factory emblem are optional.
The simple-looking 22-inch five-spoke double-rib aluminum rims are available in three color options, and an upgraded 22-inch Y-shaped five-spoke forged style is also available.
The through-type LED taillights integrated with dynamic indicator lights bring excellent recognition, and the RS 7 exclusive nameplate looks low-key.
It continues the usual large-diameter exhaust tailpipe design of the RS series, and integrates an exhaust valve that opens and closes in driving mode.

Entering the cabin, you can see that the interior adopts a pure black tone with RS-specific configurations to add to the combat atmosphere. The large-area matte carbon fiber trim panels spanning the center console and the doors on both sides give people a bit of racing style. The test drive also added The RS red-style interior kit features eye-catching red stitching on the steering wheel, door handles, seats, seat belts, and even the footrests. Alcantara coverings are added to the steering wheel grips and gearshift to simultaneously enhance the visual appearance. effect and anti-slip ability; this car is not sloppy in terms of equipment level, from HD Matrix high-end matrix LED aurora headlights, Audi smart laser high beams, four-zone constant temperature air conditioning including rear seat touch panel, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Bang & Olufsen 3D surround sound system, 360-degree surround 3D imaging, automatic parking assistance system plus to complete ADAS active driving assistance system are all available, without sacrificing luxury and practicality for the pursuit of performance.

The pure black cabin adds a fighting atmosphere with RS exclusive configurations, and can also be matched with red, gray, or blue style interior kits according to the owner's preference.
The RS exclusive instrument interface with customized information displays on both sides allows car owners to easily create a personalized driving experience.
The exclusive RS1/2 driving mode provides a variety of dynamic control setting options to meet different driving style preferences.
The RS exclusive flat-bottomed leather multi-function sports steering wheel is installed, and the RS shortcut keys can be seen on the right spoke.
Alcantara covering and stitching embellishments are added to the gearbox and other places, and the engine start button also has a red outer ring design.
The exclusive Valcona leather double front sports car seats have excellent shape and texture, and their support and coverage are also satisfactory.
The rear seats are also replaced with RS-exclusive sports styling, and the enthusiasm and wrapping effect are simultaneously improved.

Powerful performance and easy deployment

The word "performance" added to the sub-car name means that the maximum output of the 4.0L V8 twin-turbo gasoline engine under the hood of the car has been increased from 600hp/81.6kgm to 630hp/86.7kgm. It is paired with a tiptronic eight-speed manual automatic with faster shifting speeds. With the automatic transmission and quattro intelligent permanent four-wheel drive system, the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h is shortened by 0.2 seconds to 3.4 seconds. The electronic speed limit of 280km/h can be pushed to 305km/h through customized options. It is definitely famous. It is a real performance beast. Although it is difficult to detect the increase in the normal road test drive, what is surprising is that the power output in Comfort and Auto modes is still quite smooth and controlled. In general, urban commuting is almost better than the ordinary A7 Sportback. Differently, you have to switch to Sport or RS1/2 mode to start to show its passionate side.

The equipped 4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine has been adjusted and optimized, and the maximum output has been increased to 630hp/86.7kgm.
Thanks to the power increase and transmission software optimization, the overall power output of the performance model is more powerful and abundant.

In order to pursue a higher level of control performance, this car not only achieved a weight reduction of 8 kilograms by reducing some sound insulation materials, but also adopted a new center differential with a normal power distribution of 40% in the front: 60% in the rear, and an advanced sports car suspension. system, DRC dynamic driving control system and dynamic all-wheel steering system, etc., it can show an unexpectedly flexible posture when driving fiercely on winding mountain roads, making people almost forget that this is a car with a length of more than 5 meters. For a large four-door coupe that weighs more than 2 tons, the driver can also set the sports differential to varying degrees in the RS1 and RS2 driving modes to make the dynamic response more in line with his own expectations and preferences.

The rear-wheel-drive quattro intelligent four-wheel drive coupled with a sports differential brings flexible steering and driving response.

Test drive experience~The violent gentleman I want all of them

The new generation of the Audi RS family is known for its all-round outstanding performance, and the RS 7 Sportback Performance is based on this excellent foundation, with further enhancements and upgrades for performance and passionate atmosphere. Performance fans who prefer four-door coupes will definitely do not miss it.

Audi RS7 Sportback Performance spec sheet

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