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[First-hand test drive]Continue to lead the Audi Q8 e-tron 55 quattro advanced evolution version

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  • ●Recommended selling price: 3.685 million yuan
  • ●Cruising range 582km (WLTP)
  • ●Original factory warranty is 5 years and 100,000 kilometers (battery module is guaranteed for 8 years and 160,000 kilometers)
  • ●Pleasant features: Brand-new front appearance and upgraded battery life
  • ●The interior layout of the regret has not changed

In order to enter the field of electric vehicles, Audi launched its first pure electric travel e-tron in 2018. As the lineup of pure electric vehicles gradually grows, the naming rules are constantly adjusted and changed. As a pioneer, e-tron takes advantage of its small size. At the time of the facelift, it bears the Q8 flagship name and takes the lead in introducing new generation design elements, continuing to lead the development direction of the four-ring pure electric family.

The standard Matrix LED Aurora headlight set remains unchanged, and upgraded digital matrix LED headlights are optional.

As the facelifted successor model of the e-tron, Audi Taiwan made its debut in Taiwan at the Audi House of Progress Taipei brand concept store event in early July this year and started pre-order operations. It was officially launched in early September. It was announced on the market and subsequently held a media test drive event, providing two models: SUV and Sportback with a single 55 quattro power configuration. As for the performance flagship SQ8/SQ8 Sportback, the first batch of new cars are not expected to arrive in Hong Kong until the end of the year, so there will be no opportunity until later. Schedule a test drive.

The flat design of the four-ring factory emblem and the new style water tank guard bring a new visual experience, and you can also choose the top projection light strip.
The standard 20-inch five-spoke two-color wheels have a more regular shape, and the tire size is 255/50R20.

New brand identity

This time, the Q8 e-tron not only carries the top-end flagship name, but also introduces a new brand identity design vocabulary that symbolizes the "e-volution" thinking of electrical energy evolution. First of all, the factory emblems on the front and rear of the car body are replaced with black glass bottoms and white four-ring lines. The flat design also uses a simple model nameplate treated with pure black paint on the rear of the car, as well as the brand logo and model name at the bottom of the B-pillar. In addition, the water tank guard is divided into three types according to different models such as advanced, S line and S model. In addition to the unique frame paint treatment and grille design, the upper edge also introduces a projected light strip design, but imported models require an additional 20,000 yuan to choose.

It is the first to introduce the B-pillar brand logo and model lettering design, which will become one of the design elements of the new generation family car.
The rear nameplate only has a single black painted Q8 emblem, and the words e-tron, 55 quattro and other models are no longer visible.

Entering the cabin, you can see the familiar 12.3-inch digital instrument and 10.1+8.6-inch dual touch screen design on the center console. The unique grip-type electronic transmission-by-wire gearbox is still eye-catching, plus the details are above the standard. The workmanship and luxurious texture do not give people a traditional or outdated feeling. It is a pity that the words on the front passenger fascia cannot be replaced with Q8 e-tron, which lacks a sense of dignity of exclusive design; the equipment remains the same. The original richness includes Matrix matrix LED aurora headlights, leather/breathable leather electrically adjustable seats, four-way electrically adjustable steering wheel, four-zone independent climate control, MMI multimedia navigation system, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and highway/ Urban driving assistance packages are standard for all models, and models above the 55 quattro are equipped with colorful ambient lighting, electric auxiliary door closing, and a wireless mobile phone charging stand.

The digitally simple interior style that began in the e-tron era is still timeless, and the detailed workmanship and luxurious texture are also above the standard.
The center console adopts a 10.1+8.6-inch dual touch screen design. The operation logic of multimedia on the upper part and air conditioning + shortcut keys on the lower part is very intuitive and easy to use.

Pure electric performance evolution

In terms of power settings, the Q8 e-tron maintains the non-synchronous dual electric motor configuration of the front and rear axles of the entire vehicle system. The 55 quattro model tested still has an output power of 408hp/66.7kgm, but the rear axle motor has been upgraded, 0~ The 100km/h acceleration is slightly shortened by 0.1 seconds to 5.6 seconds. At the same time, the battery pack adopts a new stacking technology. The total capacity increases from 95kWh to 114kWh without changing the size. The 106kWh available capacity also increases the WLTP cruising range performance from 436km to 582km. I believe it will be easier and more convenient for the charging frequency of daily car use or the itinerary planning of long-distance travel.

The gray natural wood grain veneer adds a touch of warmth to the technological cockpit. If the upper veneer can be changed to Q8 e-tron, it will have a more exclusive feel.
The dual front leather/breathable leather seats are very comfortable and also have convenient functions such as electric adjustment and driver's seat memory.

During this media test drive event from Taipei to Hsinchu with a total mileage of about 200 kilometers, what impressed us most about the Q8 e-tron was that the driving response was smoother and more solid, mainly due to the original factory’s air pressure adjustment The suspension system's actuation parameters have been optimized and adjusted. While maintaining excellent initial shock absorption performance, it has greatly improved the previous slightly light and shaky driving experience. In addition, the steering structure has also been modified to provide a faster and crisper ride. The feel feedback makes the car body dynamics and tightness significantly improved whether it is smooth driving or cornering. It is worth mentioning that although the air pressure suspension system equipped on this car provides soft and hard adjustment functions that can automatically change according to the driving mode, it does not give people any rigid bouncing feeling even in Dynamic mode. The mid- and rear-stroke response is accelerated to reduce body roll, which has almost no impact on the comfort performance of the vehicle's occupants. It can maintain the excellent road texture that a luxury SUV should have at any time and anywhere.

There is a small storage space under the front lid, which is suitable for placing the travel charger that comes with the car.
The new car introduces a battery pack using new stacking technology, which increases energy density by 20% while maintaining the same volume.

Test drive experience ~ Technology and luxury are all covered

Through the adjustment of the car name and the introduction of a new brand identity, the Q8 e-tron has further established its positioning as the luxury pure electric SUV flagship of the Four Rings brand. With improved battery life and comfortable and refined driving performance, the overall combat capability can be said to be considerable. Comprehensive.

Q8 e-tron is still equipped with non-synchronous dual electric motors, and its linearly controlled acceleration response gives people a calm and calm feeling.
The steering structure and air pressure suspension control logic have been optimized and adjusted to bring a more solid and stable driving experience.

Specification Table

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