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[First-hand test drive]Cross-border travel style Ford Focus Active Wagon Vignale

With the original Focus Wagon car series as the main sales force, Ford Liuhe launched the Focus Active Wagon model with "cross-border" functions and uses; and this crossover station wagon not only continues the Focus Wagon's existing spacious passenger In addition to its features such as load space and rich and generous equipment, the height of the chassis from the ground has been raised to 163mm through the heightening of the front and rear axles. It has a higher driving vision and the ability to handle light off-road on non-paved roads, making it The car has characteristics comparable to those of a crossover SUV, while retaining the excellent handling performance of the Wagon model. This is the unique "crossover travel style" of the Focus Active Wagon.

  • Suggested selling price: 1.049 million yuan
  • Average fuel consumption 16.1km/L
  • What I like about it: I can walk on non-paved roads
  • Unfortunately, there is no rear seat air outlet.

The Focus Active Wagon car series, released for the first time in China, currently only offers two models: , Hatchback and Active car series, together form a rich lineup of Focus teams for buyers to choose from. We hope that through this car sea strategy, we can bring another sales peak to Focus, especially the launch of the Focus Active Wagon car series. , and has entered the domestic SUV market with the product appeal of "cross-border station wagon", providing consumers with a tasteful and personalized option in addition to SUVs.

Active exclusive cross-border features

In terms of appearance, Focus Active Wagon continues the basic appearance settings of the current Focus Wagon series. However, the biggest difference is that it adopts a model-specific suspension design, which significantly increases the height of the vehicle body. Compared with Focus Wagon models, , its front axle has increased by 40mm, and the rear axle has also grown by 44mm, which also brings the overall chassis height to the ground to 163mm. This is also the main factor that makes the Focus Active Wagon more able to cope with muddy non-paved roads. In addition, in addition to the change in body height, many design elements from the current Focus Active are also used in the exterior part, such as the chrome-framed in-line radiator guard on the front and the exclusive front bumper design. At the same time, Active The exclusive anti-wear kit, including the front and rear lower spoilers, front and rear wheel arches and side skirts, are all made of black scratch-resistant plastic. Together with the matte silver trim panels on the lower edges of the head and tail bumpers and roof racks, the entire appearance is enhanced. Create a more significant cross-border sports atmosphere.

The LED headlight set integrates "Sunshine Type" daytime running lights, and the top-spec Vignale model is equipped with a Matrix LED matrix intelligent dynamic lighting system as standard.
In addition to the chrome-plated frame on the straight-grid water tank guard of the Vignale model, the lower edge of the exclusive front bumper is also equipped with a matte silver trim to enhance the Active's styling features.
The lower edge of the rear bumper also echoes the installation of a matte silver trim on the front of the car, and adopts a single-sided dual exhaust tailpipe design to highlight the sporty atmosphere.
The Vignale model comes standard with 18-inch five-spoke two-color cut aluminum rims, and is also equipped with 215/50 R18 tires that are taller and flatter for the crossover positioning.
The front and rear axles have been increased by 40 and 44mm respectively, bringing the ground clearance of the chassis to 163mm. Together with the Active exclusive anti-wear kit around the body, it creates a cross-border off-road style.

Richly equipped, flexible and convenient space

In terms of interior layout, the Focus Active Wagon is roughly the same as the current Focus Wagon ST-Line The dynamic blue brushed decorative panels, and the stitching of the seats and the leather-covered center console are also designed with white stitching to highlight a more lively and relaxed outdoor atmosphere.

The interior layout is basically the same as that of the Focus Wagon ST-Line

In terms of equipment, in addition to the 13.2-inch floating full-color LCD touch screen that is standard in all models, the Vignale model also has a wealth of equipment that can be called a full range of equipment, such as a 12.3-inch fully digital instrument and SYNC 4 entertainment and communication integration system. (Built-in Chinese voice control, Bluetooth connection), wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connection, Chinese satellite navigation, HUD head-up display, Ford Sensico fashionable and sustainable leather seats, B&O subwoofer surround sound cabin, dual-zone climate control, driver's seat 8 Electric adjustment, Qi wireless charging stand, dual-mode reversing assist and kick-sensitive electric tailgate are all standard features of this car, especially with the complete set of Ford Co-Pilot360 active safety assistance technology (Level 2) , the equipment's combat power can be described as very strong.

Vignale's standard 12.3-inch fully digital instrument not only has a clear screen and is easy to interpret, but the display interface and color tone will also change with different driving modes.
The standard 13.2-inch floating full-color LCD touch screen in all vehicles is equipped with the SYNC 4 entertainment and communication integration system, and can support wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connectivity.
There are Qi wireless charging stations, Type A+C charging stations and 12V charging holes in front of the central saddle, so charging on the car is no problem.
It is equipped with a B&O subwoofer surround sound system with 9 speakers, and a dynamic subwoofer is placed in the tail compartment.
The Ford Sensico fashionable and sustainable leather seats on the Vignale model are all covered with fine-touch leather. They not only have a sporty shape, but are also comfortable, highly breathable and wear-resistant.

As for the cabin space performance, it is almost the same as that of the Focus Wagon ST-Line It has been increased to 1653 liters. In addition, the rear luggage compartment floor also has functional modes such as vertical fixation and high and low double-layer adjustment. Together with the flat floor design and accessories such as waterproof pads and mesh grids, it can bring height to the car owner. Flexible space use and maximum practical convenience.

The back seat space is quite spacious. For a 175cm adult, there is about 1.5 fists of space for the knees, and about 1 fist of space between the head and the roof. The riding comfort is pretty good, but the rear seat air outlet is missing.

Strong power and better ride comfort

Focus Active Wagon is also equipped with its widely used 1.5-liter 3-cylinder EcoBoost turbocharged gasoline engine, and is paired with a Select Shift 8-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive setting. It has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 182hp, 24.5kgm, and an average Fuel consumption can reach 16.1km/L. In addition, this car also provides a variety of terrain driving mode choices, including 5 mode settings: standard/energy-saving/sport/anti-skid and non-paved roads, to meet the driving needs of car owners and improve the adaptability to various road surfaces.

It is equipped with a 1.5-liter in-line 3-cylinder EcoBoost turbocharged gasoline engine, with a maximum power output of 182hp, 24.5kgm and an average fuel consumption of 16.1km/L.
In addition to standard, energy-saving, sport and anti-skid membrane decorations, the Focus Active Wagon also has a non-paved road mode designed to deal with muddy gravel roads.

The power output performance of this turbine engine is consistent with previous experience, giving people a powerful feeling. The acceleration performance without any sloppiness on ordinary roads is very admirable. Not only is it brisk and energetic at low speeds, but the re-acceleration performance in the mid-to-high speed range is even more impressive. Full, abundant and linear, you can feel a passionate acceleration passion when you press the accelerator, which is quite impressive. However, its suspension characteristics are significantly different from the Wagon ST-Line Vignale model that we have tested before, that is, it is biased toward a comfort setting more suitable for family use, so it can give the occupants in the car better comfort on ordinary roads. Ride comfort, but it will cause more obvious roll when driving on mountain road curves. Fortunately, the suspension is supportive enough, so the dynamic stability of the entire body during cornering is still at a standard level, even if it is not as good as the Wagon. ST-Line Vignale can also enjoy a high degree of driving pleasure, but its overall handling performance is also good.

In addition to the quite full and abundant acceleration power, although the Focus Active Wagon's suspension setting is on the soft side, it still has good performance in high-speed support and stability, and the ride comfort is better than that of the Wagon ST-Line Vignale.

The original manufacturer also specially arranged a short period of driving experience on non-paved roads for this test drive event. After all, this is also the focus of this crossover station wagon. Although the non-paved road is full of potholes and gravels, it is a piece of cake in the "non-paved road" mode, and you don't even have to press the L position deliberately in exchange for high torque output. To respond, step on the accelerator and move forward quickly without any slippage, and enjoy the fun of this car's "cross-border" exploration of secrets.

Thanks to the height of 163mm from the ground, it can easily conquer non-paved roads such as mud or potholes and gravel. Especially the black scratch-resistant plastic around the body allows people to press the accelerator unscrupulously on rugged trails.

Test Drive Remarks ~ All-round Ability Demonstration

With the personality and taste of a station wagon, coupled with the flexible and practical passenger space like an SUV, and the ability to conquer non-paved roads with a raised chassis, the Focus Active Wagon is indeed different from ordinary SUVs. The crossover style and charm, especially compared to an SUV, instantly make it a top student in driving. Such all-round outstanding performance is the innate ability and capability of the Focus Active Wagon.

Ford Focus Active Wagon Vignale specification table

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