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[First-hand test drive]Cross-generation Citroen C4 Shine

●Recommended selling price: 1.199 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 17.7km/L

●Original factory warranty of 3 years and 100,000 kilometers

●What’s pleasing is the unique cross-border design and brisk driving experience.

●It is a pity that the spatial change function is less

As the trend of high-chassis and high-body travel continues to spread, various car manufacturers continue to launch SUVs of various sizes to meet market preferences. Even many classic models have to adapt to the current situation and position themselves in addition to the original hatchback or touring car. Travel elements are added to the exterior, and the new Citroen C4 is one of the latest members.

When mentioning the name C4, I believe many more experienced readers will think of the impressive 2004 model with its unique three-door Coupe/sleek five-door hatchback design. However, in fact, this name had already appeared on Citroen in 1928. Its models will be followed by models such as BX, ZX, and Under the influence, it switched to a new cross-border hatchback positioning. The domestic general agent Baojia United announced the official introduction in early October this year, and provided two power options of 1.2L gasoline and E-C4 pure electric. The test drive model is 1.199 million. Yuan's C4 Shine petrol top-spec version.

French design that refuses to be ordinary

Although it is positioned as a cross-border hatchback, the new C4 is not like most car manufacturers who simply raise the hatchback chassis and add anti-scratch wheel arcs. Instead, it is based on the previously launched C5 X and the domestically introduced Peugeot. The 408 General fully combines different styling elements and uses unique French design thinking to reinterpret it. Looking from the front of the car, you can indeed clearly feel the thick outline of the hatchback base with a travel-oriented look. However, if you turn your attention to the side of the car, The suspended roof line that slopes down backwards and the window frame design that extends to the rear of the car fully bring out the elegant and dynamic coupe atmosphere. At the same time, the anti-scratch bottom of the car body can be seen on the front bumper and the side of the car. The guard plate is combined with the exclusive patented Airbump device to prevent door collision and friction, which not only highlights the travel elements but also enhances the overall visual impression.

The new C4 adopts a crossover hatchback positioning, and the low-sloping streamlined roof gives it a sporty feel.
The separate headlight shape is quite eye-catching and is integrated into the double herringbone LED daytime running light design.
The image of the double chevron gear factory emblem is integrated into the water tank guard, and the line layout everywhere is also full of French romantic brushwork.

The design of the rear of the car is also wonderful. The transition from the notch back to the thick trunk shape is first of all reminiscent of the 2004 C4 Coupe mentioned above. However, if you look closely, you can see that it is not the same as the latter with two pieces of glass on the tailgate. Formed at a large angle, the new C4 adopts a spoiler rear spoiler, double chevron-shaped LED taillights connected by a bright black trim panel in the center, and a large-area two-color rear that integrates vertical vent-shaped trim panels on both sides and bilateral exhaust tailpipes at the bottom. The bumpers and other parts are stacked layer by layer, and the proportions of the lines and three-dimensional turns are just right. Finally, it presents a visual effect that is rich in layers but not messy. I have to be impressed again by the exquisiteness and meticulousness of the French design.

The rear shape of the car is stacked with a spoiler and three-dimensional taillights, which is rich in layers but not messy.

Modern and practical interior

Different from the exterior styling that makes people stop for a long time and think about it again and again, the use of design elements in the interior layout of the new C4 is obviously relatively restrained. The rather tall center console is a symmetrical design, integrating a 10-inch touch screen and air-conditioning outlet. The central unit of the air outlet adopts a large-area cutting style, which is simple and refreshing, but also more modern. As for the delicate design techniques, it is only used below the volume adjustment and air-conditioning knob chrome-plated outer ring combined with herringbone pattern decoration, and the new style three-spoke steering wheel. The bright black decorative panel creates a double-spoke effect; in addition, although the 5.5-inch digital instrument is relatively small compared with the current mainstream size, it has indirect ambient lighting on both sides and provides switching between five information display styles. The Shine model also has The HUD color head-up display can project part of the driving information into the driver's front field of vision, and there will be no inconvenience in use.

The interior adopts a large-area cutting-style symmetrical center console design, presenting a simple and modern style.
The new style three-spoke steering wheel concentrates ACC related controls on the left area, making it more convenient and intuitive to use.

Although the new C4 introduced in China is divided into three model levels: Feel, Feel+, and Shine (including the pure electric version E-C4 Shine), the overall equipment level is not very different. First of all, the appearance only has Airbump decorative frames and window frames. The trim strips are divided into bright black (Feel/Feel+) and bright silver (Shine), and the equipment includes HBA smart far and near headlights, front parking radar, light-sensing in-car anti-glare rearview mirror, tablet-specific locking base, Keyless The hands-free key, in-car LED lighting, Qi wireless charging, HUD head-up display and half-leather cloth seats (Feel/Feel+ are gray and black two-color fabric) are all unique to Shine. The biggest difference lies in the ADAS advanced driving assistance system, Feel The entry-level model only has the DAA driving attention warning system. The Feel+ model can have ACC active cruise control, ASB active braking assist, FCW forward collision warning, LKA lane keeping, LPA lane keeping assist, etc. The Shine model also adds BSM blind spot detection. Consumers who pay attention to the completeness of the driving assistance system can pay attention to the difference between the test warning and the rear traffic flow warning.

There is an independent Qi wireless charging device under the center console, and the bottom storage space has a lift-up movable partition design.
The chrome-plated outer rings of the volume adjustment and air-conditioning knobs are decorated with herringbone patterns, providing a refined and unique visual and tactile experience.
The central saddle basically follows the layout of the group's new generation models, featuring E-Toggle electronic gear shifting and dual cup holders.
The seats, which are mixed with gray fabric and black leather, are quite stylish and have a comfortable, soft and supportive riding experience.
The rear seat space is sufficient for an adult with a height of 175 cm, and the headroom is not affected by the roof line and makes it too cramped.
The luggage compartment volume can be expanded from 380L to 1250L through the 6/4 split folding of the rear seat back. Unfortunately, space changing functions such as floor height adjustment are not provided.

Three-cylinder turbo with outstanding efficiency

In response to the electrification strategy within the group, the domestically introduced Peugeot, Citroen and Opel, which has recently returned to the market, only have a 1.2L three-cylinder turbine unit to play the leading role in the gasoline power part. The new C4 is no exception, with 130hp/23.5kgm. The maximum output is driven by an eight-speed manual automatic transmission, which can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 10.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 200km/h. As for the E-C4 pure electric version, it uses a front axle single motor with a maximum output of 136hp/26.5kgm and a 50kWh drive battery pack, which can provide a range of 378 kilometers (NEDC test specification)/357 kilometers (European WLTP test specification). Through the CCS1 specification, up to 100kW charging power can be used, and 20~80% charging can be completed in about 24 minutes. It is worth mentioning that the European market has recently launched additional products with a maximum output of 156hp/27.5kgm and a battery capacity of 54kWh. The upgraded version of E-C4, but whether it is expected to be introduced is yet to be determined.

The gasoline model is equipped with a 1.2L three-cylinder turbo engine, with a maximum output of 130hp/23.5kgm, which is light and powerful considering the weight of the car.

Although it is a three-cylinder unit with a small displacement, the performance of this familiar 1.2L turbo engine in the new C4 is still quite remarkable. In addition to the low tax advantage and 17.7 In addition to the excellent fuel consumption performance of km/L, it also seems quite comfortable to push the car of less than 1.3 tons. The brisk and progressive acceleration response is effortless in stop-and-go in urban areas. The high-speed cruising and re-acceleration response also seems calm and comfortable. It is very suitable for the practical orientation of this car, which is mainly used for daily transportation; if you want a more direct and full power output, you only need to switch to Sport through the Drive Mode button on the right side of the E-Toggle electronic transmission gearbox. mode, the transmission will actively control the speed around 3000rpm, providing a more abundant and bright throttle response.

Improving and flexible control

The new C4 uses the same CMP modular chassis platform as Peugeot 2008 and Opel Mokka, and has Citroen's exclusive PHC magic carpet hydraulic suspension system with dual damping and progressive oil channel design, plus 195/60R18 tire size settings , as soon as you get on the road, you can feel the comfortable and comfortable driving experience that the brand has emphasized in recent years. However, perhaps due to the influence of the taller body shape and longer suspension stroke of the cross-border positioning, people often feel more comfortable when driving at low speed in urban areas. The obvious sense of weight, coupled with the gentler and more gradual acceleration force in the Normal mode, always gives people a lazy driving experience with dynamic response, which is different from the previous Citroen hatchback models that were comfortable on the road but flexible and tricky to handle.

The exclusively developed PHC magic carpet hydraulic suspension system can bring a smooth and comfortable driving experience, and can also provide timely support required during intense driving.
The imported models are equipped with 18-inch black and silver two-color wheels as standard, and are equipped with an energy-saving and comfortable 195/60R18 tire size setting.

Fortunately, as the road conditions open up, the new C4 gradually begins to show a lively and lively side. Thanks to the PHC magic carpet hydraulic suspension system, which can automatically adjust the shock absorption capacity according to the amplitude of road bumps, the suspension is obviously soft-tuned at low speeds. When the vehicle speed increases, the damping can provide flexible and moderate support. For example, when encountering undulating road joints during high-speed cruising, there will not be the large jumping feeling expected at the beginning, but it can be pulled quickly. Holding and stabilizing the body, when you go to test your skills on a winding mountain road, you can also find that the center of gravity transfer phenomena such as body pitching and cornering roll under heavy braking are very gradually controlled, effectively reducing the unavoidable problems even in cross-border travel. It makes me shake my head, but the energy-saving and comfortable-oriented tire types and sizes still seem a little inadequate when facing road conditions that require high grip, such as hairpin turns or continuous curves. The DSC dynamic stability control system is easily triggered at slightly faster vehicle speeds. Intervening to limit the power output, if you want to further utilize the strength of the chassis, you must first start with upgrading the tire configuration.

The new C4 appears quite gentle and lazy when driving in urban areas. As the speed increases, it will gradually show the agile and neat posture that French cars have been praised for in the past.

Test drive experience ~ A crossover newcomer with outstanding design

Following the Peugeot 408, the new C4 once again allows us to see that French design thinking can still be amazing in mainstream cross-border travel. At the same time, it can also maintain a high degree of practicality suitable for daily transportation. For those who like unique tastes, It is definitely a rare new choice for families.

Citroen C4 Shine Spec Sheet

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